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What are some of your most memorable moments with your tractors?

tractors memorable moments

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:07 PM

I was going to ask what your most memorable moment that you have had with one of your tractors but I am sure most just like me have had quite a few memorable moments. I would like to hear some of your memorable moments that you have had with your tractors. Whether it was when you first bought one or spent time with a loved one.

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:26 PM

My dad helped me switch out the drive sprocket on my JD 212/37a snowblower, and was the first to test it out. I had also just added the rubber flaps to the paddles. As he cut into the bank along the drive, I was jumpin' and hollering because it made such an improvement. My parents left the next day to go to Hawaii, and when they got back was when dad discovered he had a brain tumor.

That day working on the blower was the last goofin' around moment I had with the most influential person in my life. That was six years ago today.

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massey driver

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:37 PM

Like you said there's more then a few. Spending time with my young grandson moving snow from one place to some where else. Cutting grass down my bush trails with him on his and me on mine. Ploughing the garden for ourselves as well as for the neighbours,again each on our own tractor. Now that he's gotten older all that doing stuff together has stopped. Now its just me blowing snow in the winter [heated cab of course] cutting grass in the summer ,digging stones,moving snow etc: I enjoy sitting and doing all sorts of different things with my tractor. As long as I'am able to get out sit on the seat and hear that little engine roar I'am enjoying myself all the time. One of my neighbours said to me you have way too much grass cut and way to much snow to blow. I said to him that to me its R & R and I'd rather be sitting on my tractor doing what ever rather then sitting watch TV. I've always enjoyed doing stuff no matter what,my little tractor gives me many memorable times.And I sure hope that there's lots more to come.

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:54 PM

My son and I got into garden and lawn tractors about 12 or 13 years ago. We would buy one and fix it up. Then when it was done and the fad of some thing new to us would fade and then we would get another, but we never sold any. They became pets. As time went on my son got older and was not as envoled, so I still played with the tractors but do not gain as many now. My son is 24 now and we still do some tractor things together. So my memories are with him growing up around tractors. Noel
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Bob IN
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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:54 PM

One of my favorite memories is when I got my first garden tractor. It was 725 simplicity, got it from my uncle. He just wanted it scraped he said it wasn't fixable wasn't worth anything. My dad helped me find a head gasket (that's all it needed). It came with a deck, rototiller, and blade. Dad helped me get it running again. (and that's when it happened) When that thing took its first few breaths and started up that's when I was hooked on garden tractors. This was about 10 years ago, a lot has happened since then, lots of tractors have came and went. But I still have the 725. Dad still helps me out once in a while. And he still goes with me to pick them up sometimes. I can still remember the day it started. (both the tractor and my garden tractor addiction)

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:55 PM

In late summer 1995 my 1973 Bolens G14 caught fire and burned.  I was actually dumb enough to try to put the fire out. 

Once the left front tire caught fire I gave up. 

That was THE BEST thing that could have happened to it.  I sold it for the same I gave for it - $50.  Now If I just had the $400 I spent on it trying to keep it going for three years...  


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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:03 PM


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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:08 PM

I thought about this for a little bit before posting....


Probably the most memorable moment with my GT's was this past Fall.

Our community had our 155th anniversary and had a parade. My wife thought I should get all 9 parade ready.

She helped me get them all ready and we had family drive them in the parade.

We had 3 generations driving, and a 4th generation riding in one of the trailers.


We got a 1st place plaque for "Best Agriculture Entry", beating out a lot of BIG farm tractors!


Everyone enjoyed it so much, we entered all 9 in another parade in another community about 3 weeks later.

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#9 johndeereelfman OFFLINE  

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:50 PM

As a collector for almost 26 years, I could name a couple of memorable moments, but the one that stands out the most, would be the proud feeling of watching and assisting my son, Caleb, restore his 1971 John Deere 70 lawn tractor. He wanted to buy it on his own, and even though it was missing an engine, I was very happy to see his determination and patience in finding the correct engine for it. At first, he wanted to keep it original, then changed his mind and decided to restore it.


For the past 12 years, Caleb has been watching me work on tractors, but I didn't think he was really interested in them, nor did I ever imagine he would want to wrench on them, so you can imagine my surprise when he said he wanted to buy his own tractor. When the decision came that he wanted to restore it, he asked me for help, and I was honored to accept. Working side-by-side with him, and watching him learn, just gave me a sense of pride. He took to painting so well, and has an eye for detail. He understands that taking your time and doing it right, will indeed show great results when finished. When people ask him how he got so good, he tells them, "I take after my Dad." Well, when I hear those words, and see him winking at me with a smile, I can't help but get a little choked up.


