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Sometimes I think....

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Posted October 14, 2016 - 08:53 AM

I have a HEIL in my wood shop I bought  about 15 years ago.  It was a used unit about 8 years old when I got it.  Completely different set up than what Kris has.  My fan is all plastic except for the motor.  Housing, fan blade and all is plastic and held together with clips.  It does NOT blow air up the chimney.  It goes out the side of the furnace and down into the crawl space with PVC and a rubber joint clamp at the fan housing.  I had to rebuild the fan hub once as it came apart.  One other time the nozzle for the pilot light got plugged up and had to clean it out.  Other than that ithas worked good.  Last 4 or 5 years it is only run when I need it.  Before that it was 50 at night and 65 when I was working in the shop.

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Posted October 14, 2016 - 05:14 PM

What a day!

I haven't worked my regular [part time] job in about 3 weeks.  I haul ag chemicals on a wholesale level and they just don't move this time of year. 

Been getting up at the crack of 10am most every morning. 

Co-worker and friend was pouring a new driveway at one of his rental houses this morning.  He has 13 rental houses!  Told him I'd be there if I didn't have anything pop up to conflict.  Well,  since HE took off to do the pour that put me to working in his place.  He's #1 driver [full time] and I'm #2 driver, again, part time. 

So today I get up at 4am with only 20 minutes of sleep.  Clock in at 5.  Had to be at customers BY 8am and its almost 3 hours there.  Only had 20,000 pounds on the Peterbilt so it really didn't know it had a "load".  No hurry, I set the cruise on the speed limit and not 1 MPH more.  160 miles there,  162 back cause I have to go by the poor excuse of a truck stop we have in this town to refuel. 

Met a wrong way driver on 4 lane divided highway this morning before daylight. 

That'll wake you right up! 

Second one this year.  It was a little white van that looked just like the Pickers original van - only without wording on the side.  Scared the crap outta me as I don't know if they intend to commit suicide with the first big truck they see or what is going on.  I made darn sure my load was all the way to the front of the box with ample braking.  :mad2:

Saw a Dodge crew cab that took on a good sized deer.  Both lost.  Noticed on my return trip that the deer was smeared quite a ways.  Dodge got to ride on a rollback as it was out of commission.

Then I saw this.


Never could figure out what this red Jeep hit but it sure hit hard!  I'd say a big truck or a train.  If you look close someone is trying to clear the debris off the point of impact.  Its not even at an intersection.  I don't know how these things develop but I see it often when I'm working.


While at driving along, my furnace guy calls me.  He's moved his Monday schedule up to today cause its going to be nice enough to go to the lake next week.  I say that's fine but I'm out of town and can't get him the money before he leaves.  He said he'll make it happen and I can pay him later.  All is good.

More steering wheel holding, the phone rings again.  Its the museum. 

I shouldn't answer, but I do.  "We need you to come help move cases".   Cases have glass.  Glass is heavy! 

I have already donated two full afternoons this week to the museum. 

Tell-em I can be there about 1pm.   :(  That leaves me time to pick the MRS up from work and have lunch with her.  She has gotten to the point where she really hates where she works.   Lunch with me breaks up her day and puts a smile on her face instead of that frown I'm all-too used to seeing.  Last week, on her 1 year anniversary of employment there, they pretty much offered her a supervisory position and in the interview asked her how she liked working for the company. 

 She told them "it'll do until I find something I like".   

They have since backed off their offer based on her answer and said it may or may not happen.  I'm proud of her for not buckling.  She was honest.  If its meant to be it'll work out. They do treat her pretty good. However,  its just like every other place she has worked they see she does a good job so "here,  do this too".  They keep adding more work and she'll eventually break like she's done before.  She is a 4-shot a day insulin dependent diabetic and stress does very bad things to her.


Clock out at 11:30 am.  Bosses are in a good mood for some unexplained reason so I stand around and catch up on news of the business.  It doesn't look good.  Lots of competition in our industry and we are not the lowest price.  We've lost several good/big customers already.  Corporate is going to try to be more efficient next year in ways that will drive customers TO the competition.

I hope I don't lose this gig because I work about half the year and very much enjoy my time off to do what I want.  Make about the same money I made at my last job working 40 hours a week 50 weeks/year.  The insurance here is much better.  The 401K is much better with a generous match.  Like one of our salesmen says.  "I'm riding this gig as long as I can".

