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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Went After One and Brought Back Four

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#1 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted April 16, 2015 - 08:48 PM

Another Cl Ad caught my eye. Only about 1.5 hours away so went after it.  It was a plow with sleeve hitch, advertised as a Wheel Horse.   Missed a Craftsman plow due to malfunction of CL message delivery system.


Plow-1.JPG                       Plow-2.JPG


Not sure just what make it is though.  The hitch is mounted at an angle to allow for the tow unit have the right wheel in the furrow and the plow ride vertical.  Looks like it may have been white and painted orange over the top?  Needs some cleaning but the price was right.  He had some other pieces still available when I got there.  First one that caught my eye was a lister type plow or could be a potato plow.


Lister-1.JPG                          Lister-2.JPG


Had to have that one too.  The bar looks like it belongs to a Gardener tool bar.  Various set screw indents across the bar, basically green, rounded top and bottom and just has that Gardener look to it.  The rest of the parts I believe were and add on including the roller.


Saw a cultivator that was listed as a Wheel Horse also.  It was a definite Brinly made cultivator with points.  It was complete except for one wedge and one point.  Got that covered already


Brin Cult.JPG                         Brin Cult-2.JPG


May have to pay Goodyear a visit before it is usable.


Last item he had was a lawn de-thatcher in very good condition.  Even the plastic wheels were tight yet.  Not much road time for that one.              De-thatcher.JPG


All in all I think it was a good trip with a nice haul.  Now to get the time to get that plow bottom sandblasted and polished up so it will turn the ground.  Still have a lot of garden to put in yet.




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#2 lyall OFFLINE  



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Posted April 16, 2015 - 09:38 PM

Looks like you had a good trip.

You should have some fun using them.

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Posted April 16, 2015 - 10:45 PM

The sleeve hitch plow is a Brinly.  You can see the remnants of the oval Brinly decal on it.  White would have been the original color for the older ones.


Not sure about the other plow.  Bolens possibly?  I can see some green paint there.

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Posted April 17, 2015 - 12:18 AM

Yep, first one is a Brinly, possibly used with a WH, but could've been anything sleeve hitch.
They do have a 10 degree tilt to the sleeve hitch piece.
The cultivators are a nice set. Do what you can to save the wheels, most of them are missing. (Why in the world are they on there cross eyed?)

Nice haul, even the lister has promise.
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Posted April 17, 2015 - 04:08 AM

I agree....Brinly on the plow, and I think Brinly on the cultivator too....Good find!

#6 chieffan OFFLINE  

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Posted April 17, 2015 - 06:40 AM

My first thought was a Brinly on the plow but the logo didn't look right. Could not come up with any wording on it. The cultivator is definitely a Brinly. As for the wheels being cock eyed, the shanks are straight but there is no center left in the metal wheels. Completely gone. I think I have a pair with metal centers around that would replace those. Will come up with a point for it and probably move it later on - after it looks a lot nicer.

The big plow has the Gardener type draw bar along with all the little indentions from clamping various tools to it. When I get it apart and take a good look at the weld will know when that was attached. Sure don't look factory from what I can see so far. It will go on the Gardener to plow the sweet potatoes this fall.

All of a sudden this type of stuff is getting like popcorn in this part of the country. Popping up all over the place. Took me 6 months to come up with the first Brinly cultivator. Now I got another 2 in three weeks.

Thanks for the help on identifying these finds. If it ever dries out and quits raining ZI might get to use a couple of them.
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