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A Companion Tool For Kenny P's Tool To Weld Round Shafts

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#1 29 Chev OFFLINE  

29 Chev

    A Little Off Plumb

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Posted February 23, 2017 - 04:18 PM

Attached is a rough drawing of two pieces of angle iron welded back to back to form a V to hold a piece of round stock while drilling a hole in it in a drill press if you do not happen to own a drill press vise.  The plate at the bottom can be extended so that it can be clamped or bolted to the drill press and the bottom of the v allows you to align the drill bit to the centre of the work piece you are drilling.  It can be used for solid stock or pieces of pipe to give a reasonably accurately centred hole in the work piece and a large hole can be drilled in the centre of the v so the drill bit can pass through the angle iron if so desired.  I once saw a set up like this in a shop and have thought about making one but never got around to it.   

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  • Round Stock Holder.jpg

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#2 Mark 149 J. OFFLINE  

Mark 149 J.

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Posted February 23, 2017 - 04:41 PM

Good idea!

#3 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted February 23, 2017 - 05:09 PM

I made 2 several years ago out of 3" square wood.  Used the table saw set to 45° and cut a V out of one side.  Center the bit to the bottom of the V, lay the round stock in the V and you will drill dead center of the round.  Works about the same as 29 chevy.  Another handy tool is use a 3" square piece of plexiglass, mark the center by the intersection of the two diagonal lines from corner to opposite corner.  Using a compass with two points, scribe a circle every 1/2", or 1/4" if you have use for that better.  Drill the center point out with a 1/8" drill.  To drill the center of a piece of round stock lay the template over the end of the round so a scribed line is even with the outside diameter.  Mark the center through the hole in the template.  I like to use the Sharpie dual end felt markers as they have a fine on one end and extra fine on the other.

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#4 KennyP OFFLINE  



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Posted February 23, 2017 - 05:27 PM

Both great ideas! Not all of us have access to precision equipment! 

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#5 ol' stonebreaker OFFLINE  

ol' stonebreaker
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Posted February 23, 2017 - 08:59 PM

  Great idea! Here is my go to for drill pipe or shafting. It's a piece of a display rack.



center jig 001 (Small).JPG

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#6 SimplyRad OFFLINE  

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Posted February 24, 2017 - 09:14 AM

Those are al good ideas.