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Governor and throttle set up, am I missing parts?

governor throttle spring

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#1 Shua OFFLINE  

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Posted April 13, 2016 - 05:49 PM

I just got done rebuilding my K301 - it's in a '67 Toro I picked up last summer. I'm down to the last little fiddly bits, and I want to get this thing running so bad.


I am putting a new throttle and choke on it, but I'm not sure how this works. The manuals I have aren't very specific - even the original one that came with the tractor... And when I search for images online of other setups there appears to be several with all sorts of different L shaped or straight brackets mounted to the blower housing.


I just want to mount it up like this picture in the manual... but something just doesn't seem right about it. Like the spring has no purpose and the throttle wouldn't stay open or the spring would just pull it back shut again.


What am I not getting? Anybody have pictures of a setup similar to mine? The pictures below are what I'm working with.










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#2 Eric OFFLINE  

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Posted April 13, 2016 - 06:45 PM

Looks like your throttle is hooked up just like the manual once you attach the cable to the swivel with the holes in it. What seems to be the problem? Don't over think it hook it up like you have got it and give it a go. It's always easier to understands somethings operation once you get it running and can see it function as it was meant to. If you have issues with its operation after that then we can trouble shoot it. Good luck.

#3 DougT OFFLINE  


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Posted April 13, 2016 - 06:45 PM

First, the spring should hold the throttle wide open with the engine off. The more the throttle pulls the spring, the faster the engine runs.


The first step to set this up is hold the throttle wide open and note the direction the arm moves. Looks like it would be to the left in the last pic and I'll use that as reference. Now, loosen the clamp bolt on the arm and twist the governor shaft counterclockwise until it stops. Make sure the throttle is wide open and tighten the clamp bolt. Then make sure you can close the throttle by hand. That will check your travel. Then hook the spring to the arm and pull a little pressure on it. Start the engine and see how it does. The hole that the spring goes in will affect the operation too. there should be a chart for that in the service manual. The high speed stop keeps you from over riding the governor and running the engine too fast. You might need a tach and some fine tuning to get it exactly right but this should get you close.

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#4 glgrumpy OFFLINE  


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Posted April 14, 2016 - 07:40 AM

It seems fine as is. Hook your cable end onto that lever  you are holding with finger. Depending on throw of the lever on dash compared to how much movement you get, you can pick about any hole to hook it into. I would try the small top one first. That big one there is for a rod that might go to another lever on the housing on some rigs, not shown to be here. You will have to hold/clamp the outer housing of cable under one of those little bumped clips you will have to get for that and it mounts to blower housing either in one of the threaded holes that might be to your right in picture or on the same little bolt that holds on the blower housing. YOu will have to figure length and cut the housing to fit and the center cable. Cut the outer housing with center wire pulled out, as you want the wire in center to be longer than the housing to continue on to that lever. Yes, the governor MAY hold the throttle cam wide open, but as soon as engine starts it kicks back to lower idle when adjusted correctly.

#5 Shua OFFLINE  

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Posted April 14, 2016 - 10:18 AM

Roger that everyone, thanks for the help.