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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Posted January 09, 2016 - 04:51 PM

Ha! To me old is a Ford 9n... Or a massey ferguson 12
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Posted January 09, 2016 - 05:49 PM

After reading this thread ... I was looking thru some adds today and was conscious of these terms more than usual .

So many times I read " Vintage Classic Antique " all in the same description of an item . As if there is no differentiation between the terms.

Catch words to drive up the price mostly , I guess .

I like to think of my DB as an Antique , and a Classic one at that . With Vintage mechanical components .

Mostly I'd just say that I got an 'Old Garden Tractor' that I play with .

I do not seem to think of my 68SS12 as an antique , more of a classic than anything antique or vintage .

But I am younger than the DB and older than the Sears .

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Posted January 11, 2016 - 12:52 PM

Most of the shows around this area, well up until a few years ago anyway, would only allow farm tractors to show if they were built prior to 1972. Garden tractors were allowed to show if built prior to 1975. Again, that was up until a few years ago.


With tractor shows becoming more and more popular now days, I've seen farm tractors at shows that have been built in the early eighties, and garden tractors as new as 1995. Normally it doesn't bother me one way or another as to how new or old a tractor is, however I don't feel that any tractor built after 2000 is worth showing, as it hasn't had the time to show it's age or has had the opportunity to classify itself with some of the older work horses that have been around for 50 or 60 years. 


Some of you guys are bringing into the mix and comparing the tractors to cars. I, as most of you, enjoy seeing antique and classic cars also, however I have been to many cars shows already that have had many of the newer cars displayed such as the newer Camero's, Vette's, Mustang's, and Silverado pick up's with lift kits. So even the car clubs won't turn away a display piece, no matter what the year or classification of the vehicle is.


We are all in this together, and we are all proud of what we own, collect, and restore. By putting cut off dates on what years can show and what years can't, is only limiting the hobbyist from enjoying what they do, and being proud of their accomplishments. I say let them in regardless of the manufacture year, and just be content to have another fellow member interested in the same things we all are.


 That kinda urks me,,,   A 2008 honda civic with a fancy paint job and fart can mufflers enter a classic car show ...  I think they let them in,,cause  their money is just as green as mine and it promotes the car club.... as far as attendance .........

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Posted January 11, 2016 - 01:40 PM

I cant see using any of those terms to describe my 2 rusted out '94 Ford 4x4s.... possibly the '67 Ford 3000 tractor could fall in there some where. To me, it has more to do with value or "collectability" than age. Most of the "old" stuff made in the last 30 years could be easier separated by different levels of junk

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