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Made Myself More Work Yesterday

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Posted February 11, 2016 - 04:59 PM

I wasn't trying to argue, just pointing out the differences in terminology between industries, regions and eras. Dictionary and reality don't always agree, but in my line the term has always been liberally applied. It appears the origin of the word is 16-17 century England, referring to quality oak lumber. I never knew that before,

I think Wainscoting was more popular the more traditional style homes, where it was found in about any room, but especially in the bath/laundry, kitchen and dinning rooms.  I have mine all up and the top cap is cut.  Did not use any inside or outside corners as to me that was a way to cover up shoddy workmanship. 


I worked and was trained under an old boy that took pride in his work and wanted everyone else working with him to do the same.  Many times we would work together without anyone else around for weeks on end.  We built stairs when they stained and varnished, if anyone is old enough to remember that.  Our stairs would only have a hand full of #3 shingle nails in them.  They were held together with wedges on both the tread and riser.  Everything was tight wood to wood fit.  Any crack that showed up, it was taken apart and done over.  O'l Griff would mark the board in place on each end.  I would connect the two marks to make straight line.  He would tell me before he handed me the board if I was to take the line, leave the line or split the line.  And that is exactly what he wanted.  Would take a day for the average set of stairs.  That type of workmanship is long gone.  I still like to practice that today but not near as good as I was back then.  O'l Griff had a saying 'If you don't have time to do it right the first time when will you have time to go back and do it over?"

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Posted February 11, 2016 - 08:12 PM

Griff was right, if you don't have time to it right, you sure as hell don't have time to do it twice. I'm a self trained upholsterer, and pretty fair at it, I expected the same from our upholsterers and seamstresses. I did two Victorian chairs that were in the White House from 1983-1989. We did window treatments that cost several thousand dollars each window, they had to be near perfect, no excuses. I'm not very tolerant of sloppy work.