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Sleeper trailer-2

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Posted June 07, 2011 - 05:09 PM

With the side metal all stripped off, I can start to re-build the framework of the camper.
The outside front corner post is removed in preparation for extending this corner down to the floor.

Posted Image

The framework for the base of the camper is being made out of treated lumber and has to be put together under the existing camper body.
Here the boards are cut to size and slid under the camper floor.

Posted Image

The base pieces are then fastened together with glue and screws.

Posted Image

Once the base is completed, I then fastened in the corner post that runs from the bottom of the 2x6 for the overhang support, down to the floor base.
All of the framework is being put together with construction glue and screws.

Posted Image

Then I worked on the other front corner.
This side is going to have the larger window in it and the 2x6 that extends back into the camper wall for supporting the overhang is going to be in the way.
When I removed the corner post on this side, I also cut off the 2x6.

Posted Image

I fastened in a 2x6 corner post that runs from the floor base all the way up to the roof frame.
A 2x4 is angled from the top of this 2x6 down to the front of the overhang to give it the support that it needs.

Posted Image

I then went back to the other side and put in the angled support for the overhang.

Posted Image

At this point, the front part of the camper is self supporting so I cut the roof off and separated the complete rear wall section.

Posted Image

I removed the rest of the old camper shell.
Here is how it looks at the end of work today.

Posted Image

.......... OK, .. now before you get all excited, I have already been asked if it wouldn't have been easier to just start from scratch ? .........

My answer is: Yes, I think it may have been easier to start from scratch.
However, the building ( or in this case ) the tearing apart process was not my main concern.
Overall cost was the first priority. ......

I bought this camper for $100 and sold the camper jacks off it for $82 so my initial investment is $18.
For that $18 I got windows, interior and exterior lights, space heater. water pump ( hand operated ), ice box, port-a-potty, drawers and cabinet doors.
After stripping it down I have the overhang bed area that is all framed in with the metal already on the roof and wrapped around the front.
The back wall is also complete with the door and metal on it.

If I had started from scratch, I would have had to buy all the items listed above.

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Posted June 07, 2011 - 05:24 PM

A bit more labor intensive, but cost is down. Good judgement on your part. Your labor is the cheapest part of it. Keep up the good work and pics.
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massey driver

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Posted June 07, 2011 - 05:42 PM

Your right about it being easier to start from scratch,and 100% right about it being cheaper to buy something and use parts from it rather then have to go and buy them.When I build stuff I also do that as buying all the extras add up pretty fast.Your comming right along and its taking shape will be watching to see the end result.BTW I sure like your old truck,maybe thats what I should do with my old 54 Chev,We'll see as I still use it to haul stuff with around home.Larry
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Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted June 07, 2011 - 07:37 PM

Ray, Very nice work, and I agree with the rebuilt costing you only the labor. you will save thousands of dollars by the time your done and it will be exactly the way you wanted it.
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Posted June 07, 2011 - 09:08 PM

Ray, Very nice work, and I agree with the rebuilt costing you only the labor. you will save thousands of dollars by the time your done and it will be exactly the way you wanted it.

Great looking job and you took something that was almost gone and made it PRICELESS to you. Wish my work looked half that good.
  • jdcrawler said thank you