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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Best place to live for a garden tractor addict?

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#1 Tennblue59 OFFLINE  



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Posted September 12, 2015 - 11:02 AM

Ok, mostly a for fun question, but I read with envy all you guys who live in places which seen to be overrun with garden tractors laying around waiting to be plucked up!


While I find the occasional deal, tractors in central Florida are slim pickings, and attachment/implement finds are almost non-existent! Everybody (at least those who don't use a lawn service or a push mower) is using newer box store junk.


Our place in Tennessee is out in the country, and there are a FEW more GT's to be found locally, but most of what we see available are older full size tractors - ford 8/9n's, cub low boys, massy/Fergusons, etc. I've found some good deals, but still not real common.


Seems like the farther NORTH you go, the more you see older GT's and the better the deals. Some of my best deals (usually off Craigslist...) have come from Illinois,Indiana, Ohio - but that is also a well traveled path since my wife has family we visit in Michigan. She makes fun of me because we have pulled a trailer up once even though I didn't have anything specific lined up to buy! I joke (she THINKS its a joke...) about bringing the flatbed and the camping stuff and making a "tour of the northeast" and not coming home until the trailer is full!


Maddening when most of the deals you see are too far away to be worth going after!


So where do YOU think the "Holy Grail" of tractor land is? Where is the best place to find a "tractor, with implements for sale cheap" on every corner? :dancingbanana:  



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#2 Auburn David OFFLINE  

Auburn David
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Posted September 12, 2015 - 11:14 AM

Lots of old junkers here in Al..well there were till the price of scrap went up a couple of years ago..many got crushed.Yet I still find a few here and there and most are free.Wish I had the money to redo some of them but I usually just leave them alone..going to pick up a freebie today that I couldn't pass up(International 184 with the belly mower)

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#3 Auburn David OFFLINE  

Auburn David
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Posted September 12, 2015 - 11:16 AM

Not many collectors here..very few clubs and and never heard of a show or plow day in the area like they have up north....



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Posted September 12, 2015 - 12:00 PM

There used to be one in every bush up this way.  Many of the bushes have been picked and many of the old barns are being torn down before they fall down.

The well isnt dry yet, but it's level is lowering.

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#5 wvbuzzmaster OFFLINE  


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Posted September 12, 2015 - 12:15 PM

West Virginia is tough to find stuff in good condition sometimes, and most is MIA nowadays. I end up pulling more tractors out of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Ive even bought stuff farther out before. Big thing is having another GT addict's wife's permission to let him go after tractors for you. :poke:
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#6 Cat385B ONLINE  



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Posted September 12, 2015 - 01:46 PM

Ohio and Pennsylvania.


East central Wisconsin is also very good.

#7 jabelman OFFLINE  

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Posted September 12, 2015 - 03:05 PM

Unfortunately when scrap metal was up alot went to the crusher. Hopefully with prices lower it will keep them away

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#8 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 12, 2015 - 03:17 PM

Live where you are happiest. For GTs plan a vacation to go to some tractor shows. There are often good deals at shows and they are right there for you to see. A bunch of us plan to go to Zagray in Colchester, CT in October. I have seen some excellant deals sold there. I usually am just looking for parts but you can learn and see alot in just one day. I plan to go to a classic car show and swap meet tomorrow. There is usually some tractor stuff too in the swap meet(last year a complete DB walkbehind with four attachments for $100). Good Luck, Rick

BTW a Cub Lowboy would be a great GT.

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#9 LilysDad ONLINE  


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Posted September 12, 2015 - 03:38 PM

Illinois is not great! The prices are too high. Everyone thinks a Wheel Horse is worth $500+ now. Sears are every where. The downside of folks buying box store tractors is junk for sale.

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#10 shorty ONLINE  



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Posted September 12, 2015 - 03:38 PM

Ohio and Pennsylvania.

East central Wisconsin is also very good.

There are a lot around, but some of the prices are way out of line.
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#11 Bolens800uk OFFLINE  

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Posted September 12, 2015 - 04:04 PM

Hardly any quality American GTs over here in the UK. Pickings very slim but real exciting when you get a good score.
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#12 toppop52 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 12, 2015 - 05:17 PM

At home...
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#13 Buck Tales OFFLINE  

Buck Tales
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Posted September 13, 2015 - 07:02 PM

Well that is why they call New Jersey the garden state. We have some sweet deals here from time to time but also have a lot of people parting out on cl. I have mixed emotions of that due to needing parts but also know that a tractor got gutted to get them. Still lots of good deals to be found, just got to weed through the high price items.


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Posted September 14, 2015 - 07:23 AM

I was going to say the best 2 states I've seen is Penn and Ohio as far as #'s go, but as Alan stated, pickings are starting to dissipate. 

It seems that there used to be a lot of models around those town/in the state of where the tractors were built.


The trend I have seen lately on some FB groups and on youtube is the younger "mudding" crowd. Thankfully they are using mostly lawn tractors, craftsman, MTD, murray, etc, and converting them to "mud tractors", but a few of them see the durability of the GT's and are cutting up/modding perfectly good older restoration tractors, Cubs, Sears, JD, etc,  seems Sears has become a favorite of theirs. :(

#15 tiretrx OFFLINE  


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Posted September 14, 2015 - 07:48 AM

Lots of Gravely, Deere and IH on Long Island. Some Bolens. Not much Case. Fair supply, but brand specific. Prices are reasonable.