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Cub 2182 super charging sys issues.

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#1 queball OFFLINE  

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Posted December 09, 2015 - 07:34 PM

Have a question for the Cub guys. I have been having issues with my amp light. At low throttle the amp like flickers but goes out when I throttle up. Then while I was mowing, I turned the lights on and in about 2 minutes, the amp light came on bright. I am not sure how old the battery is and thought this might be the problem. The alternator belt is new. Is there an up grade alternator I could install and if so, does any one know which one ?  Thanks for all your help!



#2 diesel nut ONLINE  

diesel nut
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Posted December 09, 2015 - 10:12 PM

I'd check the voltage at the battery when its running with a multi meter first.  If its around 13 volts while its running the charging system should be good.  I've had a lot of them come in at work that the light on the dash flickers at low rpm or when the pto and lights are on and its charging at the rate it should.  The problem is usually the voltage sensor is either going bad or doesn't have a good ground.  Its the little round piece with a metal body and 1 plug in it and should be right under the coil.  It grounds through the bolt that holds it and if its rusty like most of them get it could cause the light to act like it does.  I'd pull it off and clean it up then run a jumper wire from the bolt hole to the negative terminal on the battery and see if it still does it.  If the light stops flickering then it was the ground and all the connections where it bolts and where the battery tray bolts to the frame should be cleaned up.  As for an upgraded alternator I don't know if Cub Cadet ever provided one or if someone makes an aftermarket.  Hope this helps.            Stewart

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Posted December 10, 2015 - 04:45 PM

2182 had the gas 21 hp Kubota and the charging system includes an alternator.

#4 Meteor149 OFFLINE  

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Posted December 13, 2015 - 07:52 PM

You really got my interest with the title of your post. Didn't know they made Cub Cadets with super chargers! Lol

#5 queball OFFLINE  

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Posted December 19, 2015 - 08:52 AM



 LOL  I like your comment. That would make my Super a real SUPER. I'll have to look into to that and see if it can be done. Now that would be a great pic for GTtalk. 

#6 dodge trucker ONLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted December 19, 2015 - 03:02 PM

Put electrical tape over it and it won't flicker any more. Done. Easy fix.