2 hours at the museum and the three of us helping all have other commitments so the president says just meet at 10am tomorrow.   :wallbanging:  

I wanted to go to a tractor swap meet and leave this area before daylight. Haven't decided which I'll do yet.  Looking at the bank account I need to skip the swap meet.   2 and 1/2 hours each way and with all the tractor purchases I made last month I really should stay home.

Once done at the museum I hooked up with the furnace guy and he fixed me right up. 

blower 4.jpg

New motor looks weird.  Hope it lasts. 

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Posted October 15, 2016 - 06:04 PM

With a couple hours sleep I was up most of the night.  My spine knew it had been moving display cases. There was no laying down.  Decided I didn't want to go to the Adrian, MO swap meet this morning cause I'd be too tired and hurting.  2 Advil and 2 Aleve made the morning almost tolerable.

Got to the museum at 9:30.  They already had the big case up on furniture moving dollies.  One volunteer brought a tilt trailer and it was only a few inches from the dock to the trailer floor.  Once at the storage building it was easy-peasy tilt the trailer and roll the case off.  

Then our other volunteer went home and the pres. and I went back to move more cases.  These were smaller and most are on wheels so it wasn't bad.

With the cases all moved to where the museum could be open for bidness this afternoon, I changed gears. 

The Jeep I been working on had a small gas drip that needed addressed.  You've probably read about it in my thread.....  "Korean Era Jeep"  While I had the Jeep out for the repair the President came up to that building.  He said it'd be a good day to wash the trucks for next months Christmas parade before the cold weather set in. 

President went home to get his pressure washer and I got the trucks out.  There no water access in the building they stay in so I got to drive them around the block to the other side of the main building.  I know you'd rather look at pics instead of reading my ramblings....

wash 1.jpg ,wash 2.jpg ,Jeep 11.jpg ,Jeep 5.jpg ,Jep 13.jpg


All the trucks had already been run this year except the fire truck.  I charged the batteries about a month ago and with a prime job it fired right up.  Got about 3/4 out the door with the fire truck and figured I better check the brakes before I pulled into the street.  Hit the pedal and it felt good. 

Then I went to pull out into the street.

The brakes were locked on


The right rear wheels were locked so hard I could spin the left rears [dually no less]  and the truck showed no sign of movement. 

Now I'm in trouble!

The door is blocked with a big truck that won't move.  Nothing is going in or out until this problem is solved. 

President comes up wondering why I haven't brought the fire truck around for a bath.  By now the museum is open for business and he wants to be done with this project.

I tell him my sit-chee-a-tion.  He says try to back it in.  I rev the engine and start slipping the clutch.  The left rear tires are spinning/squalling and the truck moves about a foot.  He is standing by the right rears.  He says these tires are sliding.  Now I know which one is the problem.  Hopefully its the only one.

Only thing I know to do is open the brake bleeder and try to relieve the fluids pressure.  Crawl underneath and open the bleeder.  No fluid, no air.

Just leave the bleeder out.

Tell the Pres. that maybe I can rock the truck enough to pop it loose.  He says we can't rock that big truck.  I said I'll use the engine.  :smilewink:   We have a good chuckle. 

Back in the drivers seat I jerk the truck in 1st, then reverse and it pops lose.  Now all I have to do is back it in its spot.  I back it in and a tragedy is averted.

Crawl under and reinstall the bleeder.

Back the rest of the trucks in and I'm done for the day. This is the 4th day this week I've been at the museum working.  Left about 2:30pm and came home.  The 3 eggs I made myself for breakfast have long since vacated the stomach.  Make myself a ham sammich  and plop down in the recliner.  Sitting almost feels good at this point.

More pics.  There is also an old monument companies wagon in the building.  Thought some of you would appreciate a pic of it.

Wash 3.jpg ,Jeep 10.jpg ,wash 4.jpg ,wash 5.jpg ,wash 6.jpg

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Posted October 15, 2016 - 06:30 PM

Wondered what happened to the old "bathtub" LaFrance!   :thumbs:

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Posted October 15, 2016 - 10:32 PM

Wondered what happened to the old "bathtub" LaFrance!   :thumbs:


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Posted Today, 05:25 AM

Haven't posted in nearly a week.  Don't want to be boring people with the small stuff. This week I mainly just been hunkering down for the approaching winter.  Lots to do when you own too much "junk".

