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Ideas please. Runs, but poping.

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#1 propane1 OFFLINE  

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Posted May 28, 2016 - 11:32 AM

Sounds like a popping sound at most throttle ranges. No lack of power. Any ideas. Was at service shop and want to sell her a carb for 500 bucks. She didn't have the money for that. They said carb had water and rust in it. Tried to clean carb, but won't clean. So they suggested new carb. Any thoughts. To new a mower for me to know anything.


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#2 glgrumpy ONLINE  


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Posted May 28, 2016 - 11:43 AM

Not sure how carb buried like these could have water in it, cept from Ethanol gas maybe?  Would think cleanable. Might take longer than a shop wants to spend time on to do, that adds cost.  Now days cheaper to replace stuff, not fix it.  If bad enough, might need a sand or soda blasting after tear-down.  Tractor sit outside in weather?  Gas tank get water from rain or ??  Think epay should have stuff cheaper too if one looks around. Why not YOU fix it for her?  Just don't let here rush you into it and want back right away.  

   Might also consider the vac fuel pumps on these engines. Hoses to it shot or pump shot. Not much to them and about $25 to try one out. Could remove line and see what action it does when cranking.


   Tried running Chem tool 12 or Sea-foam stuff thru it a few mows?  Maybe enough to clean up if not bad. Is this thing still together or all apart in a shop? If it is running at all now, this is first thing I would try. Maybe couple of drippings of same stuff down throat at air cleaner if it is still running. New fuel and air filter cleaned also.

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#3 grattone OFFLINE  

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Posted May 28, 2016 - 11:45 AM

Check the valves, my brother in law has one that has bent 2 push rods. They are bad about the valve adjustments. It started popping and he kept on mowing.

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#4 toppop52 OFFLINE  

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Posted May 28, 2016 - 12:03 PM

Could be valve adjustment. I had one doing that and there was a chunk of carbon fused to one spark plug, ran fine but made a snapping sound through the exhaust.
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#5 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


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Posted May 28, 2016 - 05:03 PM

Carbon build up was the first thing I thought of.  Could very well be the valves as stated above.  

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#6 Natureboy OFFLINE  

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Posted May 28, 2016 - 06:06 PM

I don't know how many hours are on yours, so carbon or valve adjustment may be the culprit. Before you dive into that though, try running 89 octane and some Seafoam thru it. My Husqvarna dealer advised 89 octane over 87 when I bought mine with the B&S. Got in a pinch one time and ran a few tanks of 87, the popping started. Switched back to the 89 and it stopped.
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#7 propane1 OFFLINE  

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Posted May 31, 2016 - 12:27 PM

Update. Adjusted the valves, but not out very much. Still popping. Put transmission fluid, fuel stablizier and methol hydrate in the 1/4 of a tank of gas. Then cut my grass with it. Popping at the start, but when I finished, it was not popping. Takes about a half hour to cut my grass. So will see the next time it starts if it's fixed.

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Posted May 31, 2016 - 07:32 PM

If it comes.back, check the bottom of the cylinder jug for signs of a leak.
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