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Back to where I was last week !

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Posted August 08, 2016 - 09:25 AM

Last Monday I rolled the PK out to install engine after thinking I had the cleaned tranny and rear end oiled up and ready to go. Upon finding it still wouldn`t roll in second/third gear....I rolled it back in the garage and started over with tranny. After finding the non bearing lower shaft in the basically welded into the case ,I knew that was the problem but since I had to take it apart anyway I would replace the caged bearings anyway. Went to Napa thinking I might get them quicker...one day they said to get `em. Well three days later I finally got the second one ! While I`m waiting I get to work cleaning the built up corrosion on the lower gear cluster that had the cluster stuck to the case. Lots of filing, drill motor with flapper wheel on cluster gear ends, wire brush with 3M pad wrapped around it on bushings...etc. It took a lot of prying and twisting to get the cluster out the first time. Finally got everything cleaned enough where I could slide it in and out with my hand and it spun freely on shaft. I won`t go into how many hours and tools it took to get the bearing retaining rings off the shaft ends....poor design or I didn`t have the proper tool. I`ve never seen a tool that would work for the 2 that actually go on the shaft..
Rolled it out yesterday to carport to get ready to install engine and it rolled good in all gears.....now to get to work on engine/ wiring mess !
I added a couple of pics of some things that I have been distracted from by the PK !

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