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Custom/hackjob dozer blade

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#1 Greasy6020 ONLINE  

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Posted October 06, 2016 - 09:52 PM

I have a john deere 300, it is only has the single remote on the front, but it has hydraulic mower deck lift.

I figure I can use the hydraulic lift from the mower deck, to lift a snow plow (from an atv) that followed me home from the dump.

I want to make a copycat, of a massey ferguson 10 12 dozer blade to hook up at the drawbar, then have a lift point in the middle of the arm that holds the plow blade. I know I will need a brace to stop side to side movement at the front end.

Anyone think my next potentially bad idea will work?

Here is a massey ferguson dozer blade for reference...

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#2 tractorgarden OFFLINE  


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Posted October 06, 2016 - 10:23 PM

It will work. From my what I have learned over the years is that of the two basic styles of blade mounts, both have advantage and  disadvantage as well. The front mounted setups, John Deere, Cub, early Jakes, the blade hinging in front of the front axle, are more aggressive, then the rear mount. It is sometimes more difficult to maintain grade on the front hinged blade,but once mastered is very do able,(cutting edge wants to dive) But will generally lift higher.     Good Luck,Shawn   

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Posted October 06, 2016 - 11:43 PM

Not a lot of lift in the MF10 style. As long as 6" of lift is all you need, it should work ok.
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#4 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2016 - 06:04 AM

My Snapper1600 has that type system. It is a factory original plow but, it only lifts a few inches. Reuse is even better than recycling. Good Luck, Rick

#5 SimplyRad OFFLINE  

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Posted October 07, 2016 - 07:59 AM

I had ti change the angle of my blade to keep it from digging in when using to move dirt but no problem when plowing snow. I removed the springs then used rods to make it ridged. It still has a tendency to dig in in some of the softer dirt. One rod broke at a weld so I have been using it with the one rod. I now need to replace the springs for winter.



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