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Time to Swap Trucks...

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#1 superaben OFFLINE  


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Posted August 12, 2015 - 10:16 PM

I guess the time has come to try to get a good, dependable, reliable and tough truck for use around my operation. 


I currently run two vehicles on the road, my old trusty 91 Ford F350 IDI non turbo service truck and my 01 Ranger.  And before you say anything about having these two Fords would be why it is time to get a new truck, you ought to see what that dynamic duo went through to do my work!


For many reasons, I no longer need the F350 service truck.  I don't need a service body sucking diesel like there is no tomorrow, and I am frankly tired of working on it.  I love the truck, but now that I have accomplished all but one of the to-do list, making it as good as it gets, I am just ready to get something I can jump in and not wonder when I should make time to adjust that doo-hickey or upgrade that whim-wham.  I am working on selling it as we speak.  However, I have to get something bigger than that little baby Ranger to drag my trailer and do the dirty work for Old Paths Equipment.


I will end up with probably a diesel, 3/4 ton or maybe a 1 ton, 4wd, super cab and of course the best tow package on the block.  I want something that will last.  Budget is not really a factor.  I like my Fords, but if buying another brand is the best choice I might do it.  (maybe)


So now I get to be a pollster.  The question is what in the world of trucks has this crew had good experience with?   I'm looking to buy low mileage and quality, so I'm prepared to pay what it takes... even up into the almost new market. 


So far I have ruled out mostly anything new made by Dodge.  Transplant a Cummins into anything else and I might be fine, but I have no love lost for a Ram.   I have ruled out the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke.  Never heard much good about longevity on those power plants.  


I don't really want DEF or that Tier IV junk either.  However, that really limits my options, so I might be stuck with it if I buy anything newer than about 2008.


So throw out some opinions. 


Ben W. 

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#2 adamjd200 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 10:44 PM

94-2001 RAM with the 5.9 Cummins, or anything 5.9cummins, best motor put in a pickup(as far as diesel goes), I'm a Ford guy but I love my Dodge 2500 with the 5.9L(360ci).

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#3 DougT OFFLINE  


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Posted August 12, 2015 - 10:48 PM

The last year for a good diesel Ford was 03. (7.3) getting up into the newer stuff, I think the Dura-max and the Allison combo is about the best going.

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#4 adamjd200 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 12, 2015 - 10:58 PM

Maybe it's just me but I consider any truck made from around 02/03 junk, more focused on creature comforts than actual functionality.

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#5 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted August 13, 2015 - 12:08 AM

It may not be a problem down your way, but up in roadsalt country, we are seeing everything rot out quick. Even 8 year old trucks have serious frame rot problems. You also need to be leary about trucks that have been drowned in the frequent floods we seem to be having lately. I've been looking for something for a couple of years but have come to the conclusion that fixing up the 85 C10 and maybe the 73 Suburban are my best options. I hope that you find a good one. Good Luck, Rick

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#6 jd.rasentrac OFFLINE  


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Posted August 13, 2015 - 02:17 AM

Take a Borgwardt - like this: 



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#7 Cat385B ONLINE  



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Posted August 13, 2015 - 04:28 AM

I'm a Chevy guy, but I think you can't go wrong with either the Duramax or the newest Powerstoke. It is amazing some of the MPG figures these newer trucks get. Friend of mine switched to Ford two years ago on his farm, and that diesel has been problem free for the first 50,000 of it's life and it gets 16-18 field bopping, the same pulling a 35' gooseneck flatbed, and he can eek out over 20 mpg on trips.

My opinion is Chevy if your getting something used older than 4 years old, Ford if newer.

Unless there are tax advantages for the one ton for business use, I prefer 3/4 ton with airbags on the rear.
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#8 WNYTractorTinkerer ONLINE  


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Posted August 13, 2015 - 04:56 AM

GMC and Chevy are my favorites but I also like the newer Fords and Diesel Dodges.  I'm not sold on Toyota yet as there have been some horror stories there as my wife works @ a Toyota dealer..  