Got a call from a friend Monday letting me know that a local plow day is Saturday. He's one of the guys that I hauled the 3 garden tractors out of the Pella, Iowa sale for.  Actually all 3 I hauled were for his friend but you get the jest.

 Had to go out to dads and borrow his plow again as this is a big tractor plow day.  Didn't do any plow days last year cause I was just too weak.  Feeling better this fall so I'm getting to play some.  Nearly 2 years ago when I took the plow back to dads I sprayed the moldboards with clear paint.  They are still mostly shiny.  Hard to believe rattlecan paint will last that good.  I placed the plow on cement blocks.  Dad rents his land out to the neighbor now and the cows knocked the plow off the blocks.  Wasn't able to slide the plow into the Rampage pickup so dad fired up his big Kubota with loader to do the lifting.  When I left he told me to just keep the plow at my place cause he'd never again need it.  That was like getting kicked in the gut.

It was good seeing dad,  I don't go out to see him nearly enough.  He is 75 now and really winding down in this life.  Says he can't remember much anymore.  He was always THE smartest guy I knew.  Could do anything, solve any problem, fix and build anything a person could ever need.  Now he just holds a chair down mostly.   His voice is real gravely and weak.   I could be responsible for that - he used to have to yell at me on a daily basis when I was a teenager and knew everything.


The starter finally gave out on the Heald Hauler utility buggy - or so I thought.  Been dry sounding and growly since I got it.  Finally got to where it didn't have enough UMPH to roll the Briggs over.   Pulled the engine [16 horse Briggs twin] cause you ain't getting the starter off with the engine still in it.  Briggs was nice enough to make a place to lube the starter but it was upside down the way the starter mounted to the engine.  With the starter off I could lube the bushing with a simple squirt from an oil can.  Hooked it to a battery and ran it several times.  The grinding noise got quiet and I decided not to tear into the unit.  Its very easy to pull the engine and access the starter so no big deal if I have to get to it again.  Pulled the engine tins while the engine was out and made sure fins were clean.  The engine is really too clean to be original. ???

Scraped the buildup out of the bottom of the frame then power washed it all.  Frame was much dirtier than the engine itself.  Put it all back together and it still wouldn't start.  The pos. battery cable was almost burnt/corroded in two.  There was enough voltage drop to keep it from spinning the engine.  Oh well,  needed to be lubed anyhow.  I also mounted a starter switch so I'm not shorting out two wires to start it.  Need to get a new key switch and do it right.  Maybe someday.  Really whirls now and starts instantly.  Plus its nice not holding the two wires together to start the machine as they got hot and quick!.


Had a major idea Monday morning @ 12:24 while staring at the ceiling.  The museums horse-drawn wagon [red one in post 18 this thread] has a loop hitch.  The Jeep has a pintle hitch.  That'll work.  Been trying to figure out what to do with that wagon for some time.  I been associated with the museum for 12+ years and that wagon hasn't moved.   The local horse people park next door to the museum to load/unload their horses for the Christmas parade.  Wanted to see if one of the horse people would pull the wagon.  The tongue I believe has been shortened and won't work for a horse drawn setup anymore.  This will be perfect!

First I thought about a POW/MIA display built on the wagon.  Kind of tie it to the Jeep that way. 

Then it hit me.

A flag draped coffin with [possible] POW/MIA flags.  Tuesday on the way out to dads I stopped at the museum to confirm the hitch would work.   Sure enough it would!  Curator is out of the country on va-cay and the President was giving a tour for people that came to town on a big charter bus.  The bus was just pulling out so I went to the main building to share my idea and get a reaction. 

He loved the idea.  Said its the best he's heard in a while. 

That made me happy. 

One of our board members is a retired postmaster and he said the PO used to have casket flags.  Pres. was going to check on that.  I suggested borrowing a casket from a local funeral home but the pres. doesn't want to scratch one lifting up onto that wagon.  Figure I'll have to build a "casket" box but it won't have to be fancy because its mostly covered by the flag. 

The projects I make for myself.  :smilewink:

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Posted Today, 08:32 AM


Sometimes I think

See now, there's where you went wrong! :D

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