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Highly dislike Microsoft

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Posted December 07, 2016 - 05:00 PM

You can get some of the same channels on Kodi as you get on DirectTV like DIY, Bravo, HGTV etc.  If you have someone familiar with setting up Kodi and or other streaming devices that would be really good.  That would shorten the learning curve a lot. Good luck.

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Posted May 10, 2018 - 09:18 AM

We are looking into the streaming thing now for TV/movies. Looking into buying a small CPU and loading on KODI and other stuff I need. Just gotta learn how to get the OS programmed on the one I am looking at then I can possibly do it. If I can, I will be getting rid of Directv and putting these in the house.


If you are looking to install Kodi than do not buy a CPU for that. If you already have a laptop you can install kodi on laptop easily from the official kodi store. Or if you have other android box aor streaming tv box you can setup kodi on android too very easily. 


And even if you have a smart TV you can setup Kodi on LG or even Samsung Smart TV. 

Cant be easier than that. 

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Posted May 10, 2018 - 01:20 PM

We have Dish Network and have the big package in order to get the NASCAR races and the Pro football games, along with several other channels we like.    Trying to get those channels by using some foreign streaming something or other would probably cost a lot more than my Satellite bill.  And the so called local channels from 90 miles away would be gone also, so would have to come up with a way to get the news and weather. Outside antenna up 60' is real iffy.   At least the local news isn't loaded with all the crap the big networks shove at us.  Daughter has Netflix but she has never watched the news or weather.  Don't even have a radio in the house.  Lives with/on her $90 a month cell phone.  Relies on it for everything.   I am still in the flip phone age and plan to stay there as long as I can.  All this so called technology left me behind several years ago.  Takes 5 pages of instructions to try and record a TV show in advance.  I got lost on the second page so don't even use that.  I'm used the old VCR recorder and worked just fine.  Problem none of the TV's any more want to use that source to project on the screen.  Several different settings have to be changed to view it so don't use that any more.   Either watch what is on now or don't watch it.  Gee, isn't technology just great - -  NOT !!

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Posted May 16, 2018 - 11:59 AM

With MS, money HAS to be made somewhere and in our present reality, more money can be made with "big data" that by selling the product.  Here's the way I see it...


MS is now making money by "anonymously" tracking your actions and feeding products or ads to you subversively.  I suspect the only way to really avoid that is an enterprise version of Win10.  


Yous gotta pays to plays... with M$ you get a free OS with ads and more perceived freedom.  With a Mac you pay more for the product, deal with more restrictions and don't get the ads.  With Linux, you get freedom but there is potential to encounter more problems or quirks.  In my case, I go for the latter two and keep the first one around because it is just part of our reality.

Ultimately, you pick your poison


I might be biased here, consider my nickname but here is my input on this. I am using Macs since the day my father moved from Amiga to Mac. He worked in the graphic industry and it's almost 100% Mac since the introduction of computers in this domain for many reasons, one of them being Steve Jobs believing in quality and therefore pushed with "vectorial fonts" (driven by mathematic equations and can be scaled anyway needed with perfect output). Getting a bit out of subject here.


Anyway, I also had a Windows based computer during CEGEP (between high school and university here) because back then no Oracle software were running on Mac. I HATED those years. There was always problems with the computer, being drivers, instability, non-userfriendly softwares, etc etc. There is always something not right.


For 10+ years now, I'm back exclusively on Macs. I even provide my own workstation for my job (software engineer) and they are always working. I like my computer to be like a tool, you get it out of the box and it's working right away up until you decide to move to another tool... and then if some year later you use them again they still work. My 2 main Macs date back to 2009 and they still work as you would expect them to be working, I find that amazing and I am proud of not loosing time uselessly with random problems as with Windows.


At work we are also self hosting our websites, for this purpose I built a server cluster with 2nd hand hardware only running Linux computers (command line only, we didn't even install a graphical user interface). There is a total of 11 physical machines to provide complete redundancy and there is also a MacMini with them in the datacenter to ease management in case of troubles. All of this is working flawlessly for the last 4-5 years! Management is done remotely mostly by me on my Macs.


Knowing Linux AND Mac gives a big advantage to the user, the user interface of Macs is nicely thought, well working and with 3rd party software (MacPort, Homebrew, etc) you can install most Linux softwares packages to run on a Mac. Can you beat that?


Linux and Mac both have they use case... and for M$ personally other than for proprietary platform-constrained software, I don't see the point of it. 


I must add, I don't like all that Apple is doing. For some years now (mostly starting with the growing popularity of the iPad) they started removing functionalities in some of their software like Pages (Word-like), Numbers (Excel-like) and other. They had really great softwares but now to uniformise with the iPads they are levelling down the Mac versions. They also are a PITA for professionals that need to plan the management of their workstations by wanting to keep their roadmap hidden, this kind of customer must know when new models will be released to plan their upgrades... and not wait years between updates (the MacPro was stalled between ~2010 -> 2013 and is currently stalled since the 2013 model)


I could go on a long time on this subject after all it's my domain but I will get boring (:

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