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How many keep a maintenace record on your Garden Tractor?

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#16 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted March 01, 2015 - 05:30 PM

I do that for my compact tractor but my GT's don't log many hours and I haven't done much about keeping maintenance records. The major work I have done is documented here for the most part. 


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Posted March 01, 2015 - 06:05 PM

Somewhere along the line, I found an EXCEL file that was set up for recording tractor information...model, serial, everything. You can record parts or part numbers for filters, where you bought them, and $$

I started using this to some extent.

The file is on my desk-top computer.

If there is interest, I can get it on here and post it.

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 06:08 PM

I don't keep any receipts, but I keep records of the maintenance that I do on everything. Even if someone brings something to me to work on or service, it goes in the book. I suffer from CRS so I've learned to right everything down.

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 06:18 PM

I have to write down all the vehicles maintenance - there are just too many to keep track of. 

The main mower, a farm tractor and its 6 foot finish mower gets greased every mowing and the engine gets new oil when I think it looks dirty, which is often.  I have a feeling the oil pan has a bunch of sludge from lack of attention by previous owners.

The garden tractor I trim-mow with gets a greased every other mowing and an oil change once a year because its not used much. 

The show only tractors never get a change of oil. 

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 06:48 PM

My cub cadet 2206 uses that CC special semi-synthetic oil.  I write on the container when i change the rear oil (replace the filter at the same time).  Grease, air filter, engine oil and plugs are done before each mowing season.


As others have suggested, I keep the belt sleeves and write the application on them.

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 08:38 PM

I keep records just to keep track what I spend on them (to the penny) on Old Girl. As for Oil changes, Fuel Filters, Belts, and Lubes, those are done as I feel they need to be done. (probably more often) than the service manual recommends. I like working on the herd.

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 10:32 PM

The file is on my desk-top computer.

If there is interest, I can get it on here and post it.


There be interest, right here.

#23 junkyardjeff OFFLINE  

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Posted March 01, 2015 - 11:03 PM

I should do it but probably never will.

#24 zippy1 OFFLINE  

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Posted March 02, 2015 - 12:06 AM

Been keeping records for each tractor. Well it's a note book that I write everything done to each tractor, regardless how small. If I don't, I can't remember which one got what. Plus it's sometimes kind of fun looking back over the years and getting that, "oh sure, that was a pain in the butt" fixing that feeling.

Plus, I know how much I have invested in each tractor. Could have bought a couple new ones by now, but what fun is that? :beerchug:

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Posted March 02, 2015 - 01:07 PM

There be interest, right here.

I will see what I can do to get it posted here this evening.
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#26 Sawdust OFFLINE  

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Posted March 02, 2015 - 02:54 PM

I have five right now, one about finished rebuilding, one apart waiting to be restored, two runners & one needs a repair. I just bought a case of the clear plastic sheet protectors to put all manuals in. I want to get a three ring binder for each tractor to keep notes & info.