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Vote for Featured Tractor September 2015

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Poll: Vote for Featured Tractor September 2015 (103 member(s) have cast votes)

Vote for Featured Tractor September 2015

  1. Speedex Model B - David Brown (21 votes [17.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 17.80%

  2. Craftsman 11hp - propane1 (4 votes [3.39%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.39%

  3. Motomower 8hp - TomLGT195 (6 votes [5.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.08%

  4. Bush Hog JB1 - olcowhand (20 votes [16.95%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.95%

  5. Sears SS15 - bbuckler (2 votes [1.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.69%

  6. Sears Custom 10 XL - hamman (5 votes [4.24%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.24%

  7. Wheel Horse Raider 10 - WHdbJD (4 votes [3.39%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.39%

  8. Sears SS15 - craftsmanmowerfreak (2 votes [1.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.69%

  9. Snapper 1650 - gtcsreg (6 votes [5.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.08%

  10. Bolens Husky 813 - rugbywarrior89 (2 votes [1.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.69%

  11. Roper 20T - larrybl (16 votes [13.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.56%

  12. Bolens 1254 - gardentractornut (3 votes [2.54%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.54%

  13. Bolens HT23 - BTS (2 votes [1.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.69%

  14. David Bradley Suburban - MGP59DB (25 votes [21.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 21.19%




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Posted August 02, 2015 - 07:40 PM

Voting for GTtalk Featured Tractor of the Month for the month of September has now officially started. This month was an open month so anything goes.

The winner will be featured on the GTtalk Home Page for the entire month of September and in our Featured Tractor Section for infinity.

We have 14 nominations this month. Let the Voting Begin!
  • Speedex Model B - David Brown
  • Craftsman 11hp - propane1
  • Motomower 8hp - TomLGT195
  • Bush Hog JB1 - olcowhand
  • Sears SS15 - bbuckler
  • Sears Custom 10 XL - hamman
  • Wheel Horse Raider 10 - WHdbJD
  • Sears SS15 - craftsmanmowerfreak
  • Snapper 1650 - gtcsreg
  • Bolens Husky 813 - rugbywarrior89
  • Roper 20T - larrybl
  • Bolens 1254 - gardentractornut
  • Bolens HT23 - BTS
  • David Bradley Suburban - MGP59DB
Before voting please be sure to check out all the entries in the posts below.
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#2 David Brown OFFLINE  

David Brown

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Posted August 03, 2015 - 07:52 AM

I think I will try this again.  I'll get things started with my 1942 Speedex Model B.


I bought this tractor a few years ago now.  Wife and I took a ride out around Akron to pick it up.  It wasn't running when I got it.  It's not the original engine but it is "correct" as far as I know.  The P.O. bought this engine for the tractor but never attempted to get it running.  If you saw his project list, you would understand.  Good collector with a VERY nice collection of tractors that you don't often see.  Anyway, he told me he wouldn't have bought the engine if he didn't think it was going to run.  Ok, pretty bold.  I mean, I couldn't just look at an engine and know it will run.  never know what's lurking inside, right?  So we struck a deal and hoisted it up on the truck and headed for home.


Turns out, he was right.  The biggest kick I get with this tractor is getting people on the hook by saying "you wouldn't believe what I had to do to that engine to get it to run".  They always get real interested and say "what, tell me".  I smile and say, "I put gas in it!"  It really isn't as simple as that but almost.  I had to put a fuel line on it.  Not bad for a 1937 briggs.  With the engine running I set about stripping it down to repaint.  The rear rims were shot and I found matches online and ordered them.  The disks inside were ok so I cut them out of the old rims and had someone weld the disks into the new rims and got some good tires from username on this site at a good price (thank you).  I also had a friend make new pieces for the steering as the old ones were all cobbled up.  There are still some things that aren't "correct" but, overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It sure is interesting to drive.  For those who are not familiar with these tractors, basically everything is backwards.  On this tractor, you have to let off the clutch to disengage the drive train, shift gears and then step on the pedal again to go.  Takes some getting used to but it's fun.  No brakes makes it even more interesting.  I wouldn't want to use this tractor all day long.


