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I hate craigslist

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Posted August 15, 2015 - 08:58 PM

Like this hunyuck: http://minneapolis.c...5164473535.html


Moron. Sigh
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Posted August 15, 2015 - 11:27 PM

Like this hunyuck: 


Yah that's a doozy alright.  :(

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Posted August 16, 2015 - 12:52 AM

Must be a gold brick under the stones in his pretty weight setup!!

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#19 jabelman OFFLINE  

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Posted August 16, 2015 - 05:54 AM

Maybe we should all have that Toro dealer appraise our collections. Maybe some of us can retire

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    I didn't do it! Unless you have paperwork to back it up

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Posted August 16, 2015 - 08:48 AM

Here is the picture I posted. You can see it's no junk.attachicon.gifIMG_20150815_123835669.jpg

Hey Aaron, tho other guy offered you 1200.. I'll give you 200 more for the inconvenience... Hahaha just kidding. Seriously tho, I hate that crap you run into! Goods luck in selling it.
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Posted August 16, 2015 - 06:55 PM

Had 2 people look at it today. Wife thought I was crazy that I pulled the 4 Wheeler out of the garage closed the garage door and kept the atv in the driveway. I told her i don't want people seeing what I have in the garage.

No buyers. The one guy wanted it real bad for his son. But he said he'd have to see how fianances look after payday Friday. Told him to be sure to call me and let me know if he doesn't want it. I'm not holding it for him. Told him he could have it for 2300.

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Posted September 21, 2015 - 03:06 PM

Finally sold the recon this morning for 2,400.  I had a total of 17 people come out and look at it.  No one bit, lots of "I have to ask my wife" and "I need to check my fiancés"


The most notable:  A guy came Sunday, told me it was only worth 1800 and that's what he would pay right now.  I pushed it back into the garage, slide it into the corner where I park it and covered it with the sheet.  He was standing there awhile I did this.  Then He said he I am still interested.  I said an 1800 dollar low ball has insulted me.  I wouldn't sell it to you now for 3,000 dollars.  He looked dumbfounded and got in his truck and left.


But as I said, it is now sold, and I can rejoice that I no longer have to deal with ignorant people.

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Bolens 1000

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Posted September 21, 2015 - 07:03 PM

Glad you finally got it sold, unfortunately more and more nutty buyers seems to be coming out of the woodwork each year


The same goes for ebay as well, sold a Lawn boy control cable over a month ago then a few weeks ago I get a response they want a refund cause I sold them the wrong part, then they ended up getting the same cable from another seller and It didnt fit their machine either LOL

I told them I always state if you are unsure of fittment to ask me before buying but obviously they didnt, then I kindly responded back its been a month since the sale and I already have restocked the part and I only sell a few a year and cannot really accept a return this late especially on a $14 part I had free shipping on!  Then they came up with all kinds of excuses that they were ''poor'' and cannot afford to keep a part they dont need and expected me to eat the costs for their misakes, after they kept nagging I was kind enough to refund a partial return plus a restocking fee but they had to gull to try to get ebay reps involved , which then I just decided to decline the return request and block them out. Even if you bend over backwards some people will still try and screw you or put the blame on you for their mistakes!!!!

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dodge trucker
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Posted November 21, 2015 - 10:49 AM

updating an older thread;

I have a couple things out there as we speak advertised on Craigslist.

1) I live between 3 main listing areas but too far from the main area of any, to get people to come out or even give me many replies that aren't spam.

I wish I could get them to add another listing area.


2) no pictures=waste of time to post. This one really gets me because if youre looking at an ad for a 10 speed bike you know what a bike looks like.  A buyer still has to come to pick it up and pay,  how did they do it for years, when all you had was a classified ad in a newspaper or maybe an index card at the grocery store to advertise stuff for sale; you went to the seller's house and looked at the item and then made your decision to buy or not. With Google, Bing, etc how do you know that the pictures posted are the exact item you are considering? besides, not everyone is a computer techno-junkie that can snap their fingers and pictures appear....   others are so good at it that they can doctor pictures to make what they have appear better than they really are///  this one really ticks me off, being more of an old school mechanical person than a computer person.


3)  Sight-unseen, someone asking, "what is your bottom dollar"? I have a Trac Vac listed on CL  right now for $300.  There were 2 others identical to mine (same model even)  on there last week for $325, and one for $400.  The $325 one even said in the ad, "it does not run" and "hasn't in a few years".  Mine is listed at $25 less, and it runs and works!


I had a guy ask me yesterday for "bottom dollar". Sight unseen, no less. When I told him that I don't discuss "bottom dollar" over the computer, I woke up to a reply from this idiot that said that "well I guess that you don't really want to sell it"...

WRONG!  Would he give me a lowball accepted price if I was looking and he was selling? I think not. Has he actually  looked at others to compare to mine, to judge price? Doubtful.  I already am at a lower price for one, than anyone else in the area.

(not gonna happen but for example) If I told this joker that I'd take $200  he'd probably come over and offer something even more insulting, like $150.... if I'll take $200 maybe I'll take less in person.

When I buy, I admit that while on my way over to see something, I do have a price in my head that I'd like to try for; but reserve judgement til I see what I am after; I have had the seller throw in stuff worth more to me than what I went there to see; or the machine is just in "that good" of shape that I don't even try to dicker... You just do not know til you physically see it for yourself.  but because I didnt give this idiot a number that insults me, I won't hear from him again.


4) "but I came so many miles to look" and they want you to drop the price to compensate them for time and fuel; It's not my machine's fault that you drove 100 miles to come, and Walmart certainly isn't discounting more for you to go to their store 4 towns over instead of the local one closest to you.


5) It seems that nobody will meet me more than 2 blocks from their home, "have no way to haul it, sorry" so I have to go all the way to them, to buy something.  But yet, when I go to sell something, if I can't deliver and set it right in their driveway for no additional price, my stuff sits and collects dust. Stuff they have not even seen, to judge the condition of, in the 1st place. 

I have to drive to buy, and drive/deliver to sell.  there has to be some middle ground. People won't even come and see it here to tell if they want it and then talk about "can you help me get it home"?

I have driven to meet someone with what I have for sale and then told "no, sorry". so I am out the time and fuel (and still have, what I am trying to sell) and they are only out a few minutes of time. Sorry, I can usually help  you get it home within reason, but even the milkman doesn't deliver these days....you have to GO to the store to get it yourself.  I have gone 150 miles and more each way, to look at something via Ebay/Craigslist if I need it bad enough, but nobody else has that ability?


I guess my stuff goes back to my buddy's barn to collect more dust til next year and I'll try again/ the ground is now covered in snow, so what I have, does nobody any good at the moment....but it wasn't even covered in leaves yet, when I first advertised my trac vac on there... 

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Posted November 22, 2015 - 09:34 AM

Believe me I feel your pain. I am glad I have zero ads running on Craigslist till spring
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#26 dodge trucker OFFLINE  

dodge trucker
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Posted November 22, 2015 - 09:39 AM

I'm gonna renew these CL ads  one more time being that many have an extended time off of work this coming week maybe they'll have more time to look on CL and take a ride... but failing that, I.too, will cancel these ads til (at least) spring,


I have 3 ads running at the moment, repeated in each of the 3 CL listing areas that surround me since no CL listing area directly includes my county.

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