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Pulling with the E15 in 2016

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Posted October 13, 2016 - 06:54 PM

This yr I went to 4 different shows that had tractor pulls and here are my experience's.
Tractor I used was a E15 that has the Alltrax controller in it with the Turbo or field weakening turned off.

1st event - small show with pulls for fun, mainly for kids as they had there own tractor that they let the kids drive, small gas powered lawn tractor. I did 2 pulls here hooking the chain up to the sleeve hitch, ran tractor in L.
1st pull the front end cam up and I stopped,
2nd pull I lowered the sleeve hitch, the front end never came off the ground, the tractor stopped with the rear wheels spinning.

The next 3 pulls were with a pulling club, they let me run in 2 classes, 1050lbs stock and 1150lbs stock, the weigh the tractors just before you go down the track, only allowed 1 pull per class and can pull in 2 classes. I put a wheelie bar and a 12" high hitch on it for these pulls. They had a much better weight transfer sled than the 1st event.

2nd event My tractor with no extra weight on it weighs 1048 with me on it. I put 100lbs on it for the 1150 class pulls.
1st pull 1050lbs tractor was in D1 went part way down the track and popped out of gear.
2nd pull 1150lbs put 100lbs wheel weighs on, tractor was in L went down the track slower, until the front end cam up spinning it's wheels and stopped. Wish I had of put my suitcase weighs under the hood where the stock charger goes.
Was told this was a high traction track and lots of other tractors were lifting there front wheels also.

3rd event
1st pull 1050lbs tractor in D1 with a bungee cord on the shifter so it wouldn't pop out again, went down the track and stopped, spinning it's wheels with the front end down.
2nd pull 1150lbs tractor in D1, put 1 - 25lbs weight under the hood and the other 3 on the middle of the tractor just in front of the shifter, tractor went down and got stopped early in the soft gravel spot, spinning it's wheels.
Was told this was a track where speed helps you go farther and I am 1 of the slower tractors there.

4th event I installed an E20 motor hoping to speed the tractor up since it has a larger drive pulley on it 4" vs 2-1/2" on the E15. The E20 motor is heavier so I removed the front lift and bumper weighed 1040, put on my work boots and weighed 1044,
1st pull 1050lbs tractor in D2 with bungee cord on shifter, tractor got going up to speed then slowed down to a stop slowly spinning it's wheels, then the belt slipped. Really pushed that motor hard.
2nd pull 1150lbs tractor in D1 with bungee cord, put 100lbs weights on the middle, tractor got going up to speed quicker and felt like just as fast as in the 1st pull, slowed down to a stop and sat there effortlessly spinning it's wheels, front en down. Learned right there that D1 was the gear to use and the E20 motor is stronger, faster than the E15 motor.
Was told again this was a track where speed helps.
Also noticed that the tractors that pulled farther than me moved faster, had more speed or had a larger rear tire.

Looking forward to next yr and hoping to build a dedicated pulling GE tractor. Winning 1 event would be

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Posted October 13, 2016 - 09:35 PM

Glad you had fun. I learned years ago to go trying to win a smile, but the ribbon is ok too.
Pulling on just one track, under perfect conditions is hard enough to master.
Add all the variables and it's damn challenging.
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Posted October 14, 2016 - 12:02 AM

Thinking of building one come the next year when I get settled I just want to find a good base to start with

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Posted October 14, 2016 - 02:09 PM

Definitely the quietest tractor at the pulls. Glad you're having fun with them.
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