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New for me Bolens ST110 3011G

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Posted October 01, 2016 - 09:20 PM



I'd like to say hi to the group, and this is my first post.


I just picked up a Bolens ST110, model 3011G this afternoon and unloaded it from the trailer just before dark. It came with wheel weights, snowblower, deck & bagger.


Everything seems to be working with it though it seems like the linkage to the transmission might be worn/loose. It seems particular as to how it gets into gear. I have to wobble the shift to get it to be in gear and when it is resting in the indentation for Neutral, it still sometimes is engaged. I'll need to go over the linkage to see if its worn or just what is going on but it stays in gear and there's no grinding.


I'll have to take the bed off a few times to get familiar with how it goes on & off. There's no manual that came with it and the person I bought it from, bought it to flip so there is no history to go along with it. He said he rebuilt the carb and changed the oil, lubed it and said he found nothing wrong with it, except what was wrong, he fixed.


He explained how the snowblower hooks up but he didn't put it on though he demonstrated where each part attaches. With that, I took a few photos hoping that will help me remember but I was hoping to find a Pdf online to explain how to properly get that on & off & no luck on that so far. I do want to know how to care for the tractor. It mows beautifully and does a fine job sucking up the acorns on the lawn so it'll be a fine helper.


Though it runs well, with no history, it would probably be a good idea to check the valve adjustment and be sure the oil is correct but as I don't have any info to go by, perhaps someone could suggest some pointers, maybe a link to some the info I'm going to need. It would be gravy to know how to get the snowblower on properly before I need to use it. I've tried to find links to this model in the pages here but I couldn't find anything for it in particular.


One of the interesting things is under the hood, it mentions hydraulics but this is run by belts. Perhaps all the units of the time used the same body and had different options/features?


I like working on 80's motorcycles and now I have an 80's garden tractor to work on. Life is good.



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Posted October 01, 2016 - 09:59 PM

Welcome to the forum. One of the Bolens guys should be along to help. I'd think there should be a manual in the manuals section for that tractor. I believe the G indicates gear drive.

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Posted October 01, 2016 - 10:03 PM

Congrats and welcome! :wave:

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Posted October 01, 2016 - 11:36 PM

Thanks, nice to meet you. I finally decided to get something that would deal with the leaves in the fall and make it easier on my ankle so I don't have to walk when I have to mow. But I also have a fair amount of dead trees in the area, most from being blown over in storms & hurricanes. I've cut the logs up but can't carry the wood so I wanted something that would be like a tractor instead of simply a sit on lawn mower. I know this Bolens is not one of the more powerful garden tractors but the distances I need to go in the woods with it is no more than 300-400 or so feet and with a small trailer & this, I can make lots of trips with it and not stress it any. 


I like older engines and mechanical equipment far more than the flimsy new stuff with plastic everywhere to crack & break, I like the challenge of working with my tools to keep them as they are supposed to be and FWIW, I'm cheap and know that repairing something made solidly, will last for a lifetime and keep its value.. So once I have the paperwork to know how to care for it, I'm going to do whatever needs to be done, myself and with luck, what I need for parts, I can get from one of the sellers here.