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#1 FrozenInTime OFFLINE  

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Posted June 01, 2015 - 10:46 PM

I have a huge stump in my back yard I've been digging on for atleast a year and a half.  I dig down, hit roots, chop, dig, chip, dig, chop, never ending.  It should be a quick dig but I'm a little busted up, getting old so I can only work for short clips then I'm done for a while.  I've been hitting it every once in a while when I had time between other projects that had to be done, more of the fun stuff in life.  Yesterday I said nuff is nuff.  ONE of us is going to leave.  So with shovel/axe in hand I dug a hug hole all around it, went pretty wide and deep to get as many roots as possible.  When I got it down to where I could wrap a chain around it for a good yank, hooked up the chain and went to get the old gal.  She's a 1951 WD Allis Chalmers.  What do I hear when I hit the start lever, nada.  Not even a spin/bounce off flywheel.  It was about time for this battery to die, she is pretty old.  Tried the bat. charger, nope, way to far gone.  Soooooo, I had to make an unscheduled run into that stink-place they call a city... grrrrr... anyway, got battery, came home and they gave me a bat. toooo big to fit the carrier.  I said eff it, tied it onto the frame and connected the cables.  Did I mention the reason I went for the new battery?  This tractor can be hand cranked.  Last year I cranked it, it did some damage to my arm from shoulder to fingertip.  So this time, I being overly cautious, made darn sure I did not have a death grip on the handle.  Yea.... that worked... it backfired and I was able to let go of the handle real quick.  Damn crank, it spun around faster than I can move my big had.  I now have a swollen finger throbbing with a huge cut from the first knuckle to the nail.  Stings a little.... LOL, good side, I still have a finger.  Anywayz, wrong battery attached, she fired right up like a kitten.  Backed up to stump, gave bout 5 gentle tugs (Decent yard, I did not want to dig to china, the root hole is bad enough to repair) and out she came.  I gave a big sigh of relief, this stump has been an eyesore and pain to mow around for 4 years.  YAHOOOO, the bastage is gone!!


6 more to go, I think this is going to take a few years unless a couple of neighbors get froggy and want to help, don't see that happening, they all too busy.


How was y'alls day?

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Posted June 01, 2015 - 11:10 PM

I sometimes hand crank the Farmall Cub to life when I get bored of the starter. Glad you got that stump pulled out of there, and no broken anything between you and tractor. Now you need a lot of dirt I'm sure.
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farmer john
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Posted June 01, 2015 - 11:29 PM

hand cranks, I hurt just thinking about them, I had one on a gem rototiller, I think it was about 10 hp, that thing would tear your arm off if given half a chance, it hurt me once to often so out the door it went before it killed me, you we lucky to get away with a tore up finger and sore arm, from the sound of it you had a good grip on it, if I were you, school is out pretty soon, I would look for a couple of students with more brawn than brain and have them dig then out, flat rate say 30-40 per stump and be done with it, that's young mans work, a killer for those of us getting up in years

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Posted June 02, 2015 - 01:12 AM

There were a bunch of large sumac trees on the property that needed to go. I cut them all down and hauled the trunks away. The stumps started sprouting shoots almost overnight. I hand dug one of the stumps up and said there has to be a better way. Shortly after I started on the stumps, my neighbor stopped over with a little Cat 304 excavator and said I could use it for a few days. All I had to do was put diesel in, bury a cable under his driveway, and hose it off when I was done. It was a rental that he rented for a job he finished early and had to be returned in a few days. I looked at him, looked at the excavator, and looked at the stumps. I couldn't get in the machine fast enough! I dug the trench in his driveway, buried the cable, then shot over to my place. The machine had a push blade and a thumb, so that made it a lot more useful. I dug up all of the stumps, loaded 4 at a time in the back of my dump truck, and hauled them to a shale pit close by. With that done, I graded everything off and decided to dig up the stumps from two hickory trees. These turned out to be 10 times harder to dig up. The roots of the two stumps were woven together and it was like trying to dig up a giant ball of tangled up metal coat hangers, barbed wire, and tangled up rebar...all mixed together. All I can say is that stumps from hickory trees have got to be the worst thing to dig up. The excavator couldn't lift them, so they sat there for two years until they dried out. I ended up dragging them to the shale pit with the dump truck, and they are ashes now. I hate stumps.
I use the Allis B1, B10, and the Simplicity Landlord for most of the chores around the place. Turn the key, put the choke on, and push the starter button...simple. now I'm working on two tractors with hand cranks and I can't wait to use them. Hope my knuckles survive.
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Posted June 02, 2015 - 05:25 AM

Glad you got the stump out of there. I stay away from anything with a crank on it!

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#6 cpg OFFLINE  

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Posted June 02, 2015 - 08:38 AM

I don't find hand starting to be too bad as long as it is tuned well. I have an Allis Chalmers B that is only hand start and with a good mag it starts right up no problem. I also usually hand start my Farmall Super A as well since the battery is getting weak. Just stay out of the way, and have a good reaction time if you feel it kick back!

I also have a few stumps I need to dig up this summer so I will be in the same boat here shortly; hopefully it will go well.

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