Before pics:

Speedex B 001.jpg Speedex B 002.jpg Speedex B 003.jpg


And after pics:


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#3 propane1 ONLINE  

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Posted August 03, 2015 - 07:03 PM

I will try again. Was going to put some thing else in, but pictures are upside down. So, I decided on this one. Just a lawn mower, don't even know the year of it. If some one knows , let me know. Craftsman. 11hp 36" cut.
Got it for free 4 or 5 years ago, it had a flat front tire and had been used at a resort, full time. So they got a new one to replace it. So I put a new battery in it, repaired the flat tire, put two springs on the deck adjusted the carb and have been using it since. But not every week. I have other ones that I use too.
Have never sharpened the blades. Just put gas and oil in it. Cleaned the deck, but never had it off. It runs like a top. Just a tin lawn tractor, but works great.
Had other flat tires since I got it, changed the oil a few times but that about it. It all ways starts. I put it away for the winter, and it starts right up in the spring.
It has been a mower that seems to need the least maintenance. Some of the garden tractors may do more work, but always need more maintenance or repairs.
Waiting for the other one that replaced this craftsman to come up for free removal. Should be soon.

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  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg
  • image.jpg

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#4 TomLGT195 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 10, 2015 - 04:22 PM

I am nominating the 8hp Motomower I picked up for my son. I saw this on CL, and it caught my eye. when I got there and saw how small it was, I knew it was for my son. the plans are to involve him in it's restoration. Due to to it's simple design this should a great project for a youngster. I have been collecting the missing parts through a donor tractor and the great members here who have sold/ donated some missing items.

I do not have a tag to get the exact year, but the Duracorp company made these in the mid sixties along with porter cables and the massey executives. This 8hp model was only made a few years and replaced by the 10hp model.

This tractor runs good and really just needs a few things fixed before a full restoration happens. We now have a mower deck with the lifting mechanism, all it's missing sheetmetal pieces,  grill emblem, and new decals.This project should be fun, and when it's done , my son will get two things out of it. A newly restored tractor and a great time bonding with Dad learning the skills it takes to take things apart and put them together correctly.

It is a fun little tractor to drive. I also like the look of the head light delete plates, I think it looks better than with headlights like the 10hp models do.Part of it's charm.

The pictures start from when we purchased it , to parts that we have to fix it, to what it looks like right now, and the last one being my son Matthew sitting on his first tractor . 

Thanks for reading, Tom

IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0821.jpg

IMG_0849.jpg IMG_0850.jpg

IMG_0090.jpg IMG_1175.jpg

IMG_0841.jpg IMG_0847.jpg

Forgot to mention the 8hp engine is a kohler.

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#5 olcowhand OFFLINE  


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Posted August 10, 2015 - 08:21 PM

I'll toss my Bush Hog JB1 into the mix.  I bought this tractor around 2008(?) from a guy in the northwest tip of Ohio for $550.  Blew a tire on the trailer during a downpour, so ended up soaked to the bone.  Finally found a tire center to replace the blown one so I'd still have a spare.  Drove round trip in one day, so it was a looong day.

 It did not have the original engine, or even the right HP.  So I put in a TJD Wisconsin twin, and added rear PTO.  It didn't have any rear PTO parts on it, so I made other parts work.  She will plow like a mule, but I need to add a cooler for the hydro, as a long plow session will heat the hydro pretty hot.

Pics below from "as purchased" to finish.


JB1-.jpg DSC00005.JPG DSC00008.JPG DSC00010.JPG DSC00016.JPG DSC00023.JPG DSC00027.JPG DSC00029.JPG


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#6 bbuckler OFFLINE  

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Posted August 10, 2015 - 09:30 PM

My 1972 Sears SS15 I got back in May when I traded the Cub Cadet 102 with homemade front loader for it. I have repainted it twice put new superlug tires on the rear replaced some of the parts the PO rigged. Also traveled halfway across Texas and picked up a plow , cultivator and a disc also bought a moldboard from the PO. Still work to be done on it but at least it gets the garden plowed.

