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1 step forward and...order more parts

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Posted August 15, 2016 - 04:34 PM

Finally got the rebuilt tranny reinstalled and the new clutch and throw out installed...time to slide it together. I didn`t have the clutch alignment tool so I took an allen wrench and slid it around the internal edge of the pressure plate and the hub of the clutch plate ....bumped it till it was the same all around. Everything looked good and the measurements inside seemed about right. Worst thing was having to move it back out to the carport from the garage  to hook it back up to the chain fall. The straps I used had it just about perfect angle to align it (dumb luck)....just as it was touching mounting plates it slid right in....no cussing or fussin.!!! I had scraped the new paint off the inside lip of the flywheel housing once I realized the machined lip on the clutch pedal housing would make it tight......glad I did ....pulled right up !

Time to get back in the not quite air conditioned garage but a least the air is dry ! Went and got the dash panel to begin the process of getting it hooked back up. I knew it was a mess when I took it off and after looking at for a few minutes decided it needed completely redone. Toggle switch and push button for start, throttle and choke cables rusted beyond repair. Yuk ! What a mess. Had a Generator ?? 2 inch meter installed with cables big enough to drive the starter. Ripped it all off...decals just about unreadable....so here we go again. 

I ordered new throttle and choke cables and 5 terminal 3 position switch. I`m seeing people talk about the switch being specific to Battery or magneto...but my pages from PK manuals both show and "M" on the switch wiring diagrams along with the battery and starter .

I put the not yet painted grill section and dash on temporary to give me some ideas about clearance and routing the new gas lines from the tank .The grill had some rust along the bottom edge the PO had tried to hide I guess.....it`s  repairable but if I could get a rust free grill I would but I`m afraid anything I might find would be about the same....If anybody has one let me know! The small pcs of sheet angle that tie the from grill to the dash seem a little bent on one side. I`m going to try to reinforce it a little bit after I get it a little better aligned.

If anyone could get me a good picture of the carb side and show me how the throttle/choke governor stuff is supposed to  hook up the right way I would sure appreciate it.

I should have some parts in a couple of days and have some work I need to do to my Ford 1720 so I can do some real work if it ever cools off a little bit.

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Posted August 15, 2016 - 05:46 PM

Lookin really good!

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Posted August 15, 2016 - 06:15 PM

Is this Superman's mower?  Seems right colors! Going to be a black dash or some more of the wild colors here? Red works for dashes, not so sure I would like the Blue.


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Posted August 16, 2016 - 07:25 AM

Maybe Supermans`s Tractor......got a bite on the mower deck and mule drive last nite .....hope to get it out of my way soon ! Not sure about the dash yet...the hood will be mostly red in deference to the original dull farmall (IH) red...I`m finding under the AC orange.... A couple of blue stripes on the side of the hood and one on top down the middle to  fit a POWER KING original decal.....haven`t figured out the floor pan yet either.

I`m thinking about using some spray on bed liner kind of stuff in the driveshaft tunnel part of the floor pan and the underside of the hood that is unseen unless it is open.....not really sure about that yet though. I bought a can of it with idea of using it instead of the rubber foot pads that never seem to stay attached completely and trap water under them. I`ve never used the stuff but may try it out on something else first. I plan on doing a template made out of thick cardboard and building up the thickness to kind of match the original rubber.  Anybody ever fool with this stuff ??