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Belated Christmas present

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Posted January 02, 2015 - 10:02 PM

The farm well is over 130'. It is a 6" casing with 1.5" black plastic pipe and a submerged pump.
Recovers as fast as you can run it.

Deeper isn't always better, but a lot of times the impurities tend to be closer to the ground.

Did you Ask your neighbors how deep their wells are?


In our case, impurities are deeper in my area. The salt issue we have is down in the rock at 50', the better water is up in the gravel layer at around 25'. Well driller said the neighbors were at about 42' but they are higher up on hill where well was drilled, he drilled it about 10 yrs ago. All the wells in the area are only about 40' max. Mine is only 42' I think and never ran out.


We have two main issues, the recovery is not there due to weep hole sin lower pipe being A. clogged and B. in the rock and the other is since we are down in rock, we are getting tons of leached out salt most likely calcium making water super hard and even harder to filter/soften out. 

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Posted January 03, 2015 - 12:48 PM

Just so you don't have to worry about illegal immigrants swimming up out of your

well, here's a tid bit of info.

There is nowhere in Hawaii, Alaska, or continental US, that you can bore through the

center of the earth, and end up in China.

That just depends on how circuitous the routing of the pipe is. I swear when I pulled up my well pump it had a chopstick stuck in it.

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