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Just got back from a road trip today...

bolens tractor large frame 1250 hydrostatic wisconsin s-14d 14hp 48in deck 42in sno-caster

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Posted July 28, 2016 - 12:49 PM

If the tires are not going to be filled, then yes, you will feel a more bumpy ride when you're on a hard surface.  Mine have weights and are also filled so it's a fairly smooth ride as they conform to the terrain quite a bit.
Not going to be near that bumpy [as running tyre chains], even without weights and fluid.
Turfs may just be for you then.  Turf tires are not only easier to chain up than AGs but from what I understand, are actually more effective with chains on in the snow than AGs as well.


Okay, good to know. I do have rear wheel weights for the tractor that I will be using. How do you fill the tyres though and what do you fill them with? Sand? Water? I wouldn't want water to freeze in the tyre in the winter though. Do you still fill it with air as well or are you supposed to just use whatever you are filling the tyre with?  I have never tried that before on any of my tractors.  Also, like I said, I don't have any tyre chains for the 1250 right now, so...  Most likely I will just run this with whatever tyres are on it and I will not use any chains with it.

If the AGs may be a bit bumpy due to the tread design, my other thought was to use a still aggressive treaded tyre, but one with a tread design that looks like it might provide a slightly smoother ride at least. One thought was to run skid steer rear tyres on it as they make them in the right size for this tractor:

Carlisle Trac Chief.jpg OR: HAL5-13484578021.jpg

These seem to still provide a nice deep tread, but the tread also seems to cover more surface area of the tyre, so it may provide a little bit smoother of a ride versus the V-tread on the AG tyres. (I could be mistaken though.) One issue with these though is that I think these style of tyres are even MORE expensive than the regular AG tyres!  :wallbanging:


I'll keep looking though to see what is out there and if I can find a decent tyre that will do what I need it to do for a decent price.

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Posted July 24, 2017 - 12:03 AM

Okay, so I know I have been AWOL from the forums for quite some time now...  (I actually think that perhaps this is the first time I have even logged into the forums this year (2017)!!)  It has been really hectic for me this year between working, trying to get other projects done (like working on some of my dozen or so cars to try to get them running again, lol...), and I have been looking at tons of houses lately trying to find someplace new to call home that has everything I want and doesn't cost both arms and legs.


In any event, I finally decided today to try to make some more progress on the Bolens 1250 (that I think has been sitting for at least a year now...)  My first step was to try to remove the front bolster that broke last year while unloading the tractor.  It was a pain for sure and took much longer than it probably should have, but approximately 5 hours later, I finally got the entire front end removed from the tractor.  So, here is a closer look at the damage that was done to the front bolster/axle support:





Here you can clearly see the two clean breaks on the front support where the cast iron sheared right apart.  Of course, it also looks like it broke right by the mounting threads where it bolts onto the frame of the tractor, which will make repairs to it more difficult...





I also noticed that this was not the FIRST time that the front support bolster was broken in the life of this tractor.  I saw weld marks on the back part of the front bolster from where it had already been repaired previously:





As you can see from the picture above, the right side piece of the bolster also sheared off.  It must have experienced quite a lot of stress to cause this much damage to the bolster!  Here is a close-up of the back piece that broke off.  It was also welded from a previous break and then it broke again further down.  (At least the weld point held up though, right?)





Here is a close-up of the other weld on the left side of the bolster towards the rear.  This weld also is still holding up and did not break:





Here is the very back side of the bolster where the PTO idler/engagement pulleys are:





So, as you can see, this tractor was clearly beaten and abused a LOT to have already caused the front axle support bolster to have broken that badly that it needed to be welded in two places before at the back and now it has broken in three more places just getting it home last year!  From the looks of the damage done to the bolster and the previous repairs that were done to it though, I am worried that it is beyond repair at this point and should be replaced.


What are your guys' thoughts on this?  Should I try to see if a welding shop can repair this bolster and continue using it or is this thing just toast right now and I should throw it away and buy a good replacement bolster to install on the tractor?



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#48 bonusbuilt1950 OFFLINE  

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Posted July 24, 2017 - 01:02 PM

Nice find! Always good to see another one saved from the rust pile! 

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Posted July 26, 2017 - 07:49 AM

Personally I think I wouldnt use it,already has had some repairs,like you said alot of work removing them,be a shame to have it fixed and not hold up and have to tear it down again,this might sound like I'm trying to make a sale, but not my intentions,I do have a couple good ones for sale,see what others say and go from there,if your interested pm me or call me at (724)944-5513
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Posted July 26, 2017 - 12:34 PM

I agree with Rick. I would simply get another bolster in good condition. If none were available, then you might go the repair route, but that is not the case.

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