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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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One thing after another

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#16 Cvans ONLINE  



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Posted July 26, 2015 - 09:15 AM

I'm interested to see how your going to get a tractor through the corn this time of year. Field corn around here is over 10' high and the sweet corn is tasseled out. Do you have your rows planted far enough apart to drive your tractor down?

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Posted July 26, 2015 - 02:25 PM

Going to a tractor show in Beaver Dam Wisconsin I was just about in Chicago, Lansing when I was told during a stop and go traffic jam I had a flat on my trailer right center tire. I pull over and sure enough it is as flat as can be (ONLY ON ONE SIDE THOUGH).  I take it off to discover the hub flopping around. I jump the fence with what is left of the bearings and go to a industrial Ford dealer. Parts guy can't help me cause I don't know what axel it is from (old trailer house I assume). Tells me about a auto parts store up the road about a mile, glad I was younger then. I started hot hoofing it as it was getting late and worried they would close before I go there. I get there in time and walk up to the counter to meet some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They were going to close in 15 minutes but checked and found they didn't have a bearing in stock, but canned a industrial place like Grangers who had one. they were going to close in a half hour and were 5 miles away. Counter guy told me to stand by while he closed up and he would drive me. We got there got the bearing and races and a second set for a spare even Was on the way back to my truck and he says Hey we for got to get some bearing grease, you have any. I say no just the normal stuff for greasing the tractors. He takes me to his house and gets a tub of grease and gives me a tour of his shop a old garden tractor with the engine inside the drive wheel and some other very old garden  cultivators. Then he takes me to my truck and trailer, stays while I redo the wheel bearings and then followed me 10 miles to a rest stop to make sure every thing went well. We used to send each other greeting cards for years then I wasn't getting them any longer so fear he passed. I still have that spare set of races and bearings in my tool box 28 years later.


Coming home from a UP deer hunting trip I had the muffler fall off my 1991 Dodge with Cummins. Had to work a few days then I would be able to return for a extra long week end so I just added a section of straight pipe in place of the muffler. Fast forward 5 months, get pulled over in Wisconsin city of Marinette. Cop is standing at my window giving me a load of crap on how noisy my truck is and did I have a muffler when a Harley went by and the noise about knocked his hat off.  I grinned at him and said my muffler was better than they put on Harleys. He jumped in his cruiser after saying I should get rid of that open flow muffler. Down the road about 5 miles he had the Harley on the side of the road. I drove that truck for 2 more years with just the straight pipe.


:D   Al

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Posted July 26, 2015 - 11:23 PM

I'm interested to see how your going to get a tractor through the corn this time of year. Field corn around here is over 10' high and the sweet corn is tasseled out. Do you have your rows planted far enough apart to drive your tractor down?


It's a late crop of corn, it's only 6 inches tall now, it should be done before the freeze ( I hope)


I don't have the money for a high crop tractor

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Posted July 27, 2015 - 09:44 PM

I do most of my own work on my trucks but I stopped doing exhaust work long ago. It's expensive to buy the parts, everything is rusted together and rotten and I grew tired of getting rust in my eyes. I take my trucks to a local muffler shop and write them a check as they bend the pipes.

My 88 Silverado has a straight three inch pipe right out of the converter with no muffler. $80 and I was out the door in an hour.




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Posted July 30, 2015 - 02:51 PM

Yeah, was talking to a young woman I had worked with for 10 yrs, before I retired.
Was telling her I did not know how I kept things up around the place while working full time.
I told her i never get bored, if I run out of things to do , I just go out and break something so I have something to fix.Q
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