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Grader box change and try

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Posted September 02, 2016 - 11:50 PM

A while back I changed a blade to grader box, adding sides and teeth. I had sides same depth as the rear blade edge. I Now have the sides 1" shorter, so blade is exposed below them. Still having trouble with teeth not being able to be set higher and that is problem, can't get those to dig and the blade down to ground at same time. Need another hole in the teeth to adjust, but hard as heck and don't seem to just drill. SO, mounted on my newer PK. First it don't lift enough to clear teeth and when running over rolling yard, I hit a few spots and dug up the grass in spots. SO, then went down hill on flat road and came up drive from there. Still hit on the drive where it rolled some. The teeth loosened things up, but box just jumped around real bad, not what I wanted to happen. SO, went and pulled them out again. Back to hill with box. Started UP the hill, filled with gravel some, but real easy to get to much and loose traction, digging two wheel holes. SO, went to top and went down. Worked pretty good, just set on float. Going up again, could use lift to keep it out of gravel and not too deep, but that is hard to regulate. After going back up no working, then coming back down working several times it was coming out pretty good. I then went to top and ran it backwards all the way down and accross the width. That did smoother and didn't dig into gravel as much. That is how I ended the job. I always have big dips and pot holes like areas just near bottom on inside corner, in the shady area in these pix. That leveled out pretty good. Now, long as it don't rain big time and wash the loose stuff away again, should settle down and be better.

ON the top link on this set-up I have it all the way lengthened and still needs more. Need more to get it to set more level when down all the way. Not sure why it needs to be that way. with that length might also be why can't lift high to transport?? what think? I have used blade on my Speedex before and it just needs a little top link to work it OK. Why is that so on diff tractor? That one does have a more solid lower arm assembly all one piece and not seperate arms, maybe that is diff? OR, maybe it just lifts higher, which it does seem to be able to do. I'm gonna try that one again sometime, see how it works with sides changed.

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Posted September 03, 2016 - 03:54 AM

The joys of keeping a stone drive flat. That is one thing I struggle with.
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Posted September 03, 2016 - 09:10 AM

I always had better luck grading gravel drives with the blade angled.  Less chance of the hi low spots cross wise the drive.  Also don't want the drive flat, need a crown in the center so the water runs off the side and not so much down the center.  All roads have crown in the center, even highways and interstates.

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