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EEZS 3 Point Hitch Kit Review

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Posted March 06, 2010 - 11:22 PM

I bought the EEZS 3 point cat 0 kit, and it arrived a couple days ago. I was disappointed that there were NO install instructions at all. You're left to figure out how to hook up the sway chains to the lift links, oh well. It took a little doing, but I finally got the 3 point like I want it. The holes on my draft arms was only 1/2 inch, I started to drill it, but my drill wouldn't take a 5/8" drill bit, so I bought 1/2 inch hitch pins, but the upper swivel balls on the lift links was 5/8". I ended up turning down a brass bushing for the inside of the swivel bushing, and shortening the 1/2" hitch pin. I had to take 3/8" off the bushing and 3/4" off the hitch pin. I didn't have ANY room for error or slop. the draft arms when lifted come very close to the gas tank, and the thick swivel knuckles ate up almost an inch, that left me just enough room for the hitch pin head and the washer. I had to use a washer on the 1/3' hitch pin because otherwise the head of the pin would slip through the lift arms. Another problem came about when the center link was to short to reach the re-fabricated disc hitch. I cut off the center hitch on the Sears disc and re-welded it straight up and down to fit the MF1650, but now it it was too far back for the new center link to reach it, even fully extended. I fabricated a clevis on a piece of all thread and a nut and elongnated the center link. I'll re-weld another center flat bar on the disc to use the same center link, or the longer one. I really like the longer 24 inch drag bars, at first they looked too long, but after putting different implements on them it works great and the lift travel is way more than any other GT I have, over 3 times the lift travel of the MF1650, double that of the MF-14. This "kit" was 149.00 plus around 25.00 shipping, it did not contain ANY hitch pins to hook to the tractor, but they would have been useless anyway since every Cat 0 hookup on every tractor is different, if you buy one figure on a couple of hours work time and road time to the parts store. In the end I'm more than pleased and will by another one for the GT18H and parts needed for the other MF1650

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