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Salvaging A Shed

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Posted April 15, 2016 - 03:20 PM

I built this shed in the background last summer. $45  - I wanted a Tin Roof . Otherwise all of the wood is salvage , I got the 4x4 frame wood from pallets I broke down .


A friend works at a metal engineering place and they get their sheet steel on these 4x10 - 5x12 heavy duty pallets they pile it up outside and I pick up as much as I want when I want . It takes a lot of work to get the 4x4s out of them but hey  , you can't beat the price .

I also get sheets of paneling they use to ship with , it is defects with bad prints or something . I tore the fence down in the back of my yard to reclaim 8' of my property and used it for the siding.

I built this to get the extra stuff out of my garage shop and to store my push mower and power washer and spreader . I  also store attachments, ladders , chicken wire etc.

001 (3).JPG

I built the addition on my shop this way also , but used salvage doors with windows for light from a local 'restore' place .

This is the only image I have of the Garage before I did my thing to it.

wssfs (2).jpg

It was such an eyesore to look at while enjoying the back deck , I couldn't stand it so I decided to make it something nice to look at and give it a rustic barn type of appeal , Now I hang old tools on it for interesting things to study while enjoying the deck :D



I put a new shingle roof on it and sided it with 'rough sawn' pine from a mill nearby . The garage refurbish was not done cheap . I put $800 into it total with all the windows and the roof and doors.

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Posted April 15, 2016 - 03:40 PM

You guys beat me on the expense side of shed building. I used a pair of cab shipping pallets from work that were built with treated 4x4s and 2x8s. After bolting them together, rearranging 2 by's and covering with salvage 3/8 plywood from shipping containers, I ended up with a floor 12 feet by 17 feet 10 inches that is solid 2 by material underneath. So no money in the floor but that 1' 10" haunted me the rest of the way. I wheeled and dealed for studs and have little to no money in the framing. I got the doors from work during a remodel job. I bought some T1-11 and the steel roofing. But I ended up with extra free roofing. The manufacturer made my first sheets a foot too short. After pitching a bit of a fit, they brought new roofing to me at work and said nothing about the short pieces. Long story short I have a nearly 12x18 shed with a four foot porch on the front. I did a 12/12 pitch with a loft inside. After over ten years all that's left is to trim out my doors.......

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Posted April 16, 2016 - 07:49 PM

Last fall I bought a Cover It 12' x 24' pipe frame garage. The canvas was ripped in several places. It was 17 years old but the guy said that he had bought the extra heavy duty cover. A roll of 3" Gorilla Tape and I was able to repair the cover. A new 20' by 30' tarp over the cover kept it dry inside all winter. Total cost for the 12' x 24' dry storage area was $120 and 8 hours of my time. That included taking down the frame last fall and erecting it here.


Last Saturday, I ran into a guy up the road from me(at the transfer station which is our social center). He gave me a 10' x 20' Cover It garage that had a bent frame and disintergated top. It took 4 hours to disassemble it(many rusted bolts and distorted tubes. I figure to spend  2 hours to straighten the tubes(on my welding table) and three to set it up. For the summer, I will cover it with a 16' x 20' tarp. I figure 10 hours and $12 for this shelter.


I am pointing these experiences out to encourage others here, who like me, are on very limited budgets. There are all kinds of deals around, just talk to people. Good Luck, Rick

If there is an outdoor advertising company in your area, they may have used vinyl billboard faces for cheap. They don't re-print them so they get discarded or used as tarps.



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