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Lawn Ranger

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#1 Leonard F. OFFLINE  

Leonard F.
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Posted March 10, 2016 - 12:57 PM

I just bought my first garden tractor... now what do I do?  Ha.


Thought I'd post this to see if anyone can help me out with info on this model.  I'm not sure of the year.  Early '60s?  


I'm also really hoping there's a blade attachment available.


Update: Found the remnants of a sticker on the tractor that appears to read: Serial Number 8496.  There's also one on the deck that reads: Serial Number 9822

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#2 GWest OFFLINE  



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Posted March 10, 2016 - 02:34 PM

Wheel Horse never published serial numbers.


In 1962 the serial numbers were 62-xxxxx with the first or close to first Lawn Ranger being 62-15649

The attachents got an A-xxxxx serial number.


In 1963 they continued the use of the 62- serials until they were used up. Highest I've seen is 62-25718

Next is 30624 so suspect they dropped the 62- and carried on for 1963.


In 1964 I guess they found some more left-over A-xxxxx decal and some of them ended up on Lawn Rangers until exhausted.

In 1964 have seen regular serial 8438 for a 34E so your 8496 may have followed.


Later year models have very high serials.


Depending on how much of your serial is missing if any this gives you something to work with.


1964 engine



1964 Lawn Ranger




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#3 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted March 10, 2016 - 02:37 PM

That looks like it is from the early 60s. The wheels and tires look undersized. Check our Manuals Section for the manuals and then just go through the maintenance proceedures. The manual for the engine will be in the engines area of the Manuals Section. Good Luck, Rick

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#4 MolonLabe OFFLINE  


    Rust Wrangler

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Posted March 10, 2016 - 03:12 PM

Looks like a 33E with those rear wheels. The engine should be a Tecumseh h60, nice little tractors. :thumbs:

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Posted March 10, 2016 - 04:49 PM

1962 was the 1st year for the Lawn Ranger, and 1971 was the last year.

I know the 60's machines had smaller wheels on the front and rear.

The one posted looks like the rear fenders have been replaced with a NON- Lawn Ranger fender.


That hood is the same as my 654 (1964).

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#6 glgrumpy OFFLINE  


    Getting Out!

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Posted March 10, 2016 - 05:15 PM

Tires wheels don't look right to me either.  Most early Horse had pretty big front wheels on diff models?? Rears have plenty clearance on the fenders.  I have not had this model or early of year in Horse, so not up on them. I really like the newer ones, easy to get parts and such, not so sure on this one. Later ones have a small metal tag, just under dash edge or tank mount by column. Model is a number not name. Not sure if they had that system this early. Look on either side of the dash kinda underneath edge after you open the hood. Even if this is correct small wheels for this model, myself, I would need to put on bigger ones to use the tractor, specially as a snow plowing machine. 

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#7 MolonLabe OFFLINE  


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Posted March 10, 2016 - 07:55 PM

I stand corrected, that is a model 34E, the 33E had a different hood, cut out for the gas tank, your hood is like my 654. You can replace those rear wheels with the more popular 12 inchers if you get a set of 5 lug 1" bore Wheel Horse hubs to put on it. Lots more tire choices with the 12 inch rims. With the bigger tires it would look just like my 654.


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#8 Tankman OFFLINE  

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Posted March 21, 2016 - 06:45 AM

Very nice Horse! I know you'll love him.

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