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What's on your bucket list?

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#1 oldedeeres ONLINE  

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 02:09 PM

    This is a topic that has become very real to me over the last year or so, and was again brought home recently when we buried another close friend. So yesterday I decided to do something that I have been wanting to do ever since we moved up here to "God's Country".  I put "Hardly", the canoe; (the name is short form for Hardly Paddlin' --- yes, we named almost everything around here), in the back of the truck, and headed for the Torch River. My son took me down to the water, much against his better judgement , I might add, but he knows his mother. If he didn't help I'd do it anyway, and this way if I had a problem he'd know where to look for me, lol. Normally I paddle in the bow of the canoe and my friend, (member Less is More) takes the stern and is the captain. This is the first time I have gone solo. First I filled nine, gallon milk jugs with water, tied them together and put them in the bow for ballast, just to keep the front end down. Then I put on my life jacket, yes, I swim like a fish, but I'm not stupid--- always wear a life jacket !  

         The day was perfect with a high, light overcast, temp. around 22 degrees, no wind. The river is high, no major rocks to watch for and the few rapids covered and  a bit choppy, not rough, just a bit exhilarating, not scary. We've been on it when you hold your breath and hope, but this time the water was slick and fast and very generous with me and the mistakes I made in paddling from the stern. The trip from launch to my pasture usually takes 11/2 hours, and even with me fooling around learning how to get Hardly to respond, I did it in reasonable time. And to his credit my son didn't   panic and come looking for me.  

        There is just something about river canoeing, so quiet and sereal, as if you are suspended in time between reality and dreams. The world and it's problems disappear and it is just you and the river and the air. To the three beavers I saw, I was invisible. The kingfisher caught a minnow as I drifted by and ignored me. The bald eagle soared past and landed on the top of a spruce far ahead and waited , watching as I went past. How perfect it was, to take my first solo trip down the Torch off my bucket list.

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#2 Bolens800uk ONLINE  

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 04:23 PM

Sounds idyllic canoeing along the river. I canoe or more accurately kayak with my older son in Dorset. Beautiful scenery and an abundance of bird life go admire too.
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#3 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted August 05, 2015 - 04:32 PM

Never really had time to think about a bucket list, but your trip sounded awfully nice.
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#4 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


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Posted August 05, 2015 - 04:43 PM

Sounds like you had a really great time!  As you described how you felt,  that is how I feel when I get out on a country road on my bike and just ride for miles.  But I thought the first entry on your bucket list was to skin Cat? :rolling:

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#5 Cvans OFFLINE  



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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:00 PM

so quiet and sereal, as if you are suspended in time between reality and dreams. 


 I've drifted rivers in an inflatable raft and can relate to what you saw and heard. Enjoyed reading of your adventure and hope you can get out there and do it again soon.  Thanks to taking the time to write about it. 

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#6 Jack OFFLINE  

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:08 PM

Sounds awesome.  I like to canoe too but rarely get the chance.  I'm glad you had a enjoyable and peaceful day.

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#7 David Brown OFFLINE  

David Brown

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:13 PM

Never thought about it but I would have to say the first thing on my bucket list would be to keep missing the bucket! I have kayaked in places such as you described and it is an awesome experience.
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#8 jpackard56 OFFLINE  



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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:19 PM

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I try to get my whole crew together once a year to canoe some river within 2 hours of everybody and it is always a wonderful time. This year because of my eye surgeries maybe a miss, but my one son and his wife just returned from a wilderness trip in Canada north of Wisconsin and can't wait to show us pictures.


I have to admit being face down for the first six weeks from this eye surgery gave me way too much time to think, and yes a bucket list idea did formulate. I knew getting older is challenging from watching and caring for family, besides my joints etc. often tell me I can't do what I used to do. I've had a knee re-worked and spent 18 months in a 3/4 halo from an accident with a semi years ago (C4-C5-C6 are fused from that) and multiple other breaks and mishmashes in the same accident that often act up with cold weather. I  lost over half of my memory in that mess and had to relearn alphabet and numbers with my then 7 year old and eventually with much patience and help from my wife (she really is a gift from God) worked through community classes and ultimately back through college AGAIN. I have been employed steady for the last 20 years and we have built up a small cow calf operation here at the farm. The key to being able to enjoy everything we have fought so hard for and struggled to accomplish is based on being able to SEE ! And then the mind works on me and says well what if it was cancer or heart and I had died...I personally have lost family and friends and I know we currently have members struggling with those issues too. So, as soon as I get through the next two eye surgeries (they still say I will be able to see well enough to drive by sometime in October) PRIORITIES will be changing around our household. Thank you for bringing up the "bucket list" I'm guessing nobody gets to the end of their life and says "gee I wish I had spent a little more time at work to make that little bit more that we always thought we needed" I'm betting it's more along the lines of wow how much time did I miss with my family and friends for that boss who I don't really like anyway !!... Bucket List here we come :thumbs:

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#9 LilysDad OFFLINE  


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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:39 PM

I'm all for the bucket list if it encourages people to slow down and live in the moment. As for my own list. . .  I'm afraid the biggest item is probably not going to get fulfilled until after the bucket event.

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#10 KennyP ONLINE  



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Posted August 05, 2015 - 05:58 PM

Great topic! Really enjoyed your trip down the river! I'm glad you have inspired other to work on theirs!

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 06:57 PM

Have done that many times,on the South Skunk River. Quit and gave my canoe to my son.
Decided that Coleman Poly canoe was too heavy for me to load on top of my station wagon by myself.
Never have gotten a lighter one or a kayak.

It is amazing how you can drop off a river bank, even in a populated area and find another world at your dorstep.
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#12 toppop52 ONLINE  

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 06:58 PM

Not kicking it!
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#13 Sparky OFFLINE  



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Posted August 05, 2015 - 09:21 PM

I cheated . At Lake Chautauqua over the weekend , Garrison Keillor entertained his audience non stop for
close to three hours . Mostly singing , Hymns , ballads etc . Sarah Jaroscz was good . My wife enjoyed

her style .Early in the show I put my right arm around my wife's shoulder for comfort .

Later in the show he positioned himself about 20 feet in front on us singing all the while . He was

focused in our direction for close to 2 minutes or so it seemed . It occurred to me later that my wife

and I were maybe the only ones in a teen age way . My wife did not even pick up on it .

He is sentimental .
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    Make Stuff Up

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 10:20 PM

First on my bucket list, Never throw up again! :smilewink:


Sounds like you had a really nice trip down the river! :thumbs:

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#15 boyscout862 OFFLINE  

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Posted August 05, 2015 - 10:39 PM

First is the "To Do List around the house". Second is restore most of the GTs and get rid of the LTs. Third is take my family on a trip similar to one I took 40 years ago. After graduating college, a friend and I camped and site saw our way from CT to CA and back for 6 weeks. There is alot of wonderfull things to see  in this country. I found SD and WY to be amazing. Good Luck, Rick

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