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Berry Misadventure PT2 The Briars

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Posted May 20, 2016 - 09:16 AM

The Briars include the rasberries, blackberries and Boysen berries.

Again I planted 40 ft rows and planted them 6 ft apart, since they will fill themselves in between.

They seem to grow themselves and most of the management is in pruning and keeping them in the row.


Now I could write a book about how not to trellis them?

I used steel T posts, 12 1/2 ga electric fence wire.

The posts are too flexible and you can not get enough tension on the wires.

The wire is relatively cheap around $40 for !/4 mile. But it is hard to work, you can not tie it like #9 wire.

IT requires clamp strips and a clamping tool that costs about $40.give up on it

It is good wire, but it takes better planning Than I used.


Eventually am going to have to set 4X4 posts with cross bars for wires in both patches.

So I recommend you make sturdy trellises.


Oh another thing I forgot, originally I planted the red and golden rasberries in the same patch as the blacks. They can cross pollenate if too close. So  I had to dig all them up and transplant them in another location on the place.


If you have a plant that does not seem to grow the first year when you plant do not give up on it.

More than likely the root is still viable and will send up canes the next spring. I have hhad that happen many times. Infact I had a row of berries(a hybrid red raspberry/black) that was real thorny and the wife did not care for their taste. So she had me dig them out and plant thornless blackberries in the row this year. It took two years to kill out?

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