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What's happening to the hobby?

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#76 adamjd200 OFFLINE  

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Posted October 21, 2016 - 08:17 PM

Our TSC has always sold Hi-Runs (imports) in the 7 or so years they've been here.

Around here they sell mostly Carlisle, I have Deestones on my Wheel Horse, and I like them. 

#77 Doug E. ONLINE  

Doug E.
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Posted January 03, 2017 - 07:23 AM

I saw this post when it was current, but didn't have the time to respond to it then. 


I have not been in this long enough to be able to note long term what has happened to the hobby.   I got into this when I complained to a friend about the lousy craftsman walk behind snowblower I had, and mentioned I wanted one with a hydrostatic drive.  He introduced me to the Bolens tube frame, and it was love at first drive!


I'm not a collector per se, I am more of a user, although if I had the time and lived in an area of the country where GT's are more numerous, I could see my self being a collector.  I picked up my first Bolens on my way home from a vacation.  I saw it on craigslist, stopped to look at it, and rented a trailer to get it the rest of the 500 miles home.  One turns in to two, two turns into...well, you know the drill. 


I have stuck with Bolens, as I have found them to be robust and do the job I want them to do.  Snowblowing is the first priority for me, as I live in a snow belt, and I am a believer that more HP is better.  Tilling is the second priority, and mowing last.  I actually water the grass more then I used to however, as mowing with a GT with a hydro tranny is rather fun.  I have not yet let the wife mow with it. 


I regularly watch craigslist for tractors now, although Bolens specifically are not common here, and only come up occasionally.  Ones in decent operating shape command a better price than what I see in other parts of the country, and that includes the price of the occasional attachments that show up.  When I see something for sale that I consider a good value to me, I tend to pick it up.  I don't look at what others consider as the value of a tractor, as much as what I figure the value is to me as a user.  I might be one of those people who are viewed as driving the prices up to a degree, as I consider most of the older larger HP garden tractors as absolute bargains compared to newer offerings that are complete garbage in my opinion. 


Where do I expect the hobby to go?  There are only a finite number of fresh barn find GT's out there, and I suspect we are on the tail end of that.  The people that could afford a new high end GT 30+ years ago are past needing it any longer, and I think finding ones to buy from the original owners will be coming more uncommon as time goes on.  I tend to think that on the quality GT's, the prices will only continue to go up, as I expect the demand for quality repairable tractors to climb as the prices of new comparable replacements continues to go up.  I have been speaking mainly from a user point of view, but having watched other vintage collector interests in the past, once the easy supply dries up, the prices go up, and the hobbies change.  I'm sure this hobby will too. 


As others have mentioned, the pickers craze along with ebay are not helping us any, but we are stuck with the results of both. 


Just some ramblings,



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