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New to Allis Chalmers, picking up a B10

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Posted June 29, 2015 - 12:23 PM

Hello Everyone,

I'm a big Bolens Fan/collector. My Family always had and used Bolens tube frame tractors for everything. So I'm not fimiliar with allis chalmers really, besides what they look like. Recently My wife and i had our 1st baby which turned out to be a Boy. I'm very particular with my tractors, cars, and toys, So my family members have been picking on me about when my sons grows up, am I going to let him drive and use all my toys. My response to that is, NO!, He will get and have his own, I'll teach him and he will learn to repair them, maintain them, respect them and keep them clean! I feel this is important to teach my Son, especially these days when it seems like alot more of the young generation have stuff like this handed to them, and they take everything for granted and just beat, disrespect and destroy! Or they simply want nothing to do with Anything mechainical and stay locked up in the house 24/7 playing video games. So Onto the Allis. My Wife's grandparents live in the 1,000 islands(4hrs from us). We like to visit for relaxation time and fishing. My wife's grandfather also has several tractors. They were picking on my the one night at dinner about My son riding my tractors, and I said maybe Great Grandpa can share one of his machines. Well he wasn't ready to share any of his at his house. Lol! A few weeks later My wife's grandpa called and told me he picked my son up a garden tractor. He picked him up an Allis Chalmers B series tractor for free! The story behind the Allis is that my wife's grandpa owned the 1960's Allis Chalmers B series tractor, he used it for alot of years maintaining the 4 acres he owns on the St. Lawernce river. He stumbled across a great deal on a cub cadet 2284 and decided to buy the cub and sold the old Allis chalmers away to a friend in town about 8 years ago. Well the friend was only using it for snowblowing, so he gave the mower deck away to someone, used the blower for 4 years, and then decided that in winter he was going to live in florida. The old Allis got parked outside in the weeds for several years. My wifes grandpa had stopped by and talked to the guy a few weeks back and he told my wife's grandfather that he was just gonna give the tractor away, he didn't want it laying around anymore. So My wifes grandfather loaded it up, and brought it back to his house, and now my son who was just born 3 months ago has his 1st tractor! Now I'm hoping to find a mower deck for it, but I'm not sure how rare those machines are or what models and years used the same mower deck, also I'm not sure where to find engine parts, and geneal repairs parts for the machine? Looking forward to learning from the experienced people here, and hopefully get leads on parts, attachments, and Items It may need. Sorry for the lenghty rant! Looking forward to joining another tractor brand group!  Thanks for reading!

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Posted June 29, 2015 - 12:48 PM

The B10 is common and parts are available. I have about 9 Bolens and about the same of the AC/Simplicities. They are both great tractor series. You can download the manuals from our Manuals Section and go to  www.simpletractors.com to learn about them.


It was a Big Ten that got my son interested in GTs 10 years ago when he was 12. I fixed up the Big Ten that belonged to a friend. I let Ricky do the test drive. When he finished mowing the lawn he asked if we can just keep it. I said no but that I would find one for him. A couple months later I found a B10 for him and he spent many hours driving through our woods with it. I like the steering and handling of the B10s better than my Bolens but the Bolens are beefier. You need to get a pic of grandpa with his B10 and video record him telling about it. It is an heirloom tractor which is very special. Good Luck, Rick

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Posted June 29, 2015 - 01:46 PM

how neat is that!  Congratulations on the baby boy and the tractor! (how is Mom throughout all this?)  =]


You will soon find you like that Allis...Everyone has their preferences, but unlike a Ford/Chevy conversation, when an Allis is brought up, it seems even those who choose another brand has nothing but praise for the easy to use and maintain design, and very capable construction.  The B series is a true addiction for some.  You will find it quite easy to find used parts and numerous implements.  They are reasonably priced, too.


I would point you toward the SimpletrACtors site for some great reading:





Allis Attachments list to drool over:





Also, the Simplicity & Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor club can be a great resource, if you are stumped, or simply want to shop the classified or place a want ad.



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Posted June 29, 2015 - 02:32 PM

Thanks guys for the info! I'm looking forward to taking a trip to visit and grab the tractor in a few weeks. My child hood was full of good times riding, cleaning, and working on garden tractors and I'm hoping my son will enjoy tractors too. So now we have our 1st project to work on together! I'll look over the links you have provided and start doing some research on the B series tractors. My wife is doing great, and she has grown to deal with my tractor addiction. At 1st she gave me a hard time about having so many, but when money gets tight and you are forced to sell something to stay a float, she has learned that some extra tractors can be a savior to have laying around. So she just leaves me alone now! Lol! I have several Bolens machines that have sentimental value in my collection, and I'd never sell, and this Allis will be added to that collection!

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