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Mantis carry handle fix

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#1 ol' stonebreaker OFFLINE  

ol' stonebreaker
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Posted July 02, 2016 - 09:10 PM

  When the carry handle splits in the middle there's a cheap and easy fix. A piece of plumbers strap and two 10-24 screws.



mantis 001 (Small).JPG

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#2 CRFarnsworth OFFLINE  



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Posted July 02, 2016 - 09:18 PM

Thanks.  I've got one.   When it breaks I'll know what to do!    Rick 


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Posted July 03, 2016 - 07:46 AM

I don't know what a "Mantis" is, but it looks like a small tiller???

#4 Sawdust OFFLINE  

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Posted July 03, 2016 - 11:44 AM

That's a nice fix, it looks like a weak spot the factory should have reinforced. How do you guys like these small tillers. I've been looking at the Mantis for light tilling between garden rows & something my wife can use in her flower beds. Our garden is 25x50 other than the usual plowing, discing, & the large tiller we manage it by hand during the growing season. We have a lot of clay & nit sure if this little guy would just bounce around.
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#5 ol' stonebreaker OFFLINE  

ol' stonebreaker
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Posted July 03, 2016 - 11:58 AM

 As long as the ground is already loose like a garden or flower beds it works OK. If you try to use it on sod or hard ground it's worse than a front tine tiller as far as beating you to death. It just bounces up and down. 


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Posted July 05, 2016 - 06:01 AM

I was given a Mantis tiller, coworker's neighbor used it one season, but couldn't get it to start. I put in some fresh gas, shot a little starter fluid in plug hole and off she went. Did a little carb adjustment and starts every time and runs great.

I agree, it can be a handful. I don't like the way the grips are made though. I get a blister when I use it to weed the garden. It will bounce like Mike stated, but my little Craftsman cultivator does too. I do like it though to hill the beans and corn. I stand on the other side of row then pull it toward me as it piles the dirt up on the row. With a little practice, I cultivate, weed, and hill at the same time.

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