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Sears Riding Mower

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Posted January 21, 2017 - 09:26 AM

Maybe you can scroll through this list and find something. And here a 'Who made What' list for Sears.

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Posted January 21, 2017 - 08:06 PM

I am hoping someone on here can help me. I am looking for the model of a Sears riding mower that my Dad bought new in 1975. It was red & white (hood), had a 3 or 4 spd. trans and 8 HP vertical shaft engine - Briggs I think. Pull start but electric start was a option...




the model number, instead of the first 9 will be the manufacturer, probably Roper, but that's not guaar-rooonteed to be the case tho, and drop the N and add 2 0's, so xxx.963300...



Daniel_B  I believe that could be it but without the electric start. I remembered it being 8 HP, you engaged the mower on the side of the tractor. I saw the sale book on a web site that I thought it was in but couldn't get any information on it. Any chance anyone knows who made these tractors for Sears at this time and how do I research a serial/model number? Thanks a lot for the help.

The reason I had to do the three posts was I couldn't up-load ALL the pics to ONE post because they EXCEEDED the up-load limit per post because of the size of the pics, in that I was posting the pics as large as I could so people could see the details.
Soooo, did you click on the pics, to blow them up larger so you could see the detail???, or just try to see them on a phone screen???
post #11,
If you had, the first pic of the tractor,  you would have seen in the top-left corner the words: 'RECOIL-START'
the second pic, the description, the very first words: 'Recoil-start'
post #12
whole other tractor, 10 hp, which DID have electric start...
For further edification, there were VERY few tractors that had a 'deck engagement' on the side of the tractor, a couple of the HIGH $$$$ ones did. Just about EVERYONE else, including Sears, Murray, Dynamark, Noma, AMF, and so on, had the "twist lever" on the deck to tighten the drive-belt. They even made it a selling point, the decks were "self-contained" - if I remember the sales pitch at the time. You can see this in the pic beside the lever that raises-lowers the deck in post #11.
Are you sure your memory isn't maybe playing some kind of trick on you?
As for getting information, from the pics themselves, AND, my statement,
Did you even try that?  
You probably will have no luck, it really wasn't a popular tractor, nothing to set it apart from the herd, so was just a lawn mower...
What made it special for YOU was the relationship YOU had with it.
Maybe someone else had a similar relationship, when it wore out, quit running, whatever, was parked out in the barn or wagon-shed, so still has it, decides to re-furb it, or, maybe have an estate sale...
From the list Kenny linked to:
917.xxxxxx = Roper   - [that's why I said what I did, and listed the model # as I did]
502.xxxxxx = Murray
As for researching, it's just going to be a WHOLE lot of reading forums, actually READING them, instead of just a "quick-scan-and-done" of what someone has posted.
BUT, it's NOT just going to be an "enter some numbers at sears" and they will send you a manual,
Not trying to be all-big-headed about it, but I really think the pics I posted and the info there-in are going to be about all the info available on your tractor, 

hope this helped,

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Posted January 21, 2017 - 09:54 PM


OUCH - The tractor in post 11 is not the tractor I am looking for so it doesn't matter what is written on the tractor or the description. The tractor in post 12 is more like what I am looking for but ours had recoil start. The grill was just like that one  but it had a small dent in it from me sliding on wet grass and bumping a porch. I am sure the deck engagement was on the tractor because I built a snow plow for it in high school and tried to use the silver engagement lever to lift the plow. My memory seems pretty good about it, the only thing I am doubting is the 8 HP part.

I didn't wake up on Jan 10th and decide to start looking for this rider or one like it, I have been looking for years for one. It was sold around 1980 to a gentleman that has long since died and his widow does not remember what happened to it.

I know this rider was or is unpopular if it was a popular model I would have found it years ago. I was looking for help in finding it not a lecture on how to read posts.

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Posted January 22, 2017 - 07:46 AM

Ok guys.
Daniel feels that he put a ton of effort into the previous posts and they weren't appreciated nor utilized.
Rusty feels he just got a dressing down over a tractor that still isn't quite the one he was looking for.

I'm sure that neither wants hard feelings, so how about you two take this to a PM and discuss this... I'm expecting it is a simple misunderstanding.
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