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Engine/Carburetor Problems with Bolens EK-10

bolens estate keeper ek-10 wisconsin tra-10d zenith carburetor

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Posted June 01, 2016 - 10:18 PM

Well...  Now I am not so sure...  After posting this, I went searching through the manuals on this site and I found the Estate Keeper 42" Mower Deck manual:  http://gardentractor...2-rotary-mower/


In the manual for this attachment, it says:

"This unit is shipped complete with all parts required
to mount it to your Estate Keeper, with the exception
of the drive shaft (B - Fig. 1). This item was supplied
with the Model 930 Estate Keeper only.
  The Model 931 Estate Keeper requires drive shaft
  Model 19313, which must be purchased separately."

So, I'm thinking maybe I need a shorter driveshaft for this then?  Where can I get one though?  I don't think I have any driveshafts that are any shorter.  I found two other driveshafts - one dirty, used one that came off one of my other EK's and another I found in one of my parts boxes that looks almost new and both of these are the exact same length as the driveshaft that in on this tractor right now.  I also have another set of attachment mounting arms brand new in one of my parts boxes with the Bolens part number sticker still attached (they aren't even painted yet and are bare metal!), but they are the same length as the mounting arms that I am using to try to mount this mower deck with.  I can't seem to find any parts that are different that are for this model of tractor.  Very odd...

like  Bolens 1000 said all of the drive shafts are the same, all that footnote means is that the model 930 came with the drive shaft and the 931 did not, the drive shaft was an accessory. the 42 inch deck has different arms than the 38 inch as well as the 32 inch. the reel mower, snow caster and the plow attachments all use the same arms as the 32 inch. there are three different arms and one drive shaft. look in the 42 inch deck attachment manual for the part number of the arms that you need.

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Posted June 02, 2016 - 08:51 AM

Okay then, sorry for the mistake there.  For some reason to me, that sounded like it needed a different driveshaft, not just that it was not included with either the tractor or the mower deck.  According to the 42" mower deck manual, it says I need:

93  1718693 - Extension Arm          2

In the 38" mower deck manual, it says that the arms I have are part number:

93  1716552 - Extension Arm          2

If I can't find a set of extension arms for this lying around my garage or basement, does anyone have any available that I could buy?  Otherwise, I will have to put more work into fixing up the 38" deck that this tractor came with so I will have something to mow with at least.  The 38" deck though needs new blade shaft bearings as they wobble badly and make a loud grinding noise when the blades are spinning.  Those blades will also need to be sharpened.  I also salvaged a caster wheel off of it to fix the wheel that wouldn't spin on the 42" deck.  I guess I could swap it back on the other deck if I have to...




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Posted June 08, 2016 - 09:38 AM

Well, no one got back to me on this anyways, so I am assuming that these extension arms are hard to come by for some reason?


In any event, I lucked out and did manage to find a pair of the longer extension arms for the 42" mower deck in the back corner of my basement buried under a bunch of other stuff.  With the right arms, hooking up the mower to my Estate Keeper was a breeze and I was done in like 2 minutes.  Amazing how much easier it works when you have the right parts!  lol...


I managed to mow down my hay field last Saturday with it (before the rain came on Sunday...).  I initially had some issues with the engine bogging down a lot when I turned the PTO on.  It was definitely a struggle and I had to keep messing around with the mixture and jetting on the carburetor to get it to run optimally.  The gas could have also not been the best in the tank.  After I ran a tank of gas through it (which I was very surprised at how much of a gas hog this machine is!) it started running a lot better though and the front yard went much easier than the back yard did.


I also checked the gear oil in the mower deck gear box since the deck seemed very loud and made some kind of grinding noises when I was running it.  There was some fluid in there, but not a lot and when I opened the drain plug, the oil looked kind of milky that came out of it.  I could see all the gears inside through the fill hole though with the plug removed, so I topped it off with some 80W90 gear oil to hopefully make it happier.  I also re-greased all the spindles after running the deck to mow the back yard to be sure it has plenty of fresh lubrication.  It still sounds a bit noisy to me, but I think it did help to quiet it down a bit when I mowed the front yard with it.



(FYI - I also DID record some video of it in action last weekend, but I have just had no time to edit it and put it together...  But patience shall eventually be rewarded...)

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