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Scams using PayPal?

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#1 EconChuck OFFLINE  

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Posted February 13, 2015 - 07:48 PM


I juat posted on my local Craigslist a garden tractor for sale.

Within an hour, I got a text from someone asking a couple of questions.

I answered the questions and immediatley got a response back saying he wanted to pay with PayPal and would have a shipper pickup the gt. I asked where he was located, he said Texas, I'm in Indiana.

I use PayPal but am concerned about the potential of being screwed over.

I have told him No!

What are you thoughts?



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#2 Tomwendt ONLINE  

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Posted February 13, 2015 - 07:57 PM

don't do it!

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#3 Bolens 1000 ONLINE  

Bolens 1000

    DR. Bolens

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Posted February 13, 2015 - 08:00 PM

If he prepays through paypal you get the money instantly, if he dosen't show it wont hurt you any as you would have the money.....

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#4 tater195 ONLINE  


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Posted February 13, 2015 - 08:01 PM

I would do it, just dont get in any big hurry to ship it. If paypal lets it through, they are left holding the bag. If it doesnt fly, dont ship it

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#5 Sawdust OFFLINE  

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Posted February 13, 2015 - 08:09 PM

Scam scam stay away. Shipper may want more than the tractor when he arrives. Tell him have the shipper show up with the cash, then you, & your friend S&W will meet him.

Edited by Sawdust, February 13, 2015 - 08:10 PM.

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#6 Little Irish Men OFFLINE  

Little Irish Men
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Posted February 13, 2015 - 08:37 PM

:ditto: :cowboy_shooter:


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#7 cootertom OFFLINE  

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Posted February 13, 2015 - 08:59 PM

NO, NO, No!! Did I say No don't do it. Scam all the way.
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Posted February 13, 2015 - 09:24 PM

Yea, the shipper part smells, sounds like the typical craigslist scam. His next move would be suddenly the paypal thing would not work out for him how about a cashiers check ? you say ok it shows up a couple days later for three times the amount of what your asking for the GT is sent to you, your perplexed he contacts you and says he made a mistake could you cash the check and send the overpayment back to him he tells you to keep an extra fifty for all your trouble you being an honest person send him back the overpayment he asks can you send thru western union you do. Your bank cashed the cashiers check because you had enough in your account to cover it. Your only sending him your own money a few days later the bank calls to tell you the cashiers check was a fake you are burnt. I know an awful a lot about it your thinking to yourself, and rightfully so I'm still kicking myself for letting my guard down you know what they say there's no fool like an old fool.
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#9 superspeedex OFFLINE  


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Posted February 13, 2015 - 10:04 PM

I get one of these every single time i post and add messaging a guys right now on it on eof those in the army deals wont be home the paypal and shipper deal.  i have even had the same number do it twice cause i never  deleted the messages.  I dont get it why people have so much time on there hands to talk to people.  If your gonna try and scam someone try something different... jk

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#10 Lauber1 OFFLINE  


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Posted February 13, 2015 - 10:11 PM

im not sure where you all think the scam part is in this. I buy stuff all the time from other states, pay with the paypal, have my shipper pick it up or have them take it to Fastenal for shipping. I think sometime people read more into something or add something that isn't there. Its not unrealistic for someone to buy an item and have it picked up by a common carrier. I had a guy in new York once that sent a auto transporter here to get a 50's chevy truck. Pretty sure if I wanted a tractor from Texas thats the way I would do it.

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#11 bryan 110 OFFLINE  

bryan 110
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Posted February 13, 2015 - 10:17 PM

If the buyer can get it the self or have a real name for the "shipper" then no. I've gotten things like this before trying to help selling can I ship the same day they send payment ya dee ya dee ya da. Just wait it out a real person will be around to pay with cash and nothing is better then good old green cash
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#12 superaben OFFLINE  


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Posted February 13, 2015 - 11:40 PM

I will take a different tack than some here.  First is that the buyer sent you a text.  He is not an email troller.  That is a plus in his favor. 


Make the seller call you.  Talk to him in person, and then decide.  I sell stuff all over the US, and I buy all over the US.  But I will never sell to you if you are not willing to talk to me over the phone. 


My advice is to talk to him over the phone, get to know him a little bit, and then make your call.


Ben W.

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#13 blackjackjakexxix ONLINE  



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Posted February 13, 2015 - 11:49 PM

Superaben has the right idea, tell him to call you,get things worked out,I just did a sell a couple months ago that way,a guy from out west bought a motor off me through ebay,he paid by paypal and arranged all the shipping,the shipper showed up,he was already paid and away the motor went,just make sure you talk first and he understands he is responsible to have the shipper paid up front,like Bolens 1000 said once paypal pays you the moneys in your hands,up to him to complete the rest

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#14 Jack OFFLINE  

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Posted February 14, 2015 - 12:08 AM

I agree with Lauber1 100%   I use paypal all the time.  I have never had a problem.  You get your money who cares what way he wants to get his item.  I just don't see where the "scam" is?  Its better than cash in person.  No Counterfeit money to deal with. 

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#15 WNYTractorTinkerer OFFLINE  


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Posted February 14, 2015 - 12:22 AM

Texting or Money orders and selling = bad business and you will be left holding the bag.  My nephew fell for an overseas scammer about 15 years ago to the tune of $3K..  The boy just won't learn!!  Bet he thinks twice about it now!

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