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Co-op E3

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    the homeless tractor hoarder

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Posted September 03, 2015 - 09:34 PM

A friend called.  He bought 4 farm tractors in a package deal to get this one.  This is also the one I wanted out of the group.  :wallbanging:

The other three were John Deere's,   a "B",  a "A" and a "G" .   They have all been setting a decade. Owner passed and widow finally decided they needed to go.  My friend married into the family so he got a smoking deal.  He just wants this one because it has wide front and 3point.  I want it because it has live hydraulics and live PTO

My TO 30 Ferguson has neither. 

He asked if I'd get this one running for him.  I said "sure! drop it in front of my shop".

 I live for the challenge.  Well,  it didn't take long.  Purrs like a kitten.

He had a buddy that wanted the B and G so I never even saw them.

 I hooked him up with a co-worker of mine that has been looking for an "A" Deere like his big brother had many years ago.  An early styled one with the high/low tranny.  Both parties are thrilled. 

In selling the Deere's he actually has a profit and this tractor.

My friend put a pic of this one on his facebook page and got an unsolicited offer of $3250 cash on the spot!   Exhaust had always been covered on all of them but he didn't even know if the engine was locked at the time.  He told the guy it may be locked and the guy says the offer stands. 


SOOooooo,  I am assuming the wide front is worth 3250.  Could that be? 



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Posted September 04, 2015 - 04:19 AM

I'm not into full sized tractors but that looks like one I saw at a show. I believe the brand was Cockshutt and the owner was very proud of it. I liked the looks but just thought it looked like a late 30s design that was resurrected after the war.


The values on things have gone wild so, no telling what something is worth. It could be rare and worth alot more. Money talks, BS walks. I don't trust offers over the phone. Good Luck, Rick

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Posted September 04, 2015 - 06:50 AM

The Coop E3 is the same as the Cockshutt 30. They are great tractors and it wouldn't surprise me if you could get $3000 or so from the right buyer if its in nice shape and runs nice.

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Posted September 04, 2015 - 08:23 AM

Around here that thing would bring $5000 the way it sits.

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Posted September 04, 2015 - 12:45 PM

Cockshutt built those and THIS one is in very clean Original shape. Most have been hacked and whacked so much by PO's. Most Were narrow fronts, this is probly kinda rare. I always wanted one, love that closed up smooth noses on those. I would like a 20, smaller, but even more money to buy those, even when needing work.

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Posted September 04, 2015 - 01:32 PM

That's a nice tractor but tell your friend not to put a loader on it. There is no frame per say and the casting between the engine and transmission is the week point. Had a friend who was almost crushed to death on a Cocksutt with a loader. He was backing up with something in the loader when the tractor broke in the middle. 

  That aside they are a neat tractor and when used for their intended purpose should last a long time. Too bad you didn't get it before your friend. 

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    the homeless tractor hoarder

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Posted September 04, 2015 - 08:57 PM

Thanks for the input guys!


This thing really purrs.  Starts instantly and will idle so slow you can count the cylinders firing.  With that obnoxious straight pipe its easy to hear each one.  There is rust in the tank so I guess I'll rinse it and put a filter in the line.  Doesn't look like it has chunks,  just a pretty good coat of surface rust in the tank.  When I went out to start on it last night water was dripping out the right side axle seal.  It was leaning that way where it landed when we drug it off his trailer.  All the tranny seals have been leaking - likely because of the elevated gear oil level due to the water.  The brakes are really greasy but worked good coming off his deck-over trailer.   I put the drain pan under and loosened the drain plug.  Got 10-12 quarts of water!  :(   No boot on the shifter.  Since it has been sitting the grease isn't milky at all.    Going to drain and put in all new fluids.   

He just started working for a propane company two weeks ago so I'll see if he can get a discount from the oil division of his company. 

Hydraulics and PTO work as they should.  Found leaves and grass in the top of the radiator so dug that out as much as I could.  No rust to speak of in the rad.  Topped it off with water straight from the wide open garden hose and was able to flush more crud out the top before it got circulated down into the core tubes.  Once I ran it enough the thermostat opened it circulated nice looking green antifreeze in the rad. 

He loaded it with the left front tire flat and inside of the rim looks bad.  LOTS of scaly rust and the valve stem hole is quite a bit bigger than it should be.  He ruined the tube.  Might have already been done?   Bunches of weather cracks in the back tires but no breakouts and I think they'll be OK.  Fronts don't look good at all. 


Forgot to mention the clutch is stuck - won't release and the only gear is reverse.  Think the shift rails are rusted solid.  The shift tower comes off the top of the tranny with just a few bolts so thats next.  I've seen that problem before and its usually easy to fix.  Took the fill plug out of the tranny and didn't see any rust in there.


Overall its a right nice machine.  Not worn out.  Steering is tight with no slop and even sitting still with one flat tire it turns very easily.  No breaks or welds on that wide front. 

Funny you mentioned the weak frames Chris,  I was looking at it thinking the same thing.  

Other than sitting so high I think it'd make me the pefrect tractor.  Its about all I can do to climb on my lil Ferguson. 

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    the homeless tractor hoarder

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Posted September 10, 2015 - 03:14 AM

Here is a pic of the water just dripping out the axle seal.

water 2.jpg

Here is water draining with the drain plug slightly loose.  Got about 12 quarts of straight water.


And here is what I found when I pulled the shift tower off of the tranny.  Down in the gears looked really good with only a speck of rust here and there.

shift tower.jpg

With a lil cleanup it shifts fine.  I was driving the Co-op around thinking this is the lowest geared tractor I've ever been on.  Too slow to get on the highway I took it down the gravel road across the highway from my place.  Probably drove it 30 minutes when I decided to see what that lever was for on the side of the torque tube. 



It was high side.  :wallbanging:   Still not fast but has a decent top end speed.  Governor is not working at all so I don't know how high to rev it.  I think  the previous owner pulled it so maybe he disabled the governor? 


Current owner finally brought the oils yesterday so I can get that changed.  Then I'll be done.  He wants me to find front wheels but I don't have time to look now.  Even asked "what do you think it'd take to do a full restoration"?   I said:  "tons of money and someone willing and able".  Not liking that answer he then he asked "if I get it ready can you spray on the paint"?   I declined all offers. 

Local tractor show is coming up and I have to get 6 Minni-Crapolis Molines up and running for a widow lady. The local museum also has three old trucks I take to the local show.   One is a '58 LaFrance firetruck and it was neglected for a few decades.  I have it starting now and hitting on all 12 cylinders but the oil needs scraped out of the pan.  I think its last oil change was in 1973.  Last week when I removed the top of the oil filter housing I had to scrape the crud off the canister to get to the wire bail to remove the filter.  I imagine the filter has been bypassing for decades.  :mad2:

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