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DOT Medical card what a hassle

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#31 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted June 25, 2016 - 11:57 PM

I have to have a class "A"  CDL with tanker and airbrakes endorsements for my job. I was told that no medical card is required if all of your driving is intrastate, that is never going out of your registered state of residence. I don't have the medical card. It is a job for a municipality.


I don't understand why a health card would be required for your truck either.



I remember  the municipality thing being one exemption for needing a medical card.  I have a Class "A" with "Tanker" ( I am only required to have class B/ and NOT have the air brake "restriction," for my job.

No, Air brakes is not an add on endorsement like haz mat and tanker, but is a "take away" from a standard CDL.   I do not remember anything about the medical card requirement for the "tanker" endorsement, only for the haz mat one.

I had a wreck in my own personal vehicle, on my way home from work since my last renewal.

I wound up with a ticket associated with that wreck, for which I got taken to the cleaners, by the local court house, in fines... still a very extremely sore "HOT" button subject for me// so I won't get into any more detail about that.... other than to say that it was not too long ago and I fail to understand how they "compute" fines and "costs"... must be some kind of "new math".... like I said; volatile subject....


but at least in IL, if you have had a ticket or accident since your last renewal, they make you take the test again, I do not know when they started that, my guess is probably 7 or so years ago/ doesn't matter if you're CDL or not.

I do know that at my last renewal, I had to retake the written test again (not the driving portion) as a condition to renew, due to a ticket. That was the the 1st time having to take the test, since initially getting my license when I was a teen, 20-some years prior.  yeah it made me nervous....

I know a guy that had the same scenario about a year ago/ and he told me  that he nearly lost his job because he lost the CDL portion of his license on account of having to take the retest. (he was the manager at a lumber yard which has since gone defunct, for other reasons) He now only has a "standard" car drivers license. 

and because he didn't pass the CDL portion of the test, he now has to wait a year, find someone to borrow a truck from (very tough) and take the WHOLE test over again, both driving and written, from Square One. 

If I get stuck in that situation at next renewal, I think that I am going to drop down to a Class B/ since that is all that my job requires--- and, since I trained to initially get the CDL, I have not driven anything that requires a Class A, even one time. I would probably keep the tanker endorsement if I can, though I do not have to carry any endorsements... but I, too, will lose my job, if I lose that CDL.

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#32 adamjd200 OFFLINE  

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Posted June 26, 2016 - 12:06 AM

It's also worth mentioning despite the cdl being federal, every state seems to have there own rules.

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Posted June 26, 2016 - 05:03 AM

Here in Pa if you have any medical problem like high blood pressure even if its just border line and a Dr has percribed meds you have to go yearly for the medical card . BUT the state wants it renewed before or they pull your cdl part of the license . If you send it in it could take up to 14 days. So when mines ready to expire I get the phycial then go right the the dmv with the paperwork . If your going ever year and get it done too early you end up going every 11 months ! That's a big $$$
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