He hasn't worked on the tractor for a while, and it isn't finished, but he tells me he's still interested in getting it done. I even thought about finishing it for him a couple of times, but decided other wise. When he decides to get back on it, it will be here waiting on him. I will also be here waiting for him to be ready again, as I miss the times we have had wrenching, painting, and just catching up with everyday issues.

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 08:52 PM

   As with all the rest I have had many memorable moments with my gt's, watching my daughter ride around the yard when she could not even reach the pedals!!  but the one that comes to mind is when I first got my allis, it smoked something awful and me and dad decided to rebuild it.  dad's memory has been getting worse over the last ten years and this was when it was starting to go bad, neither if us had ever done this before so it was a struggle all the way thru with the learning curve and all.  what I remember most was the day when we fired it up for the first time, me and dad in the garage grinning like a couple of fools over a single cylinder briggs running. the motor setting on the floor bolted to a 2x12.  just a good memory of me and dad working to together and having fun.

   bring's a tear to my eye just thinking of it, dad is in new mexico now and I miss him something awful, cant wait for him to get home in the spring.


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Posted December 11, 2014 - 10:03 PM

Many memories, Grandson helping, Getting drug under a mesquite tree, and many other events, but I guess one of the most memorable was the first time I experienced a Hydro transmission. While restoring the Ford LGT-145 (BMP) I went for a maden voyage without a seat, only the flat pan where the seat was supposed to go. Was so  excited I had everyone come out to watch. While riding around I decided to back up. I thought "Wow this backs up real quick" then I let off the pedal.......BMP did a dead stop, but I didn't. All I can say is there is no video or picture proof. 

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 11:17 PM

My most memorable was the day I bought my first MF 14 and my addiction started. My son had a JD 318 at the time with a blown engine, we both had been looking around trying to find either an engine or another  jd318. We found an auction listing with a 318 1hr away and decided we would go to the auction. At the auction there was the 318, a  non running jd140 h3 w/3point, several gt attachments and the MF14 was at the very end. The 318 ended going for more than what I wanted to pay, and so did the 140 and attachments. We both thought we were going home with no GT. The auctioneer go to the MF14 he had to jump the solenoid to start it, we ended up buying it at a much lower cost than I though after seeing what the other tractors brought money wise. When we went to load it up a man came up and ask my son and myself if we could help him out, come to find out he had bought the 318 and now it wouldn't start. We tried a few things trying to start the 318 with no luck, the man then asked if we could help pull the 318 over to his trailer. My son showed him how to hold the lever in tow and my son towed his 318 over with the MF14 we had just bought. Lots of funny looks we received that day seeing a Massey pulling the John Deere across the parking lot. The starting issue on the MF14 was just rust and corrosion on the PTO switch, cleaned it and still have had no issues with it starting.

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Posted December 12, 2014 - 01:38 AM

For me it was the very first Ball Hollow Plow day, first time my Massey MF10 went to a show, first time I went to a plow day.

I was able to get the the MF10 to plow all day, met Daniel and several others who were all there for the same reasons, plow with there tractors or/and watch others do the same. I had a blast, this event for me is one I plan to go to every yr if I can. 

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Posted December 12, 2014 - 05:45 AM

I have 2 that stand out for me. First is the joy in hauling around my grandson in a little trailer I built behind the Cub 108. Seeing his eyes light up when I started up that tractor and hooked the trailer to it is something I will never forget. We rode all around that area.

Next is being able to go to Ball Hollow and plow with my FF. Many thanks to Brian (TD&H) for coming out of his way to haul me there. Of course, I had 2 of his BH's here that he needed to take back to Texas with him. Meeting Daniel, Doug and all the others was great and is a memory I will not to forget. I am hoping I can make it again next year.

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Posted December 12, 2014 - 06:17 AM

One story I remember is when a friend of mine and I had our gt"s at his hunting land, working on making food plots for deer hunting.    I had a Case 446 with ags, he had a John Deere 318 with ags.  There was a low spot between fields that was muddy and slick.  My Case had no problem getting thru there, but the 2nd or 3rd time thru his 318 got stuck.  I hooked up a tow line to his 318 and drug him out of there. 


Probably my favorite memory is teaching my kids how to drive with riding lawn mowers (decks removed!)  I had a couple of old riding mowers and a Sears ST 10 (my first gt).  we used to drive around the back yard together, them on the mtd's and me on the Sears. 

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