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Going to start building another cab.

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#1 massey driver ONLINE  

massey driver

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Posted January 28, 2015 - 09:44 AM

Went and picked up some steel yesterday [because it was warm & mild out] I haven't taken possession  of the tractor yet.When I saw it last week it was still in the crate , so it has to be assembled etc: then it'll get delivered. I can't do pics yet because I don't have any. Anyway going to get started on building a cab as soon as it gets here.Going to take my time on this cab because I'am wanting it to look good while its on the tractor. I'am going to try and make it as factory looking as possible. This is the only tractor that I've ever bought that is new,new,new. I knew I was going to do this when I sold one of them late last summer,I just didn't know what color I was going to buy.I spent quite a bit of time thinking and after talking with the Dealer etc: [he sell's both colors].The price difference was quite a bit between them so naturally I went with the lower priced one.The reason for the big difference in price is that the one I bought is a new tractor but a old model # . So now that I've made up my mind and bought one it's time to build up the new one the way I want it to be. Once its done then I'll put the other one for sale as well.The Dealer has actually asked me if I'd let him put the one I'am going to sell on his lot,like he says there's a big demand for these used little tractors . I told him that its still being used and untill I get the new one ready and set up the other one isn't for sale.He's already given me a really good price on it if I want to let him have it. I'll probably make more selling it myself. I keep my stuff in very nice shape.I really only need one tractor so figured what the hey may as well get a new one. I'am not letting the cat out of the bag yet,once I start the build I'll start posting some pics. LOL. Geez's even I'am in suspense as to what the cab is going to look like. 

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#2 boyscout862 ONLINE  

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Posted January 28, 2015 - 09:59 AM

Check with the surplus center in Lincoln, NE. They sometimes have new leftover cabs at good prices. Last year, they had MF cabs for $600. You are wise to want a cab. I have cabs for several of my tractors but was too lazy to put them on before the big storm yesterday. I was shivering when I came in. Look at having a heater that works off the engine coolant for clear windows and greatest comfort. 


You may want to keep the old tractor. It is allways a good idea to have backups. Even new things break down. We were with out power for 10 days after hurricane Irene 3 years ago. I went through 3 generators because of breakdowns. I had 2 more just incase. There are times when using the old one on hard stuff and babying the new so that it lasts longer, just makes sense.


Don't be seceretive about projects. We are all in this together. The more that you share, the more of our related experience we can share. Good Luck, Rick

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#3 glgrumpy ONLINE  


    Getting Out!

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Posted January 28, 2015 - 04:01 PM

Um, you don't say what brand, but have Massey in your user name, so......?   Pix of old one to sell?  This going to be a more permanent cab on new model then? Can take doors off say for summer use...OR....have AC in it?  I see new Kubotas with heaters and AC all the time anymore.

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#4 massey driver ONLINE  

massey driver

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Posted January 28, 2015 - 05:44 PM

Not Green, Blue, or Red. So it,s Orange. In fact it's a Kubota BX 2370 .The cab is going to be removable for summer or left on. Doors will be removable for sure if I get lazy and don't want to remove it. Would like to make the front and rear windows tip out as well. I'll keep everyone posted once I start the build. Sure I could buy a new cab but the prices there wanting kinda is to much for me. Will still have Massey's in the yard just the bigger kind. Pic of the one that'll maybe go for sale is the one in my Avatar,less snowblower It has a loader and 60' mower deck not sure if the cab will go with it or sell it privately. Not even sure if the tractor will be put up for sale yet either,I always have a hard time letting them go .LOL.

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#5 propane1 OFFLINE  

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Posted January 28, 2015 - 06:41 PM

I was wondering the same thing, what kind of tractor? Now I know, Noel