Bottom line is find the most/ best truck for the best price you can.  Fit your needs first then, if you have more $$ your wants..  



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#9 Alc ONLINE  



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Posted August 13, 2015 - 06:34 AM

You might also want to see what kind of warranty you'll be getting . At work they got extended warranties on the last batch of 6.7 Fords , if you open the hood on one you'll know why . So far they have been trouble free except for an exhaust temp. sensor on one . The really test for us will be once they get a few years of use & 100k+ on them . Hope some of the members with newer trucks with gas engine reply , I heard some are getting pretty good mileage from them , not diesel numbers but close enough to make it a tough choice
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#10 toppop52 ONLINE  

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Posted August 13, 2015 - 06:36 AM

The one that does the job at the price you want to pay.

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#11 toomanytoys84 ONLINE  



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Posted August 13, 2015 - 06:41 AM

If you are buying a modern emission strangled diesel, just keep at least 10 grand in the bank at all times after the warranty runs out to fix all the problems you will have.



What if I Have to Replace My Exhaust?
The cost of replacing the DPF- and catalyst-equipped exhaust system on an ’07-and-newer diesel is projected to approach $7,000.


There is no good reliable NEWER diesel truck made.  The emission systems, DPF, DEF, ect have all killed the diesel truck.  Everyone I know with a diesel truck that's newer has either done the "Illegal" mods and deleted everything off the truck with a programmer, or they keep fixing the emission system problems over and over again. 


Also if you are considering an older GMC/Chevy Duramax read about broken crank shafts.  Happened to one guy I know on a completely stock truck.  Lots of information around the net about that.


Just do yourself a favor and buy a gas truck and save yourself a lot of head ache.  My buddy who had one of the Duramaxs that failed frequently tried a ford diesel.  Bought a 2015 Power Stroke.  It now has 30k miles on it, and has already spent a total of 3 weeks in the ford garage for warning lights on the emission controls, limp mode, ect.

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#12 chieffan ONLINE  

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Posted August 13, 2015 - 07:28 AM

Just about all the newer trucks are full of trouble with all the crap they hang on them.  Then add the bells and whistles and it all adds up.  Even the leisure use trucks have their problems with switches, sensors, etc. etc.  Get use to looking at that silly check engine light or black tape it.  Mine keeps tell me about once every tank of fuel (gas) to "tighten gas cap".  Bought a new cap for $25 and before I got home I got that stupid "Tighten Gas Cap" message again.  Finally bought a code reader and all that check engine light calls for is "excessive purge flow".  Gas mileage stay right at 16 to 16.5.

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#13 panzersarebest OFFLINE  

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Posted August 13, 2015 - 08:11 AM

2004 1/2-2007 Chevy Duramax Are one of the best trucks you can get without the emission stuff.

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#14 Diesel1050 OFFLINE  


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Posted August 13, 2015 - 08:16 AM

Get a later 6.4 ford. The early ones had some problems but the later ones were much, much better. Might i suggest getting rid of the emissions crap as that messes up these motors and computers. (Really any these days)! The 6.4 twin turbo is a seriously bad-azz motor.
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#15 Justin2655 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 13, 2015 - 09:33 AM

I know you said you rulled out the 6.0 powerstroke, which I did too when I was truck shopping, i always told myself i would never ever own a 6.0...... But now i do lol. I'm a ford guy, was actually looking at a gas Chevy 3/4 ton. But ended up coming along a deal on a 3/4 ton 6.0 powerstroke crew cab long bed. I was also iffy on it from all the horror stories I have heard from them. Looked up a little bit of information, and for the most part, people was having problems when every body wants to put a programmer or chip in it to get an extra 150hp or so..... Not saying that some people wouldn't have a problem but that's kind of right about anything. I've had mine for a year and a half, I did put the egr delete on it but other then that it's all stock ( had to put a programmer on it, only to take off my egr engine light code, I run it on the lowest setting and haven't had a problem yet)
Personally just from the couple time of being around them the 6.0 Chevy gas motor in the mid 2000s seems pretty good, decent fuel milage for what the truck is and you have power when you want it


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