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  • 11846779_953205664736438_2475135151071757131_n.jpg
  • 11866251_954869744570030_7598216289441948537_n.jpg
  • unnamed.jpg

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Posted August 11, 2015 - 10:27 PM

Okay, I'll try this again. This is Charlie, Charlie came to us after my wife's parents passed away. He is a 1968 Sears Custom 10 XL. He came with a mower deck, front dozer blade and chains. He was used primarily for mowing and snow removal in the city where they had a nearly acre lot. Since Charlie came to live with us we have added an original sears 3 point rear lift, a Sears single bottom garden plow, Sears original disc, Sears original 3 point rear grader blade and a redesigned Agri-Fab sleeve hitch to accommodate a Agri-Fab box blade, and Agri-Fab land rake.

We put a Sears metal seat on him and cleaned him and made sure he was greased and ready to go. We have about 2 acres we mow and used him primarily for that until two years ago when we got a newer LT for mowing. We have had to replace the fuel pump and put a quick disconnect on the battery due to it having a short somewhere that would drain the battery.

My wife remembers when her dad had the tractor delivered and was very happy to see it. Using a push mower for all that grass was hard on a kid of 8yoa. Here is Charlie looking good and being worked. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the pictures. He could use your vote. Thank You.                                                                                                                                                     Roger


tom the tractor cat, my wife and her Charlie


Charlie all cleaned up for a picture with his rake and mower deck


All cleaned up


Charlies heart


 Discing the garden


Raking the drive in the spring


Time for a little field plowing

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 07:50 AM

In the summer of 1973, I bought this 1971 Wheel Horse Raider 10 for $350.

Doesn't seem like much now, but it was quite a chunk of change for

a young guy just a couple years out of high school, and recently married.


I used her for years  (the Wheel Horse, not the bride!)  mowing and

plowing snow.  It has the 10 horse Tecumseh , in 1996 the old girl was

getting tired so I put a new short block in.   In 2004 I bought a green

and yellow tractor and the Wheel Horse was put out to pasture.


She sat in the corner of my barn, sad but patient.  I pulled her out this

spring and fixed her ailments and took her out of her work clothes and

got her all pretty. 


Here's some before and after pics. Wheel Horse 002.JPG

Wheel Horse 002.JPG

Wheel Horse 003.JPG


Wheel Horse 001.JPG Wheel Horse 003.JPG

Wheel Horse 004.JPG


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#9 craftsmanmowerfreak ONLINE  

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 10:17 AM

Here is my 1972 sears ss15 (originally a suburban 15). I bought this machine 3 years ago from a junkyard for 107 bucks. I slowly fixed it up and got parts i needed to do a repaint job to it. I replaced the engine with a 1978 briggs 16hp from a Gilson. Replaced transmission from a 78 gt16. Also took footrests and pto pedal from the gt16. Last year i replaced the carb with a brand new carb off ebay. I did alot of work to this machine and have alot of time in it.


I use it for alot of things. Its been plowing snow in the winter. in the garden fall and spring (although not since last year). It mows grass. Its getting taken off snow duty more than likely since i got my other cast iron powered sears too. i got pictures from the day i got it home to what it looks like now.

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  • 995135_571342972906798_203574314_n.jpg
  • SUNP0112.JPG
  • IMG_0011.JPG
  • IMG_0013.JPG
  • 1240300_594097870631308_1562048537_n.jpg
  • 1723717_869732776401148_4071917977199473544_n.jpg
  • 1491714_512330935549489_62132524_n.jpg
  • IMG_0604.JPG

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#10 gtcsreg OFFLINE  

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 01:31 PM

Ok, guys this one started out as a Snapper 1650 and is now a tribute to my Dad's Massey 1650.  He loved that tractor and for good reason.  I love mine.  I did a rattle can cosmetic restore because mechanically it was in such good shape.  Only needed to replace the ignition switch, battery, and tires.

After that I just started working it.  Then I ran across a rough example with a  3 point. I moved the 3 point over to the "good one" and now have me a parts tractor.  Then I started looking for a Scoop Tote like Dad had.  Through some gracious friends I found Dad's original Scoop Tote and bought it.  Now I have a great play toy!  I am just finishing having the hydraulic cylinder on the 3 point restored.  I have gotten a few compliments at shows but what these things are for is to work (play) with and I sure enjoy it.  On top of that every time a see or drive it I think back to my Dad.  The best perk of all. 

