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AC tractor prices at local auctions

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#1 vintageiron OFFLINE  

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Posted June 05, 2015 - 04:06 AM

I went to an auction about a month ago not far from here, it was one of those big spring cleaning type consignment sales.

The preview of the sale showed a handful of old yellow AC tractors, Most were pretty much just parts machines or in need of total major restoration. None of them ran, and I doubt any of them would even roll due to having sat outdoors for decades.


The bidding on the AC machines started as usuall but soon ran up well over anything I'd have thought was reasonable for a rusted or smashed up old AC. The one looked as if it fell of a truck at high speed on the highway, nearly all the sheetmetal was smashed, the front spindles were both bent, the steering wheel and shaft were smashed down over the dash area, and all four tires were rotted completely off the rims leaving only tattered sidewalls. I think the model was a B-210. The motor was stuck, it had no deck or accessories. It sold for $425.

The next AC was a B -110, which although was complete was well covered in rust and poison ivy vines. It had four flat tires, the steering was frozen, and the seat was a pile of mush sitting atop the rotted out fender pan. The trans shifted and the motor wasn't stuck. It sold for $360.

The next AC was an unknown model, missing most of its tin with only a hood and rusted fender pan, this one had a snow plow on it that was rigged on with a homemade bracket, no deck, and the transmission belt was gone. The engine turned but spun like a top when I gave the crank a twist. That one sold for $225.

There were several newer Simplicity and AC machines as well but they sold cheap, with the highest orange model being an 8hp belt drive model that sold for $125. I watched several 7100 models sell for $17, $20, and $30 with one 916H being a complete machine with a shuttle drive that looked fairly decent with only sitting wear.


I watched one guy win a 7116S and a 7119H at $17 for the pair. The 7116S ran with a battery and some new fuel hose, the 7119H had a bad motor and a ton of transmission leaks.


What sort of prices are the yellow machines bringing elsewhere? Online I don't see them bringing the sort of money those did at auction. I had a rolling, complete B1 a few months ago that I couldn't get $200 for, and all it needed was to fix the lack of spark and a battery to make it run. I ended up parting it out bit by bit.


I also watched a yellow AC snow plow get sold for $225 and I bought a dirt plow with its sleeve hitch for $15 at another auction. There was a Simplicity 725 in that sale that sold for over $500 with a deck, but they sold the rest of the attachments separate.
Its snow plow sold for $75, a belly grader blade sold for $165, a snow blower sold for $25, and I got the mold board plow for $15.






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Posted June 05, 2015 - 05:12 AM

Thats the way auctions go....to fetch a high sale price you need two or more buyers who are like minded and with a strong desire to win. Your results are far from market prices for the machines mentioned.

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#3 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted June 05, 2015 - 05:53 AM

I my area the prices on CL seemed to have jumped quite abit on the old ACs and Simplicitys since last year. They were under priced last year but now they are pushing over priced. Good Luck, Rick

#4 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted June 05, 2015 - 10:13 AM

IOn my area the price of AC, B JD's and Fords started to climb when the tractor rides came in and got more and more popular.  Also with a lot of the higher income population building in the rural areas to avoid high taxes, the acreage tractor price went up.  Ford on top and B JD is a close second.

#5 thirdjoker OFFLINE  

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Posted June 05, 2015 - 11:06 AM

in my area ( North Carolina ) prices have jumped tremendously. Around Greensboro, there are several with no decks for $ 700 - 950. I paid about $500 for mine , running /with deck/front blade /rear blade/and a set of ag tires.I feel I was lucky . I sold a 707 Broadmore for $ 400. the 2nd day it was posted on craigslist.Good original condition. I've never seen a A/C or Simplicity at auction here.

#6 vintageiron OFFLINE  

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Posted June 05, 2015 - 07:38 PM

Here in NJ I've been watching a few on CL that are priced over a grand but they haven't sold.


I've listed a few machines that were complete but not running just to clear out some space and couldn't get $200 for a complete machine, in fact, I had a running AC 410 with a snow plow listed for a year and never got a hit at $350, I ended up parting it out. I just couldn't see letting a tractor with a fresh motor go for anyless. The guy who had it before me spent a grand on it in new ag tires, rebuilt engine, and new belts.


Around here, the tin junk sells better. I had a Home Depot JD that I bought at a yard sale for $100 not running that I sold in two hours on CL for a grand after installing a used battery and pumping up the tires. A buddy flips newer Craftman tractors all the time, he has no problem getting $400 to $900 for buckets of tin with Chinese built motors.


What gets me is how inconsistent the prices are at auction. It seems like the rough tractors get more attention than a same model in nice shape. I was at one estate sale with a half dozen AC/Simplicity machines and those I'd deem as parts only went for big money, and I was able to buy two running AC 110 machines for $110. My guess there was that the other bidders ran out of money on the junk.


At an auction last fall I bought a motorless 7117H, it was complete with accessories for $60 but the K17 was in a bucket. Twenty feet down the line later I bought a running, turn key Snapper with what appeared to be a fresh Kohler Magnum 20hp for $60. I hauled both home, put the M20 in the Simplicity and sold the Snapper minus its motor, and seat for $200 on CL.  I even swapped out the tires on the Snapper for the old tires off the Simplicity. The guy who bought the Snapper drove over 300 miles one way to get it.


The best one I had on CL was a few weeks ago, a guy answered an ad for a running 5212.5 Simplicity I had listed. It ran great and needed nothing, I had it listed for $250, it was part of a lot of tractors I bought to get one that I wanted.

I had 50 emails offering $100 or $200 so so, then I had one guy who said he just wanted the motor, he came out, test run the tractor, (cut half my front lawn with it), and then asked if I'd sell him just the motor for an extra $50. $300 later I had a motorless 5212.5.

I stuck a used 12hp Briggs in it and relisted it for $300, and sold just the deck for $200 a week later. I relisted it again at $300 OBO without the deck and it sold in three days to the guy who bought the motor in the first place. Go figure?

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