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I Feel Bad for Eskimos Tonight

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#16 Username OFFLINE  



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Posted January 08, 2015 - 12:50 AM

Where you at in North west pa? I lived in Dubois pa for a year and half in 2003 to 2004. That was the coldest and snowiest place I've ever been

Route 80 is the weather divider in that area.You always have a milder forecast south of 80.Maybe you were on the wrong side of 80?

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#17 Bill 76 ONLINE  

Bill 76
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Posted January 08, 2015 - 01:24 AM

That Gore guy might be right ---last year we were -11     right now it's -5  

Oh wait the normal is +26

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 04:30 AM

Ok Ben, you can send the eskimos to us to pick flowers. But please hurry, this weekend will be very stormy!

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#19 fogler12538 OFFLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 05:14 AM

-19 here at the house this morning

#20 propane1 ONLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 05:44 AM

- 16 Celsius here this morning. Wind chill -27. One week of January gone already. Noel
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Posted January 08, 2015 - 06:22 AM


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#22 toppop52 OFFLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 07:23 AM

You can have it.   If Virginia gets like that, I'm going to Texas.  :thumbs:


Ben W.

Our son lives in Front Royal, similar stuff there, he moved there about 10 years ago and complained because they didn't get any snow to play in with the kids and the Jeep. Well, he's had plenty since!

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#23 cootertom OFFLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 08:18 AM

It was -1 this morning and that was in Alabama. Ain't suppose to ever be that cold here, wait it made -7 last year..

Al Gore may be your next Pres. if were no careful.  . :wallbanging:


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Posted January 08, 2015 - 08:37 AM

Eskimos? They are having it better than most of the US.

-4*, -20* windchill north of Cincy this morning



anchorage alaska weather - Google Search - Windows Internet Explorer_2015-01-08_08-27-00.jpg

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 08:44 AM

It was -10C 14F or a high here yesterday. No wind though, so it actually didn't feel that cold if you are dressed for it. On Tuesday it was a different story. -12C with a wind chill of -26C or -15F. I think the normal daytime high is about -1c 30F for this time of year. Dec. was well above normal here almost all month. January has been well below normal. It's these extremes of weather that are hard to deal with. When you look a our long term average temp., which is what you would define as part of climate rather than weather, the temp is going up, although it sure doesn't feel like it this month. I find the dry air as bad as the cold. It dries out my hands to the point of cracking and makes my skin itch. I hope spring is jut around the corner, but I fear not! 

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 10:32 AM

-5*F this morning here, windchill -20. To handle this cold, I cover my diesel tractor with a tarp and put a magnetic heater under the engine block. It makes it much easier for the engine to turn over and start. Sometimes a little starting fluid is needed too. Good Luck, Rick


At 1300 it has warmed up to 17*. The wind has died down, its sunny, and tomorrow its going to snow.

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#27 robert_p43 OFFLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 10:49 AM

Looks like another few days of this.  I stepped out twice yesterday for an armload of wood and just to see if it was warming up.  Nope! I am glad we put in a little larger stove this year but we have still had to resort to a couple of electric heaters too, especially in the bathroom.   Feels like an out house in there.

I remember listening to A Prairie Home Companion one night and the guest on the show was asked, "How do you like this weather up here?" His reply was, "Weather? You call this weather? I call it divine vengeance!"

Stay warm!

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 12:00 PM

The cold isn't all that bad, the wind is what kills me.

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#29 olcowhand OFFLINE  


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Posted January 08, 2015 - 12:23 PM

I have to start at least one tractor twice a day to feed silage, and the payloader once a day (load, then reload wagon).  Temp makes no difference, they MUST run.  That's why these tractors have block heaters & are plugged in.  Hardly ever have a cranking issue unless someone forgets to plug one in.  Never had gelling problems with the fuel....I must just be lucky on that one.

  Most of our tractors have block heaters except the Massey 2745's.

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#30 sodisr OFFLINE  

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Posted January 08, 2015 - 12:48 PM

It's been in the minus for the last few days here in WIS.  It's the wind chill that really bites,, 20 ---30  below wind chill... That's what really rips thru you..A few minutes is all you can stand and you need to get inside...


                                                                                 Stay warm...........  sodi