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Call this a Charger?

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Posted February 07, 2016 - 08:30 PM

These units won't charge a dead battery, but WILL maintain one.

I have 2 motorcycles with them for the past 3 winters and they work great!

Best $5 (each) spent!

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Posted February 07, 2016 - 09:35 PM

I have had get luck with this one.




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Posted February 07, 2016 - 09:57 PM

  The last time I read the directions included with those HF maintainers it says that if your battery is below 12 volts they will NOT bring the battery back to a full charge, The ones I have work well but I check the voltage in the battery before hooking it up and charge them first if they are low, 

  I like them but when the weather is cold the cords get very stiff and will crack were they exit the transformer. 

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Posted February 08, 2016 - 10:08 AM

I think, for 5 bucks you get brand-new scrap of no sale value. Why do other persons buy expensive stuff if brummagem products (worthless scrap) are so much better?

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Posted February 08, 2016 - 11:25 AM

I have one of the Optima smart chargers and it wiil not pick up a dead battery

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Posted February 08, 2016 - 11:44 AM

I have been using the Battery maintainers at Wally world ($20) for years to keep my Motorcycle and ATV batteries charged.  I also keep one available for equipment that comes in with a low battery.  They have worked quite well and I have even brought back batteries that were pretty low, not dead but would not turn the engine over.  You do have to wait a while, I usually let them sit over night and the next morning I have a green light.  I've always heard that the slower you charge a battery the better. 

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Posted February 13, 2016 - 08:47 PM

Well, went back to tool store and bought Two more BETTER (I hope) battery tender kits. These DO say need a full charged battery, won't charge, but will keep it up to charge and will shut-off when done and show diff color light for changes. These also have the bolt on wires and can leave plug on the tractor then, easy hook-up. SO, will go out tommorrow and check on those again and maybe get started and charging this time, will then install the keepers.

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