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  • rainy day stand 005.jpg
  • rainy day stand 011.jpg
  • rainy day stand 075.jpg
  • rainy day stand 070.jpg
  • MF and Johnny 008.jpg
  • Photo0961.jpg
  • Photo1079.jpg

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#11 rugbywarrior89 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 07:11 PM

Hello all,

I am nominating my Bolens Husky 813 Garden Tractor.  This little tractor is like a midget body builder.  I have heard in another post that it looks like “somebody took its big brother tractor and threw it in the dryer”.  When we got the tractor, the 8HP briggs was blown and we just happened to have a spare 12.5 Hp lying in the garage because there is nothing like a 150% boost in power.  Perfect fit.  The tractor came with a snowblower, mower attachment, tire chains and wheel weights.  The wheel weights are not Bolens OEM but they pay proper homage to the NE Ohio steel industry and are made from actual steel billets (probably straight from the steel mill) and boy are those suckers heavy!  To prove just how robust these tractors are, my dad had the tractor in his garage for 13 or so years not running while the mower deck sat outside underneath a gutter downspout (not kidding) the entire time.  When we pulled the deck out of the 4’ tall grass (oh yeah, we didn’t mow there either), it had only minor surface rust and the blades spun perfectly. I will admit that this tractor has some service hours on it though.  Pretty much every moving part is worn out and in need of replacement (bearing, shafts, pulleys, etc.) but the steel on this thing is as good as the day it was stamped.  I now drag a 4’ x 8’ trailer around the yard to pick up wood, block, rocks, leaves, etc. and I load that trailer up.  But wait, there’s more… not only is this thing a tiny beast but it comes with a sentimental and heart-wrenching back story as well.


I did not know this until recently but the previous owner of this little guy was actually my dad’s best friend who gave it to my dad 3 days before he himself died in a car accident.  He was like an uncle to me and we were close.  I never connected the dots because my dad was always acquiring junk from everywhere because we scrapped steel for a living at the time.  True to fashion, my dad and I started started changing the engine and were planning to take it to a tractor pull but never got around to finishing.  There it sat in the garage for the next 13 or so years which brings us to this year.  I am now 26 and my wife and I just bought our first home with 2 acres to mow and 3 toddlers who will soon need a small mower to learn how to drive :D.  I was strapped for cash and needed a mower so my dad said “take the little bolens in the garage.  It should run, we just never hooked it up.”  I was a little nervous as those are famous last words my father often uses for giving me his junk.  I took the chance, drug the mower deck out of the weeds, used GTtalk to find the manuals, wiring diagram and belts, and low and behold, it started right up and purred like a kitten for less than $100.  

Now that I know the history, the tractor now has a promising future.  I was planning on just riding the wheels off of it until I could afford a new one but I am now motivated to rehab it and bring it to its former glory due to the sentimental value.  I have just recently had to replace one of the blade spindle shafts so I used the opportunity to tear it down completely and get the deck sandblasted and painted.  I was going to save the tractor frame until winter but I realized I have a snow blower now so I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to do that.  The snow blower will probably get redone in the spring.  At the moment, the clutch engages but doesn’t apply the brakes which can be a little scary when going downhill towards the road.  I’m sure it just needs adjusted.  There is a small fluid leak from the transaxle at the main joint,  the headlights need bulbs, and my PTO belt keeps coming off when I shut off the blades.  All minor inconveniences that will be fixed in time.

Does anybody know where I can get a front end loader and backhoe attachment for this thing? :) Just kidding… unless somebody really does have one.


IMG_20150812_183146763.jpg IMG_20150812_183155245.jpg IMG_20150812_183201880.jpg IMG_20150812_183328966.jpg IMG_20150812_183422319.jpg IMG_20150812_183649721.jpg IMG_20150812_183553059.jpg

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 08:42 PM

Late to the party, but I'll nominate "Old Girl" 1978 Roper. My Co-workers know that I mess with lawnmowers, and will tell me about ones they see while doing their work (Traffic Signal and Sign repair). Most of the time when I go to the address they tell me, it is usually a box store throw-away. One day they came back and told me about a riding mower that was located at a house that was on my way home. It was almost two weeks before I decided to drive by and check it out. I was only planning a drive-by look but when I saw her I had to talk with the owner. I normally don't knock on doors, but I had to on this. Talked with the owner and asked if he wanted to sell the GT, We agreed on $200.00, and I would come by Saturday with a trailer. I picked up a U-Haul and arrived at his house with a Air Tank, Come-along, tie downs and $200 in cash. After She was loaded on the trailer, he opened the Garage and started brining out Tire Chains, all the manuals, and pointed to the snow thrower and asked if I wanted it for scrap. Of course I took it.


