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A little help

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Posted November 03, 2016 - 08:03 PM

I recently purchased an old David Bradley. Mostly for the cultivator that was attached to it, but since I have it I decided to clean it up and use it.  I have pulled the outer hubs but I can't get the inner hubs to move.    I   figured it might need some persuasion but it will not move in nor out on either side. Am I missing a set screw or or is it just seized? i have tried hammer and a 2x4 , applied heat and still won't move

IMG_20160930_190359390.jpg IMG_20161103_192616951.jpg


Any suggestion?


#2 ol' stonebreaker OFFLINE  

ol' stonebreaker
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Posted November 03, 2016 - 10:23 PM

  2 Jaw puller and plenty of O/A heat. Wrap a soaking wet rag around the axle next to the seal to prevent heat from traveling into the seal.


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Posted November 04, 2016 - 12:24 AM

Abit of patience and PB Blaster has worked for me on many occassions. Check our Manuals Section for manuals for your machine. There may be a hidden set screw. Good Luck, Rick

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Posted November 04, 2016 - 05:25 AM

Welcome to GTTalk !  I've never moved my hub on my DB's that have clicker hubs but there are many members here that I'm sure have tricks along with what was already mentioned .

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Posted November 04, 2016 - 09:39 AM

Since they are out that far, try to knock the key through the back, then use a pry bar in the split ends and try to work it back and forth rotation wise.

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Posted November 04, 2016 - 10:57 AM

:welcometogttalk: Patience will be your best friend

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Posted November 04, 2016 - 03:30 PM

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and the welcome.  I will give them a try. 

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Posted December 04, 2016 - 10:05 PM

I was able to drive the keys out as suggested and after several attempts and a can of PB Baster my patience  finally wore thin. :wallbanging: I decided the wheels were probably set were I would most likely use them anyway,  so I moved on to get it where I could use it. Clutch fork and arm was missing when purchased and someone was in the process of making it run with an idler pulley. I was able to take what they had started and modify it so it would work . I removed the rust and freshened the paint. I know the wheels are suppose to be green , but that color combo just doesn't work for me.  Opted for Massey Gray.  The tires were flat and one of the wheels where the valve stem comes through was rusted out about twice the size it was suppose to be. Dismounted cleaned and repaired wheels, replaced tubes. Obviously far from the original motor it would crank when I bought it but that was about it. Since my son has become pretty handy at rebuilding carbs I ask him to pull this one while we were waiting on some items during another project. He had it pulled cleaned running in just a little while. I tried it out this week end plowing with the Brinly cultivators that was on it when purchased. After some adjustments and plowing up a few  Mustard greens, I think I"ll have a good operating plow come spring.  Thanks for all of your suggestions and help. 

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Posted December 05, 2016 - 04:25 PM

That thing looks pretty good !! Since it is not so all original , function is more important !!

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Posted December 06, 2016 - 06:59 AM

I think the gray wheels look good with the red frame !

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