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picked up Grampa's Big Ten over the weekend

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Posted July 21, 2015 - 04:16 PM

Hello Everyone,

I'll appoligize before I start because I haven't snapped any pictures of it yet, But I picked up my wife's grandpa's Big Ten. While we were at the Grandparents house we tinkered with it a bit, We cleaned the carb, and fuel tank, put fresh gas in it, changed the points and condensor and fired it up. It runs amazingly well for being left outside in the elements for 5 yrs, but some other things seem to have issues. At 1st no gears would engage with it off or with the motor on, with some tinkering I can get it to go into 2nd and reverse. 1st and 3rd it wont allow me to shift to. Once I get it into gear it doesn't move anywhere because I believe the drive belt is out of adjustment. When my wife's grandfather sold the machine away 8 yrs ago, the tractor was fully functional and working well. My wife's grandpa knew the person he sold the tractor too and was pretty sure the machine was fully functioning when it got parked in the weeds 5yrs ago. But now its not working and I'm hoping its just from sitting in the weather for so long. Maybe something is stuck, or corroded and needs to be freed up??  Can someone advise me on how to go about checking the issue with it only going into certain gears and then how to properly adjust the drive belt please. I'd like to make sure this thing is going to work before I buy a new battery and start changing fluids and going through and repairing worn parts on the whole machine. Thanks!

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Posted July 21, 2015 - 04:31 PM

    Did you try rocking the tractor back and forth ??  there really is not to much than can go wrong in that rear end, I have seen a friend of mine rip the side of second gear so the tractor would  not come out of second gear but still go into other gears. not a good scenario, easy fix.  I would get it home and get it running, check all the fluids and go and play, once it gets warmed up I bet it goes rite back to work. I have a big ten here and love it !!!  If you decide that the tractor is to much just call :D  I am pretty sure I have room for another tractor here somewhere.


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Posted July 22, 2015 - 05:40 AM

Drain some of the rearend oil out and see what it looks like. I suspect that it has water in it. If it does, some of the gears and bearings may be rusted. Rust on the drivebelt pulleys can cause trouble too. Good Luck, Rick