Restoring Her was pretty straight foreword, and made a great project for Grandson and Pap time. I made sure the engine would fire before I removed it, then we tore her down to the frame. All parts were evaluated, and either cleaned up and painted or replaced. Most of the bolts, bushings, and pulleys were replaced with new. Parts carefully prepped and painted. The Transaxle was the first snag as the shifter was binding. Removed and cleaned the shifter fix it. A few minor modifications using LED lamps, and added a couple indicator lamps for the parking brake and starter solenoid.  


The real challenges was replacing the mufflers. I tried a set off a Sears GT-18 no where close to a fit. I found a company that would custom make one, so I enlisted them. While they were working on this, I installed some pepper shakers so to test the engine, and ran into a second issue, an Oil leak! After replacing the front seal, and pulling the engine three separate times the cause was found and corrected. Oil pan bolts and Intake manifold bolts were accidentally switched, 3" bolts go to the intake, and 2-1/2 are used in the pan. The muffler was completed, but another issue, it didn't fit.


Took the completed Old Girl to the fabricators twice to finally get the muffler to fit under the hood, and after my neighbor did a slight modification to give a gap between it and the air filter it was finally done. After nine months, No leaks, and runs very smooth and quiet now 


Her main use for now is to take to a few shows (already been to one), and light trailer towing, later on, who knows, may even restore the snow blower.   



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  • 13.jpg
  • 019 Logan.JPG
  • 053 logan.JPG
  • 066.JPG
  • 067.JPG
  • 068.JPG
  • P1130654.JPG
  • P1130659.JPG

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#13 gardentractornut OFFLINE  

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Posted August 14, 2015 - 07:36 PM

I guess I'll try again. I would like to nominate my very first true GT, a 1971 Bolens 1254. 

I bought this tractor on an auction last September for $200 non-running with a snocaster, mower deck, and tiller. It also has all the original manuals which I find very cool but also very strange because it didn't have the U-joint to run the deck or blower. Thanks to Brian (Bolens1000) I got that straightened out! It sat all winter in my winter shop watching as my Snapper got it's engine pulled like 20 times, waiting for it's turn to get worked on. well this spring after the Snapper was running reliably I got some time to work on 'er. I replaced the coil and plug wire, and a carb cleaning, I got the old Wisconsin fired up again! I actually used an old push mower rope to start it until a new weeks ago when I rigged up the electric start to work. It looks horrible but it gets the job done. I mounted a push button switch right to the starter terminal because the solenoid was bad and I was too lazy and short for time to get a new one. It pretty much is a solenoid in itself so it was super easy. I do plan on redoing the wiring sometime so that everything works.


As I said before, it came with a blower deck and tiller, but a GT ain't useful without attachments so I have acquired more over the summer and I now have a blade, sleeve hitch and 2 moldboard plows. I don't have one now but when I get some free time I want to take a picture with it and all it's attachments, but for now I'll post ones I already have. The attachments are useful, but I need more weight! Been looking for wheel weights lately so I can plow the driveway this winter.



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  • 002 (2).JPG
  • 008 (4).JPG
  • 025.JPG
  • 036.JPG

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Posted August 14, 2015 - 09:38 PM

I'll nominate my Bolens HT23.

I bought this HT23 from a friend, it was in rougher shape and hadn't run in probably 5 years, I cleaned the carb and put on a new starter. The old thing fired right up and ran great. I then put some new tires on it and it's been working ever since.

It seems like this old garden tractor can do it all, I made a JD mount for the front of it so I can run JD attachments, it seems like the JD attachments are easy to come by, however I have never seen any Bolens attachments in this area.


I have a Kwik Way loader that I'm going to put on it next, also wanting to put on a snow blower but I don't have time to do either.

This old tractor may not look like much, but it sure is handy to have around.


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  • 6-14-2014 003.jpg
  • 6-14-2014 004.jpg
  • 6-14-2014 011.jpg
  • 6-14-2014 012.jpg

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Posted August 16, 2015 - 07:17 PM

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