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Getting into the 14 D

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Posted September 23, 2015 - 07:38 AM

 Finally getting into the LGT 14d a little. Repaired the Alternator for a whopping $2.40 ....gotta be a record. Of course that doesn`t count the 2 hours I spent with a rotary file getting the bearing off the shaft....but I`m cheap labor. I actually fixed 2 assumed problems with alt. fix. The red light on dash...and the little bit of water puking out after running wide open for a few minutes. That`ll happen when the belt isn`t driving the water pump !!!! Batt light went off and no more throwing up water.

Thought I would tackle the drive for the mowing deck since it didn`t have any belts or springs on the front PTO. Previous owner was nice enough to leave the chewed up belt hanging on mower. Got some belts and one spring from NH and installed them along with a counter spring hoping it would pull the idler pulley in enough to drive the belts. Well I still don't know because the cable that actuates the drive is locked up. OK ...not unexpected. What was unexpected was having to pull all the sheet metal off to get the cable out. Not being able to see how the other end of the cable was mounted.... I pulled the little access panel ( had to sawzall one screw) under steering wheel and tried to pull the side air panel to get my fat little finger on it. Got the roll pin out of lever to pull side panel....had to heat and use 3  way puller to get the lever off. Aggravation level rising !!! One screw was under the sheetmetal with the footpads......which required pulling the rear fenders panel...... aaarrrrrggghh ! While crawling around I found the dealer sticker.....in Florida. I figured as much since I got it in an auction on lower Ga.

Actually glad I pulled the sheet metal off since I can see everything   and cleaned about 10 lbs of grass and sand packed in EVERYWHERE. I was pleased to see 99% good paint and everything in pretty good shape. The fender panel got mangled a little bit in shipping and if I can`t find replacement I can straighten this out some.

When I go back there won`t be any Phillips screws and every thing will get a coat of C5A anti-sieze !!!

More to come !

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Posted September 23, 2015 - 07:43 AM

Sounds like your getting after it how bout some pics

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Posted September 23, 2015 - 09:42 AM



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Posted September 27, 2015 - 06:50 PM

I`ll work on the pics.....and the mower !

Worked on the Ford 1520 this weekend. I won an auction online for set of tires for the 1520 while I was driving to pick up a Ford 951 Special Bush Hog 150 miles away. Got home and found out I won.  Brand new set of R-1 ag 11.2x24 and 7x14 Titan with wheels for a Cub Cadet by Yanmar.  I think it was takeoffs from a xt3200C...compact. Exact tire size called for my 1520. Of course the wheel bolt patterns weren`t right so spent a bunch of time on puter looking for front wheels and the rear center disc for the 2 pc wheels. Finally found the rear discs at the only local boneyard but there ain`t a set of front wheels in the country. I was going to try to find a set so I could keep the set of 16in and 7in turf tires and wheels.  But I needed new tires for the front anyway so I just put the ags on it. With the 24`s on it  and ag tires it looks like a real tractor now in stead of a big lawnmower !!

Am still looking for front rims If any body runs across some.

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Posted December 18, 2015 - 09:16 AM

Been kinda busy...helping prep mom`s place with some much needed bush hogging and general cleanup....16 day trip to Hawaii/San Diego...Thanksgiving and X-Mas,,,

Did find time to get a new cable for the mower PTO on 14D ....hooked it up and away we went. Mowed good but sounded like the bearings had gravel in them even with fresh grease pumped in. Now that I know it works I`ll pull it apart this winter and replace the bearings. While it seemed to mow good I think the governor needs some work cause it seemed to bog after a few feet In heavier, Didn`t seem to kick up the RPM like it should.

Also got another brand new set of 14x7 tires on Kubota wheels at a local auction.....if my measuring is right the wheels will fit the 1520. Yay!

There is a guy in the facebook Ford Garden tractor group parting out a 16D on Ebay and says he will be doing a 14D soon. 16D was good looking tractor but had cracked block. A few tried to talk him out of it and buy it whole but he said he`d make more in parts. Was hoping he had 3PT and Rear PTO but no luck.

Got a few pics if I can get the to load.

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