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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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Work Bird Lawn Tractor, Gunnison, CO

work bird kohler

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 03:53 PM

That picture he posted probably came from here. I think that tractor is the local one from this area as that looks like it might be his Harn beside it. I'll have to look through my pics when I get home to be sure I didn't take that picture. ;-)


Hey, I was right.  He's using my picture for his ad and he got it from this thread: http://gardentractor...326#entry422377


So do I get a commission if it sells?

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 06:52 PM

What really bothers me about ads like this is when the seller posts pics of a similar tractor and not the one he is actually selling.  Next line he states that he will send pictures to interested parties.  If you have pictures, why not post them.  Seems to me it's a lot more work to search and find one "similar" to post.


The nice looking machine draws you in then you wheel and deal on the POS he has!

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:04 PM

I have had this Workbird for several years.  It won the feature tractor a couple of months ago.  I bought a Harbor Freight sandblaster cabinet last month and finally got back to the rebuild on it.  Only snow blower for one I have ran into so far.




Another member here  aliwildatwork  posted in the above thread that he also has one.

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Posted December 11, 2014 - 07:05 PM

Quote form the ad: The only information I could find about its value was from an old forum that had a link to one for sale (link didn't work but the members commented that the owner was asking $2000) another member mentioned he has one and included a picture of his VERY rusty unit and also said if he sold it as is he would ask $1500 in the condition it was in and more as he restored it. 


Yet another reason why we should ban "What is it worth" postings.

So, are you saying I shouldn't have posted it???? The quote you made is from the Craig's List ad...


If you are, I would say that while you may not be interested in it, others probably are, and there may even be a collector out there that would like it.


Another example: I helped a friend of mine sell a Windolph bulldozer a few months ago, based on his as in the local online classifieds that I posted here. The machine is pretty heavy, and there are very few people on the forum from the Intermountain West--Utah, Nevada, Idaho, but a fellow in the Midwest saw it and bought it, so you never know.



Just sayin'.....



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Posted December 11, 2014 - 09:46 PM

So, are you saying I shouldn't have posted it???? 


Absolutely not!  That is not what I am saying.  What I said was, we should ban "How much is it worth" posts.  This fellow found 1 post that claimed the tractor is worth between $1500 & $2000.  He now has a totally unrealistic view of what his tractor is worth, mostly because it in no way resembles the one in the photo he posted (or he would have posted those photos).  The one or two people who would buy the tractor will be the first couple who respond with a FMV offer.  They will get an ignorant reply & by the time the seller figures it out, he won't have the nerve to email those buyers.  This tractor is now doomed for China because the seller found 1 post that gave him the impression that he is sitting on a pot of gold.  In the end, we suffer because we can't buy tractors for a reasonable price.  The AJ Foyte tractors are a perfect example: some person posted a price of a couple grand, and now Bill wants $17,000 for his mass produced MTD mower.



When one of our own posts a photo of a specific tractor & says "what is it worth", the others know what goes into a reply: local market prices, condition, repair costs, etc.  Random Joe has no idea of those factors & just assumes all tractors bearing that badge are worth that or more.  Prices slowly spiral upwards because Random Joe's is worth more than the last one that sold, because of inflation, regardless of condition.  If we want to keep these tractors alive for the next generation, we need to be able to buy them at a price point that allows us to restore them.  "How much is it worth" posts kill that dream.




P.S.  This summer I bought a Simpson's Supremacy 15.  Complete & original.  It is the only one I know of.  The vendor felt he had the world by the tail, until I told him it was worth what a buyer would pay, and since I was the only buyer, other than a scrap dealer at 10 cents a pound, I got to set the price.  It is worth what a buyer will pay and no more.  End of question.

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