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#1 alleyyooper OFFLINE  

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Posted March 26, 2016 - 08:00 AM

Several months ago I mentioned I wish my lily had a play mate, another dog to keep her company in the kennel pen.
I come in during deer season and find Kare on her lap top looking at puppy pictures. I ask her what she is doing and she says looking for a playmate for Lily. I tell her that I have criteria, a female, no needle teeth and a hunting breed. My first two hunting dogs were Brittney’s loved them both but for some reason I think about 1970 the breeders decided they should have docked tails, My brother had a Springer Spaniel in the 1970 one of the very best hunting dogs I have had the pleasure to hunt behind and got one of my one a few years later, who was good but not like my brothers. Today the breeders are also docking their tails so NO to springers.
Monday last week the 14th  I got a E mail from a friend in N Dakota he had been offered a 18 month old Llewellyn, spayed and chipped a sister to one of his. I call the breeder in Missouri and am told that I have a fellow ahead of me wanting her but had to talk to others first. I was excited and hoping I could get her but when I was told her name was LILLY I was sure it was not meant to be even though I was ready to work around the name problem.  I call my Lily, baby girl most of the time anyway. Tuesday morning we find out we were not going to get her.

Kare is back on her lap top searching for a dog for me. Older dogs she was finding were males, or females over 6 years old. Thursday afternoon she shows me two litters of Setters and one had a Female left only about 35 miles from us. Yes they are puppies with needle teeth but sometimes you have to lower your wants. We make an appointment to go see her on Saturday afternoon, Get there and it is 39F outside and 28F wind chill. The little girl was handed to Kare and taken out side to allow her to roam in the yard go potty and allow us to see her colors in the light. She was born on Ash Wednesday during a snow storm when we got 11 inches of snow yet she had her little nose to the ground and casting back and forth across the lawn and searched every nook and cranny in the rock wall too.

OK she has needle teeth but when she clamped on my thumb she was very soft mouthed. Also you’re a better man than me if you had decided to take a puppy and could resist a wiggling bit of fur that looked really good to me. She is a Ryman style English Setter from good blood lines. She will not be ready to come home till about April 9th.




We have decided on naming her stormy.

 smiley.gif  Al


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#2 oldedeeres ONLINE  

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Posted March 26, 2016 - 01:27 PM

Lovely pup. Nobody in their right mind could have left without making the same decision you did. And kudos to the breeder for not sending her home until she was ready. So many "breeders" just dump them early when a willing buyer shows up. We've never sent a puppy home before it was at least 10 weeks old, usually 12. They have a lot to learn from their moms when they are babies. As a side note, since the Europeans have banned docking and cropping, a few breeders here are starting to leave tails and ears alone. At a show I was at here in early March, an American Cocker Spaniel with a full tail took Best of Breed! I docked many litters of our original breed, German Shorthaired Pointers, but always hated doing it. Yes, in theory it prevented injury in the field when a violently wagging tail hit brush and trees, but where we hunted, (wide open prairie), that kind of injury wasn't much of an issue. When I can no longer cope with my big Tibetans, I will be seriously considering a smaller breed, English Cockers, and they will not be docked. Since my Tibetans are still young, at five and nine years, it will be a while before that happens. Unless I get silly and go to see a baby puppy like somebody else (you) did, lol
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Posted March 26, 2016 - 02:18 PM

Awwww... Cute!
The pup,not you.


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Posted March 26, 2016 - 03:15 PM

The only thing my dogs will hunt is 'treats' :bigrofl:

That is a very cute looking pup , hope it makes  a good hunter.  

You already look a lot alike !


Same color hair :D

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#5 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted March 26, 2016 - 04:14 PM

My last pup was brought home the first part of September.  1/2 Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd and 1/4 Akbash.  All Native to Turkey and of the guard dog breed.  He is now about 9 months old and still has some of the puppy stuff in him.  About 80 lbs now and still growing.  Very soft mouthed and stays with our 6 pygmy goats and 3 roosters in the pasture.  Loves to chase the goats when he gets bored.  Some times will grab one by the hind leg as they run from him.  When he gets them they just stop and stand there.  Then he turns them loose to go again.  Never seen any hair pulled of or any marks of any kind on the goats.  Real hard headed when it comes to putting his feet up on Carolyn.  Not bad at all with me or the granddaughter (5) but will not keep his feet on the ground with her.  Have a new training collar so going to use that and see if it helps.  Good luck with your new friend.

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#6 alleyyooper OFFLINE  

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Posted March 27, 2016 - 05:28 AM

Thanks Ya'll.

No training collars for me I use the old tried and true methods. When afield she will wear a  little tinkling bell Just like our hunting dogs always have.


:D   Al

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