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Help with #2 tiller disassembly

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Posted March 12, 2016 - 07:47 PM

I picked up a #2 tiller to go with my 1250. It had been sitting for a while and was froze up. Eventually got the pulley to turn a few degrees, but is still very stiff. Guessing a bearing is seized or one of the chains is rusted stuck.


Anyway, started taking it apart to check out the problem. Got the tines, shields, braces and such off and down to the base gearbox. But I can't get the bearings of the tiller shaft.


The gearbox is a formed piece with a screwed-on cover on one side.




Three shafts (with bearings and lock collars) go through the cover and have to be addressed. Got the lock collars and pulley off the pulley shaft, got the lock collar off the intermediate shaft, and didn't have a lock collar on the tine shaft on the side I need to open - parts diagram shows a lock collar on each side but it was not there on my tiller. But.... I cant get the bearing off. Bearing must come off to get the cover off, but it's stuck on the shaft. And there is not enough room to get a puller or bearing separator behind the flange that protects the bearing back.

20160312_192107 (2).jpg 20160312_192057 (2).jpg .


Ive pb blastered it, heated it, tapped it, cleaned up the shaft - its not budging


Anybody dealt with disassembling the #2 before and know how to get past this point? Or barring that, any suggestions on how to get the bearing off the shaft?


The tine shaft has a sprocket on it inside the case and doesn't look like I could press the shaft out from one side - would break the sprocket or case... 


Worst case, I might be able to split (cutter wheel) the outer race on the bearing and be able to get the cover off over just the inner race.... Once the cover is off, I should be able to get a puller on the inner race and get it off (or split it even, but rather not have to cut it off the shaft.....). Bearing on one side feels ok, but the other side is real gritty, that may be my problem, so I don't really mind replacing the bearings if I tear them up getting them off...



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Posted March 13, 2016 - 06:17 AM

You may have to resort to cutting that bearing. I use the Acetone/ATF mix instead of PB as it seems to work better. And I have seen heating the part and melt candle wax in to the area to loosen things.