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Snap-On tools

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Posted August 21, 2016 - 10:30 PM

Ok, I bought a big tool box at a auction a few years ago, I got it cheap and it was half full of snap on tools. There were a lot of wrenches (which I really like) and there was a 1/2" socket set with breaker bar. The sockets were a little disappointing, some of them flared out on the ends and they are now junk. Today I was using the breaker bar to take loose the wheels on my Farmall 400 and the bloody thing broke on me :mad2:. I was using about a 3' cheater pipe but it still shouldn't of broke like that. I dug out the old S-K breaker bar and used the 3' cheater pipe and I took them all loose with it.


I know snap on will give me new tools since these broke, but I half to try to locate a truck and I really don't want to mess with it.

Anyone else have problems with snap on?

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Posted August 22, 2016 - 12:28 AM

Pretty sure I don't own anything Snap-On. Mostly Harbor Freight stuff around here. 

I do have a 1/2 inch drive S-K socket set my dad bought me 25 years ago.   Dad paid extra and upgraded to the long handle ratchet in that set.  Its survived many times with a cheater pipe over the handle.   S-K has the best ratchet ever built.

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Posted August 22, 2016 - 05:37 AM

That's common to break the square drive on a Crap-On breaker bar. Craftsman makes a better bar than they do. I have broken so many of them that the snap-on guy bought me 2 Craftsman units in exchange.I never broke another one.
This was almost 10 years ago now, I might be a bit more nervous about Craftsman now...
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Posted August 22, 2016 - 05:56 AM

I was told a few years back when Chinese stuff was coming over that the company that made Snap-ON, Sears and the Master Mechanic stuff I sold at True Value at the time were all the same one. Sears dropped them for imports, then True Value, later even Snap-on. I can't recall name of company. Then that company went overseas for there manufacturing, a little better than the new Chinese stuff, but still imports. All these company's had the break it and exchange lifetime warranty. 


ON the breakage, have not seen one break the square like that. Most I've had that broke, not many, were usually in the pin joint or the whole head broke off! I have a big 3/4" bar I have used on tractor wheels and that with a pipe, was good to go. I used to mess with BIG Ford trucks and others with Those dual nut fasteners in 1/1/2" size and square and they were from 50's say. THEY were on a long time, very rusty, and took that bar and standing on a 5ft tube for leverage to get them off. Even sometimes with heat!  The 3/4" took that, was lucky I guess.

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Posted August 22, 2016 - 06:08 AM

send me your junk snap on I used to have alot of Crapsman but not so much any more. still alot of flat wrenches but not many sockets/ screwdrivers/  between the chrome peel, (still used them til something worse happened to them) cracked sockets, and screwdrivers that wouldn't grip (especially Phillips)  then to grab a Snap on and get them right out/ then the fact that I spent 13+ working at a Sears Auto Center, much as a 2nd job and then would wind up spending most of what I made at Sears  shopping right there within the store, to be fired the way I was back in 2001, for the reason that I was, I have not spent a dime at any Sears since.

I treat Crapsman tools like the garbage that they have become. I do buy them at auctions and  flea markets, garage sales etc-- the older stuff that was still at least decently made--- but I have not spent a penny at a Sears store since Christmas 2001 when I lost my job there. and won't.  No I won't get into the reason why I no longer work there but that job remains the only one that I was fired from.

They break? I chuck em in the trash.  I went to a Sears to try and exchange some broken stuff about 5 years ago for the 1st time since I lost that job and the tools I got were nowhere near equivalent to what I had brought in, all of which were at least 20 years old at the time.  Alot of the sockets I was told that I am "S.O.L." because they don't have any more, Other tools they had to order and said they'd send me those straight to my house, I got about half of what I brought in, actually replaced.

And the difference in quality between 5 year old Crapsman and 20+ yo Crapsman is huge!!!!  They used to be proud of their stuff, and it was all USA made,  now much comes from China. and besides my feelings for the company after losing my job,  I won't willingly or knowingly buy Chinese made tools from anyone.

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Posted August 22, 2016 - 07:02 AM

That NAFTA Treaty 20 years ago sent alot of manufacturing out of our country. Much of the Craftsman wrenches were made in Massachusetts but they closed over 5 years ago. Still see boxes of their leftover stuff show up at fleamarkets.


It isn't just the tools that have gone overseas and the quality gone to heck. Its most manufactured stuff. In the past 2 years 2 new major bridges(San Francisco and Canada) were found to have major weaknesses because the Chinese fasteners were substandard. That was at the time that they were opened.


I go with used, old, quality tools that I pick up at tag sales. When a tool breaks I try to take it back. Sears has reneged on their warraunty a few times but Snapon has been good. I just leave my Snapon tool with the guy at my local service station and he has Snapon repair it for me. Like with GTs, I figure keeping the old tools going is better than any of the tools made now. Good Luck, Rick

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